Do you pay for iPage monthly, or pay the full year in advance?

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First question I have is Do you pay for iPage monthly, or pay the full year in advance? Looking forward for any response. Another question I got... Interested in meeting face to face in Bay Area, California, USA? (preferably in south bay).

Recently I was laid off from work, so I am evaluating whether the HostGator business can support my family. I have been thinking that netscape grew up in the silicon valley, yahoo and google were born here as well, but the HostGator business is dominated by someone else elsewhere. I believe there are many people working very hard for their own small HostGator business with limited resource. Why not we get together and explore something big and be more cost/time effective?.

I would like to organize a weekly local meeting in the Bay Area to explore various business and technical options. To be more productive I think we can discuss and divide the issues at the meeting, and everyone will follow up the issues after the meeting and report the findings next week when we meet again. I will be responsible to record the meeting minutes and coordinate the meeting. It is voluntary, but you need to really put in some hours to work together to our goals..

Depending on how many people and where they are, we will decide on where to meet. If you are interested, post here and then PM me with the following:.

1. Your zip code:.

2. The available day and time to meet:.

3. The suggested meeting agenda:.

Thank you...

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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I'm in Sacramento, please PM me if you get something going...

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For sure, I'll go..

San Francisco for me..

Can go weekend only...

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Please post where you are and when is a good time to for you to get together. We'll see where and when we can get together..

I'm in SF and availible:.

Mon. until 3pm.

Tues. N/A.

Weds. After 4pm.

Thurs-Sun. All day..

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So far we have people in these areas:.

1. south san jose.

2. fremont.

3. east bay.

4. san francisco..

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I hope this turns out for you all, and if organized elsewhere, for everyone else too..

I live in larkspur, marin county, and work in the east bay, but my schedule is already overloaded with work and personal side development projects. perhaps later on for me..

Let us know how it turns out for you all..

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How am I supposed to get their from Phoenix? Lets rethink this.. lol.

Im jealous, good luck!..

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Looking good. I know there's more domainers in this area. Let's here from you too...

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Sorry to hear about you losing your job. Hopefully something positive can come from it. Your idea of gathering domainers in the area is a great idea. I'm a ways away, so I won't be there, but I wish the group the very best...

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Hmmm... so is this meet still alive or dead?..

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I don't know, maybe we could just pick a date and place and see who all shows up? Seems like we're spread out from all over the BA, so maybe a central location like SF or OAK?.

I'm up for one...

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Sometimes what seems bad at the time is exaclty the thing we need to make us realize our potential. I wish Cache the best of luck in his web endeavours!.

Cache, if you need any graphics work for some projects, please PM me. I'm not the greatest graphics guy, but I know my way around photoshop and would be willing to create some graphics for you no charge if you want...

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I suggest we have a poll with possible localtions. The first meeting is at the most popular pick, just get the ball rolling...

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Sure, that sounds good 3par. Got any suggestions? Hard to know how many people we have on board, so we need flexible locations..

Also I just posted about the upcoming S.F. Web 2.0 Expo over in this other thread,.


This could be a good backdrop for an additional get-together. There should be plenty of space there at the event if anyone wants to go to this on April 17th...

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Cool, post over here >>.


Southern Cal already has a meetup planned. Get a few people from TN and you're set...

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Hi all,.

Atlanta here....ownthisdomainnow-we could meet at the Jack Daniels distillery??.

Btw RJ, if there is a meeting besides a meeting @ th S.F. Web 2.0 Expo-it would be good for NP members to have NP Logo batches, so that they can recognize each other (reminds me on my first blind date, I had a red rose) :-).



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Possible location Round Table Pizza. Locations everywhere around the Bay Area, including SF, and most have rooms you can reserve for free if you pledge to buy three large pizzas and 15 beverages...

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If you all pick a time and a place, I may be able to make it from Sac...

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