Do they have McNuggets on the dollar Medifast menu?

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Question I have... Do they have McNuggets on the dollar Medifast menu? Thanks in advance for any answer. Second question.. Seriously just kill me! I'm 4 weeks post op and have absolutely NO hunger AT ALL- I actually have to drik protein shakes so I don't get sick, I hate eating and gag at the smell of food... thats all fine but now that I am at work I have to say I'm about to kill someone for a Cherry coke... now I know...

Lose weight.

But that craving is driving me NUTS, it's just about the only thing I want right now and no amount of water helps, water just doesnt taste good... Its so sad I want to cry over a COKE! AHHHH! People all around me are drinking pop and I can just taste it in my mouth....

As far as drinks go, I know everyone is different but can anyone drink an all natural lemonade or a juice or a chocolate milk because even the all natural still has like 25g sugar, and not get sick? I know the sugar is high and no plans to drink them frequently but just curious. Do you guys ever drink beer or liquor with mixers again?.

I'm dying! I'm going insane over POP! ahhh!..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

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I drink the crystal light lemonade, to me it tastes sweet. The way I do the chocolate milk is to use skim but then I found some herseys syrup that is sugar free. (located in the grocery store by the ice cream) I had no problem with that because there wasn't any sugar. Ocean spray make a Medifast diet juice that does not have sugar, uses splenda, just make sure it says Medifast diet on it. The low sugar one still has lots of sugar for me. Sorry about the pop, I quit that a while ago so doesn't bother me now, but I do miss my beer! Dianne..

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Somewhere in a previous chain someone wrote about opening a can of soda (i presume sugar free) and stiring it until it went pretty flat in order to have a taste. As I recall it worked for them..

As for me ,.


Is Thursday so tonight was my last old Medifast food dinner. I'm not sure how much I'll miss the Medifast food but my last dinner included a mexican coke (real sugar) with crushed ice (to chew) drunk through a straw and with a little rum tossed in at the end. I got carbs, caffine, carbonation, ice, straw and alchol. Good bye to all. I sure understand your craving. Good luck in beating back down to where it belongs..


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I had a Mountain Dew monkey on my back like nobodies business. Pop was always an issue for me and was a huge cause of why I was so heavy. I felt like I needed to go to rehab for pop! I told myself if I made it 2 months without pop I would allow myself a drink and deal with the consequences. I bought a can of Mountain Dew...took one drink and was totally disappointed. I had lost it's luster. Now I have no desire to drink it.

Your taste buds will change again and water will go back on the good list..

Milk is not my friend after.


That is the only thing that I have had the cause some serious dumpingI learned my lesson fast..

Once I hit 6 month mark I had my favorite adult beverage of choice...tequila....straight no juice because I was scared to dump. Once I hit my 7 month mark I tried tequila with pineapple juice...MY FAV! I got drunk faster than usual (2-3 drinks), but did not have any issues with dumping. All of this drinking was done at home or at a friends house so I would be in a safe place if I had issues. That made me feel a little liberated in that I could have a drink with friends during happy hour and function..

Good luck!..

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Take a sip of the coke.. you will wish you hadn't and will get it out of your system.. I had a beer about 2 months out and became ill... the carbonation has no place to go.. and at 4 weeks out you have swelling and healing yet... just.



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Andy the Buzz passes an ICE POP.... lol..

I to used to crave a soda or something fizzy being adicted as I was is probably been the hardest thing to give up..

I have had a few sips, once or twice but really can do without it now... Just wondering how I will cope on my business trip to China???.

You really dont want to spoil your procedure, if really really out of control then try just a sip, it might be enough to stop you craving it... not recommended..

I feel your pop pain...

Andy xxx..

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I wish you were as lucky as me. I was living on Medifast diet coke, maybe 6 a day pre.


I haven't wanted one since.


At all. I think it comes from having read a post someone wrote about how sick they got from trying one. anyway, take a sip( when you are home) and see how sick it makes you and you will probably get over your craving and get on with your new life. God bless....

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I say go for it.....

I know, I'm the Devil.....

Honestly, I am further out, and if you continually have the craving you are miserable. However, buy one, and you won't drink much of it. simply becasue you will likely get sick..

No, it isn't the best thing you can have. Don't over do it. If I'm creaving something, I get it. I take about a bite or two, then, the craving is finished and the remainder hits the trash.....

That's the cool part. I've learned to throw Medifast food and stuff away..

So what about the starving kids in third world countries. If I send them leftovers, they will be moldy when they arrive!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.