Do you think McDonalds will ever put hot dogs on their Medifast menu?

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First question I got is Do you think McDonalds will ever put hot dogs on their Medifast menu? Thanks in advance for any comment. Another question... Just back from China and I see Im not the only one struggling with a prolonged plateau that has me frustrated as hell.....

Heartbreaking they are and so very very frustrating.....

So to this point, what to do?.

5 day pouch test, add to the ever increasing excercise or get caught up with the emotions and just fester.....

I am taking a few days to get my thoughts back together, to look what I have done so far and then as soon as I am ready get back in the driving seat anf get on with it..

China was easy for overindulging, being taken out for meals and drinking was al so very very necessary and they still found it difficult to how little I eat these days..

Amazed at the results, we sometimes forget what we have achieved as we strive to be a certain weight or loose weight..

Pleateaus for anyone who hits them, are wicked, they are evil but it does not mean it is the end, just a stall where our bodies rebel....

Take a break, a few days without worrying and collect your thoughts.... then when your ready step up to the plate and hit for the home run....

Please dont be so hard on yourself, lets work together and do what we do best......

Support and advise.....

Suggestions and a regular post are required here.....

Comments please..

Buzz xxx..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Sure do.


So Patti, just trying to suggest we stop getting caught up here.....

Quite a few are on some really long plateaus that just wont give in....

Recharging our batteries might be what we need...

Not sure how to deal with this anymore, for me or any of our loved ones finding themselves stuck.....

Sure is hard.....

Comment #2

I hate the plateaus, but am aware at this point that even when I hit them, I'm benefiting elsewhere..

I think the hardest part to accept on them is we eat so very, very, very little now, that it seems like a good sweat should knock off 50 lbs..

I mean birds are small........right?..

Comment #3

I hear what your saying...Andy...but really, every ride has an end right? I had my.


October 15, actually now that I think about it I'm 17 months out. I've done an awesome job...and lost 155 lbs on a good day...on a bad Struggle as I might for the last 3 months my work has netted me a grand 4 lb loss. The 5 day pouch test -1 lb.....

I wonder when it's time to just be realistic and accept that this is the way it is for me....or if there is something I'm missing...I've had a number of plateaus on my journey...this is the first one that actually has me thinking it's the end of my ride. Its different when you get further and further out...the plateaus are don't know if it's a plateau or dead stop..

Can you all really imagine.

Working out.

Regularly, and eating like you did those first weeks and only losing one lb? I couldn't either..but holy discouraging batman. I dunno. I'm sticking with it...and refuse to give up..but I honestly wonder if even though I'll continue to do what I do to maintain...just accept where I"m at......

Comment #4

I am too early to have a plateau in my gbs weightloss, but in the past when I have hit one on whatever Medifast diet I was trying at the time, I stepped it up a notch, either.


Or started keeping track of everything I was putting in my mouth... More often than not, I was consuming calories that I wasn't even paying attention too. Probably not the case for any of you all on the plateau, but how about in your.


Routein, doing something TOTALLY different... if you walk on the treadmill, do 30 second sprints for 5 min intervals, then walk. Getting your body into a place where it's not "used" to being sometimes is enough to kick it into weight loss mode. Good luck to you all, I look forward to your support when I hit this stage as well!..

Comment #5

I think the answer to your struggle can be summed up in your first words: just got back from China. Stress, lack of.


And less control over your daily regimen take their toll. I guarantee once you are back on track that plateau will break big time. You have made great progress and are such a wonderful part of our DS family, so you have nothing but good things to carry with you on your journey instead of the bummers which weigh you down emotionally and literally. Go Buzz Go!..

Comment #6

Dear Precious Buzzie Poo,.

I am glad that you shared this struggle....YOU are always the "Strong ONe"....this just goes to show that it happens to us all. AND no matter who we is equally devastating. I was.


In one of my many.


About gastric bypass the other day and came across some "comforting words". It just said that "plateaus" are often our bodies making internal adjustments and WE ARE NOT IN CONTROL OF THE SITUATION NOR CAN WE SPEED IT UP OR CHANGE IT......PRETTY MUCH,IT IS WHAT IT IS. You know honey, most of us that have been life long "fatties" carry around some pretty deep scares emotionally. Most of us are big on blaming ourselves for every grain of sand on the beach oflife. I am NOT advocating that we do NOT need totake personal responsibility when we have caused the problem. But all of us that have had our guts totally rerouted have to understand that a huge "biological" change took place.

Sometimes, we have to have.


And surrender to the "unknown" secrets of the inner workings of our body and allow it to do it's thing!.

It's time to go back and try on some of those clothes that you wore at the beginning of this process and CELEBRATE THE VICTORIES THAT HAVE ALREADY BEEN WON.!.

REST, RELAX......and then choose a day to "recommit" to healthy living..

LOve ya,.


Comment #7

What is the 5 day pouch test never heard fo that. How long do these plateaus last. I have been stuck for about 2 weeks now and so frustrated...

Comment #8

Depends on the person. it appears that the newer you are to gbs the shorter the plateau...the further out...they get longer.....

Comment #9

Well I am only 7 months out. I work out 5 days a week and feel I am eating right. and nothing. I don't no what more to do. I am not gonna give up though. I have lost 115 lbs so this is just a little speed bump for me...

Comment #10

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.