Do you think the new Comcast Medifast menu and guide on their HDDVR box is horrible?

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Got a question... Do you think the new Comcast Medifast menu and guide on their HDDVR box is horrible? Hoping for any comment. Another quick question... Ok well I'm 4 weeks pre op and on normal Medifast food now. I am concerned as I have never dumped and never feel full. I only eat small amounts as I'm never hungry but iv not had the feeling of full since the op and I'm starting to wonder if they even did the bypass operation. iv even ate chocolate ice cream and cake as an experiment to see if I dump but I was fine...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

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I am 3 1/2 months post op and have never dumped but I have to say I have not even attempted to eat anything that might cause it....I HATE not feeling well. I have to say I don't really feel full like before just a kind of heavy feeling in my chest area and that's when I stop eating. I do believe one time I drank too much, too fast and it felt like I was too full but it passed through fairly quickly...

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Also, some people can tolerate things much better than others...I have a friend whose daughter had RNY over a year ago and she eats lots of stuff with sugar in them, bread, fried foods and even drinks soda and had no dumping but those are things that got me obese so I am going to do my best to continue to treat them as my "off limits" items...

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LOL, funny you should bring this up..

I have never felt full.... often wonder if they did not play with my head... But eating so little these days, I am happy to.



How much is too much???.

As for dumping, be thankful... I have seen a few episodes on utube and it really doesnt look nice.... I think I have clogged up a few times but no where near the things I was told to expect....

I will be.


To the dieticain soon, I will let you know what they say..

Good luck viks.

Buzz xxx..

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My friend that's 2 years out told me that she doesn't dump - apparently 15% of RNY patients don't dump...

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Im the other way. I get full so fast, over little amounts. Im 8 months out and 127lbs down. As far as dumping, ooh ya. Tried some BBQ sauce. uh huh baby...

I keep a little yellow lemon container with lemon juice in my fridge for such occasions. 3 tablespoons of it when dumping can help curb that intense pain. "The beast" dont like bread either. None. No tortillas, no bread, nothing..

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Those are dangerous things to test yourself with.. I honestly dont want to know what I can tolerate in that way. I have to thank Charlene again for telling all of us long ago that she wished had never "tested the waters" with things she shouldnt be eating... I'm glad I listened for once.. hehe. I just have the mindset that it will make me sick which anything too sweet or greasy has in the past.

And only dump when I do something dumb.. and the dumping experience is far less dreadful that it was in the beginning. I am also having the problem of losing too much weight.. not a popular topic on here.. but it's kinda scaring me...

And yet I lose if I get in lots of protein.. so I have been cutting back on that as well.. it's a catch 22.. ugh!..

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P.S... I don't ever feel full either.. but then again I can feel just as satisfied with 2 ounces of something as I can 6. When you arent hungry it's hard to feel satisfied..It's all about losing that crutch we used for so long.. that friend we had in food..

The things is before.


I never felt full either.. because I never stopped eating.. haha..

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MAN! I totally agree with Upnorthguy...don't tread the waters and test the stuff you really don't want to eat anyway...why bother? Wasn't that one of the main reasons why we decided to have this.


? To restrict ourselves from the JUNKY crap which we shouldn't eat anyway? I personally don't want to get comfortable eating anything that can potentially ruin what I have done so far..

Have a good one..


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