Do you know about iPage promotion?

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Question I have... Do you know about iPage promotion? Hoping for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... What if you won the lottery for $50 Million and you had to spend the whole lump sum on HostGator names. What would be your portfolio of purchases?..

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Sure, there are many iPage promotional codes out there. Spiffy way to save money on iPage now. I recommend you to sign up for their weekly newsletter so you can get emails of their latest online coupons. They typically email once a month..

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You would spend 1 million for Lottory? Why spend that much for a Typo?.

Also wanted to clarify why I asked the question. Was more curious in the names you would buy, for example would you buy,,, etc, and why, but seems like I'm getting canned answers. Doesnt matter really, just a for fun question anyway...

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Its quite a typo.

I would buy Then I would buy Then

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JRB, Just looked at my keyboard and yes it is quite a type a typo. The letters E and O are on opposite sides of the keyboard. I guess I label typos as anything misspelled, but typos are not my thing so I don't analyze these things...

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I would buy and if the owners are interested to sell...

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I would buy established, revenue-generating domains to create cash-flow...

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1 million for Charity..

9 million to buy

20 million for 2 Char .com domain.

10 million for .mobi development..

10 million for stock investment...

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A lotta ppl spell it lottory. Think about it..

I think the answers you get in this thread will all be otherwise vague or repetitious. Anyone with domain-sense would buy the genetics. Which ones? It wouldn't matter $50mil might not get you many at all. Try getting,, and the price tag to acquire those would be extensive... I wouldn't doubt it if a person would have to offer up to $20mil to pry away from it's owner...

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I would travel alot, open charity orgs, as far as domaining goes, I wouldn't do anything different than I am doing now, just enjoy it as a nice hobby...

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I'd definitely buy:.

I'd hire hitmen and topple governments if I have to..

Any money left over, I'd spend on

Next question.....

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You must have missed some of the .mobi threads in here. the whole "lottOry" thing is a big joke because some guy was spamming everyday trying to sell his name thinking it's worth 6 figures, lol. everyone knows it's not worth anywhere near that though...

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I'd start my own registrar company and buy a yacht...

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I would buy (I know someone already mentioned it here) - Then develop it so much better than those people have..

I would imagine this would run me a cool 15-20 Mill..

I would then buy - with the remaining and Develop it as well..

I think I could retire then..


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Bobarato if you like the name so much I own:.

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I would use the money to hire your smart domainers and ask your guys what to do...

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Sorry you could not put a dent in them for 50 mil.

I would buy only 2 names in all extensions;.





The rev on these would be great and last many lifetimes, 80% of all americans have or will visit and that does not include the rest of the world...

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Hmmm.. Well might set me back a million or so.

Then maybe some LL.coms.

And the rest on a helicopter (I know you said it has to be spent on domains but hey what kinda lotto is that?.


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