Does anybody happen to know if this monologue is from a play?

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First question I got is Does anybody happen to know if this monologue is from a play? Thanks for any response. Another question on my mind: I just got off the phone with

There system when CRAZY today with about 40 minutes to go in the auctions, so if you won a domain, you might NOT of. The lady I talked to on the phone said some auctions were reset for 20 minutes, some 1 hour and some 3 days. It was sappose to reset for 1 hour, but there system is still haywire..

The domains that I had backordered reset for 3 days, but she said they might reset for 1 hour or so on.... WTF?.

It's going to be real hard to try and get the names you had backordered today because who know's when the auction is going to end, or restart I should say.......

Keep your eye's open..

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You betcha! but you might want to make sure and wait for another person here to confirm this as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the iPage guys because they can give you help better...

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All by myself, with the clock moving very fast as 2 days have passed in 2 hours..

I hope I win...

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These kind of things would never happened on ebay...

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Got an E-mail from them saying they have suffered a DDOS attack.....

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What is amazing in all of this is that if you look closely... SOME of the domains NEVER showed up again..

I had a HostGator that I really wanted cornered... NO bids. Then the Blackout. When it came back up, most of the domains were there... TWO were not..

They had ended (with NO bidders) but were not listed. The 6 other domains that I had WON, that showed Payment Pending, were RELISTED and extended first for 2 hours, then 2 Days, then 24 hours....

Meanwhile... the two Importatnt Domains that mysteriously vanished, showed up on Whois, Registered to SNAP until 2007..

The letter they sent said that some HostGator sales were processed and cannot be reversed... these were NOT sold!!! The once I won, that showed payments processing WERE reveresed..

Totally NOT right!!.


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I would like to here some of the prices and domains, that ended that they did not Restart. Somebody might of got a really good deal.

Not me as always.

What a MESS!!!!!..

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From what I can see... SNAP got some really good prices..

On a better note, the auctions that were restarted just completed (some for the 3rd time for me now) and other than the 2 that ended up in Snap's coffers, I won them all..

Here's my list:.


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I'm just curious, but wouldn't AppleComputerStores, and DaltonBookStores, be more or less blatant TM, infringement, bad faith, and whatever else, issues etc., etc.??..

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Were these $29 backorders or $60?.

I got the 3 of mine as well.

These are all.


Domains with Links. I like this one...

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Me too, sounds sweet.

I got the one I was wanting..


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We had a major league denial of service attack today starting at 11:23 Pacific time and it took us a little over an hour to stop it. During that time the auctions reached their closing time as the systems were still running with the data they had, but we could not talk to them even to say stop. When we could connect again we stopped the processing as fast as possible but in the race of human against computer, computer was able to process some auctions to completion including sending all information to the registrar for the winning bidder. This meant that some bidders that had not set proxy bids were shut out. There is no way to reverse that situation as we can not take a name back from the registrant at a registrar without their permission unless they do not pay for the name per ICANN rules..

We apologize to all those who did not get to bid as they wished. We will of course look for ways to prevent such events or at least better reduce negative impact as we can..

For the auctions we could stop, there was still much verification to do and cleanup and we finally decided it was taking so long we reset the auctions to end Saturday at the usual time. Again we are very sorry for the inconvenience of that..


Nelson Brady, VP of Engineering.

115 NW First Avenue, Suite 300.

Portland, OR 97209.

At least in this case they've let be known what the issue was..

Better than the MJF or Unicef HostGator situations..


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I don't think so... Anyone can own an Apple Computer Store and the correct name of the Book Seller is B.Dalton Books... again, anyone can hold a Book store.

My reasoning is this... I belong to an affiliate program that has a ton of Apple Computer Store related affiliate programs, even to the official Apple Store. They openly state "own your own Apple Computer Store" in their advertising..

If I am an Apple Store Affiliate Seller, officially and approved by Apple, am I not an Apple Computer Store?.

Kinda makes sense to me.... maybe I'm way off..


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Obviously the attack was generated by a bidder not wanting any competition. Hoping to get names for cheaper...

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But WHAT was the domain?.

I have the list for that day... nothing on there struck me as a Million Dollar name..



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I have no idea, I don't use snap, yet!..

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You're way off ;-).

It's ok though, most are..

Just because you work as a McDonald's Fry Guy doesn't mean you can legitimately get or anything similar. Just because your a Boy Scout doesn't mean you can get , etc. As well, I guarantee you the "Apple Store" agreement spells out in great detail how "wrong" that move would be..

On the topic of the DOS; I don't see any single "Million $" HostGator that was being targetted, it was probably rather a collection of smaller names that could be purchased together without raising as many alarms. Just my gut instinct..


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Hmmm - It would surprise me if you were allowed to use their actual name in the domain, I have seen a few affiliate programmes that specify that you cannot use their name in the HostGator but you can use it as a subdomain..

I would read the affiliate small print to check, there is still probably a TM issue as well though. JMO.


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