Does anybody know prices for Medifast menu items at the Abu Shakri restaurant in Israel?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Does anybody know prices for Medifast menu items at the Abu Shakri restaurant in Israel? Many thanks for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. Hey my name is Ashley, but everyone calls me bug. so I had my.


On 2-11-10 and today was the first day since my.


That I was actually hungry and I ate some watermelon.. I was very cautious.. I was scared it'd make me sick, but I feel fine. Anyway... my question is how long do I have to wait till I can have a pickle? lol i've always loved them and I don't think i've ever gone this long without eating one. i've been craving them like crazy! especially the spicy ones...

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You betcha! although you might wanna make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm it as I am not quite sure. Better yet, why don't you call the Medifast guys because they can give you help better...

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Hey Bug, There's not a single simple answer to your question. There reason is that GBS programs vary dramatically. Different surgeon take different approaches..

In general, it always best to closely follow the program your specific team has set up for you. Just because some other patient is given different instructions does not mean you should deviate from the program your team has set up for you. In my case, I was on a strictly.

Liquid diet.

For 3 weeks post.


Others get to eat solid foods sooner. Do not let what others do influence your decision here. Stick with your program while understanding that programs do vary - sometimes dramatically..

You were likely assigned a dietician in the run up to GBS. Ask that person when pickles will be 'on the menu' - as rest assured that they will be there eventaully (well, dill pickles at least - sweet pickles have lots of sugar - not a good choice). But remember to always get your proteins first...

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I've been eating pickles since 3 months..........I like the zesty.


Ones........I eat 2 spears at a time. No troubles or problems with them at all..

Again though it depends on your Drs. requirements. I couldn't have lettuce until 4 months out, and some eat it at about a months...

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You really shouldn't be feeling any physical hunger at this point. I'm 3 yrs out and am still never hungry but my head is always telling me I am. So make sure you listen and decide if you are really hungry or your head is telling you that. Watermelon is something I love also and ate alot of. In the beginning of weight loss I was told to be careful with how much I ate of it because ofthe carbs. Its a good carb but when in the losing phase you have to watch all carbs.

Its great for keeping you hydrated since it's mostly water so that is a good thing. i'm not a pickle eater so I really have no idea of the texture and it's issues. They also seem to be pretty juicey so may be easy to eat but I think I would wait at least til you're a month out before trying it. Definitely ask your doctors. Spicy things in the beginning can make you ill so just be careful.

Then again you could eat one today and be fine and try again next week and it make you sick as a dog. The pouch is the boss so just listen to it and your docs...

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Welcome to the club..

I think I had a pickle at around 3 months, but after I took my first bite, I really did not enjoy the taste anymore. This was one of the foods that tasted different to me after GBS. I have not had one since then..

Best wishes..

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I remember sucking on some dill pickle slices when still in the liquid phase just for the flavor....

Once you get to a solid Medifast food stage, you could start adding some pickles I would think, but.


Sweet pickles for a bit if you can. Or least watch them very carefully... those lil suckers can pack a lot of sugars. Even the spicy ones tend to be based on a sweet pickle vs dill..

I actually made some "sweet" pickles last summer using Splenda and they turned out darn good... I spice them up sometimes by adding jalapeno slices. Here's my recipe....


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Pickles are tricky because of that thick skin really has to be chewed well. You're only 3 weeks out, and my advice would be not to eat them before 8 weeks out. That's when most people are moved to solids. Me personally, I didn't do well with veggies or fruits that first month, I would get diarhea. When you do try them, chew really well, because all foods with a skin, apples, potatoes, etc. need extra chewing or the skins can block your stoma, and can come back up...

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Well I was not planning on actually eating one without asking my surgeon first.. and I know it's gonna be a while till I can actually try to eat one. I know what i'm supposed to be and what i'm not. but last week I ate absolutely nothing but ice and maybe a popsicle. I was not hungry everything grossed me out, so I was suprised yesterday that I actually felt hungry. I guess it's different for everyone because my mother actually had GBS five years ago and somedays she's super hungry and other days she's not..

So yea.. lol..

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