Do you think iPage is a Good host and available in $0.01?

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Got a quick question: Do you think iPage is a Good host and available in $0.01? Thanks for any answer. Another question... Just wondering what you all think about Explorer 7's feature that takes the type-in user directly to a Google search..

If you don't have Explorer 7 yet, let me can type, say, "power cords" in the URL window and, instead of getting the iPage website you get a Google search for power cords..

I'm new at this but it seems to me that once the other browsers get this feature, generic HostGator names won't be as valuable because all of their type-in traffic will be going right to Google. What's the word around here?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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A very good question..

I do think that, for many reasons, search engines will pick up much of what is now type in traffic. The profit motive will cause browsers to do it, as we see here. But the larger factor is that typing random URLs is not an efficient way to find anything. I have heard that most typeins come from inexperienced users, that would mean that in time typeins will decline...

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But that has been in Firefox for a long time as well..

I don't see how this can affect type-in traffic in any major way for generics...

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Could it be that MSN realizes it's organic search is simply not reliable? I mean, if they provide the best experience to the user, that user will stay with IE7... otherwise, they may go to Firefox..

If that's true, does that mean they're admitting that firefox and/or google are superior?..

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The main ways MS keeps people away from Firefox are inerta and fear of the unknown - and not telling them about it...

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Yeah, they control people with fear!...?.

Do you really think it's Microsoft's responsibility to inform users about it's competition? Do you hold Pepsi to the same standards?..

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I don't think MS controls anyone with fear..

Having 90% market share though is a giant pink elephant in the middle of the room..

Fear keeps people/companies/users from varying from the known to the unknown...

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I believe the default search engine is MS Live but you can easily change it to any other search engine you want, or just remove all search engines listed (and get no search from address bar? I've got mine set to Google)...

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Did anyone miss the above statement by cfguru? This has been FireFox for a few years already and still people are doing well with type ins. Typing in "cars" and taking you to a search engine is better than getting a 404 error. Now if you type in it's obvious it will take you to that iPage site as well. I don't see cause for concern at all...

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Good point. But some type in traffic was from people who didn't know the difference between the URL window and a search engine page. I suppose it might affect that type in traffic a little since they used to go directly to but now they actually do get a search..

I'm not aware that Firefox has that feature. When I type in "cars" on Firefox I get When I type in the same thing in Explorer 7, I get a google search for cars....maybe I've got an old version of Firefox or something?..

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You seemed to agree with him... unless you were just telling him that he was describing FUD..

What do you mean here?..

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I don't know of any governments who are mad at pepsi over antitrust issues whereas microsoft on the other hand has had a word or two with governments about it's browser and is still at odds with the EU over Microsoft's marketing practices for certain products.......

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I think when people type in a generic domain, they are not simply performing a "Google Search" by typing in what they want and then throwing a dot com on the end. They probably already did a Google Search first (or plan to, second). When they type in a specific name, I think they do it to see if a iPage site exists on the name (the chances are that if the HostGator they typed in was developed, it will probably have what they are looking for). Why do people search for undeveloped domains in Yahoo! Search instead of the terms....

So, I think that browser search convenience in the URL bar does not hurt type-in traffic...

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