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First of all Do you like my cats? See them on Hoping for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. A HostGator got an offer at sedo for $100. However the sedo's fee is $50. Currently this HostGator is not parked at sedo. My question is: what do I do if I want to reduce the sedo $50 fee? Can I change my current name server or do the nameserver forwarding to temporaryly park at sedo or is it too late once I got the offer?.


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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So what is my option? It sucks to lose 50%...

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Would that be honest? (no).

Why not give Sedo their due if they found the buyer for you? Being smart is one thing, being dishonest is something else entirely..

In this case, changing the nameservers after the fact would qualify not as the former..

I might suggest not selling, if $50 is not enough to make it worth your while, as a $500 or $100 HostGator would have roughly the same commission..


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Yeah, you've got to play by the rules, if it wasn't parked, it wasn't parked and your agreement with Sedo requires you to pay the commission established. But, you can always reject the offer. However, I think some additional markets need to be set up that don't extract exoribitant fees when in most cases all they're doing is closing a transaction that was initiated on your HostGator and redirected to their transaction closing system. 10% is a joke and undercutting that rate with a competing service is something we could do...

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Your not the only one who didn't know. They don't mention this difference on their fees page. But you'll find it buried in their FAQs. For the first few weeks I avoided parking a lot of my domains there because I didn't know about this. The difference is that if you park a HostGator with them they charge 10% commission but no minimum commission. If you don't park with them then their minimum commission is $50...

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WOW, you really have a strong aversion against Sedo do you?.

What is it what you don't like about Sedo?.

The 10% fee?.

Is that only it? or is there more to it?..

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Yeah, the rate is basically the issue I have, but I guess when you're the only game in town, you can charge those fees. I just think it's a little excessive, even real estate agents only get you for 6% at the most. Anyway, I guess the rate is fine but it just seems that Sedo is really not actively trying to help the seller which they should be doing at all costs for that kind of rate...

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If you're not keen on giving what you're getting, counteroffer with a better price and explain in your comments Sedo is charging a $50 fee. I've done this before when I've gotten $60 offers (w/ $50 going to Sedo). Or simply ignore the offer and hope a buyer contacts you directly from WHOIS...

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Instead of referring to sedo as "those bastards" in every post, why not do something about it?.

Start doing some research. How much would the hardware cost to support hundreds of simultaneous users searching 4+ million records? What kind of advertizing budget would you need? It seems to me Sedo doesn't spend much on this and relies primarily on affiliate links, but they're already established. What kind of service level would you want to offer your buyers and sellers? What is that going to cost in terms of staff and infrastructure (phone systems etc) to support it? How much will your liability insurance be? Unless you want to spend half your time doing things like book-keeping and Payroll instead of running your core business you will also need to budget for professional services. The list goes on and on, running a serious business is not cheap..

Now look at your income stream. You think 10% is too high, so what will you charge, 5%? Will you offer brokerage services where you actively seek out a buyer for key domains? If so, what will your commission on those be? What dollar value of domains do you need to sell to cover your costs?.

If you think you can do this and still have a healthy profit at the end of it then what are you waiting for?.

If what you really meant was "lets throw all our domains on a iPage site and hope buyers show up", well, I believe that is called Plesmo..

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Not excessive at all in my opinion. Basicly going rate with HostGator brokerage also they are not the only one..

Make your mind up man.

First you say it's excessive and then in the following sentence you say the rate is fine.

Sedo has a.


Amount of montly visitors which consists of possible end users and traders which makes it possible to increase YOUR chances to have your domain(s) sold..

If the sale price is from the start is not very high and you haven't parked your HostGator at Sedo the final cut is very small but then as -RJ- said you have to make that clear to the buyer..

Just see it this way, would you rather go door to door trying to sell of your HostGator (Which in a way you should do, contacting end users) or as well increase your chances to get your domains noticed to a large targetted crowd every month?.

And increase your chances having a end sale?.

Costs and benefits.

It's all part of doing business...

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-RJ- as usual is dead-on with his accessment. If I may add, Sedo is an excellent platform with LOTS of eyeballs reviewing the domains, both domainers and potential retail buyers. If it's not already, I'm sure it will be the #1 destination for serious buyers..

No system is perfect, but Sedo's is fair given they did not benefit from the parking of your name...

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Thank you abdussamad.

I know what to do now.....

Plesmo.. hmmm.

1 more reason to give them a try...

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This is a good advice. However I did not see it in time. In the end, I simply accepted the offer since the HostGator will expire in december, if I drag the process to long I will have to renew it..

Thank you all for the tips...

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