Does anyone else have ads on their cpanel when using iPage?

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My 1st question is: Does anyone else have ads on their cpanel when using iPage? Thanks in advance for any answer. My 2nd question... I have 2 quick questions:.

Can domains registered through a reseller be pushed for free into a GoDaddy account?.

Are you allowed to opt-out of the use of their webpage templates?.

If anyone can answer either of these, I would really appreciate it...

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The answer is Yes, however you might want to make sure and wait for another member here to confirm this as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the iPage guys because they can answer you better...

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Thanks for all of your answers, rep points added for everyone..

Domainspade, what reseller do you recommend?.

In case I go with GoDaddy, they pay credit card and paypal fees, correct?..

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I stand corrected. Excuse me for not mentioning this. You can "alter" the look of the front end, but once your past that - it's all GoDaddy. Perhaps I should have included this. I personally consider this GoDaddy's template, but yes, there is a "slight" work around..

In regards to other resellers? I really havnt seen anything great out there. I simply have first hand knowledge of GoDaddys. The problem is with the amount of domains you have to sell just to break even. If your buy rate is 7.00 - what is your markup? 1-2 Bucks? Then youve got to get atleast 150 domains there to break even. Unless you can funnel lots of people looking for HostGator names there, a lot of work for very little in my opinion..

Now, that being said... is it possible to make money? Yah... I happen to know a reseller of GoDaddy who used to be am employee a few years ago, found an incredibly type of another Registrar and popped up a reseller site. He was making a fortune. Anyway, good luck!.


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Why sell domains when you can sell reseller packages for a much better profit..

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Here is where the money is being made!.

(why do you think Godaddy does so well, they SELL reseller programs)..

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I do not understand.

It is clear that selling domains paired with parking is way more profitable than selling HostGator reseller accounts paird with a registry..

8 years ago when I started with WWD it was a money making machine, as your sub-reseller had the chance to establish themselves in the HostGator registry market..

Today starting a reseller is high risk buisiness, if you are not backed by a reliable buisiness plan and respective resources you nearly have no chance..

Hence not many ppl buy reseller accounts..

Additionally the target audience is limited to a few tousand potential customers..

This makes me eaven sometimes offer WWD Basic or Pro reseller accounts for free if the interested party can present me a reliable buisiness plan..

My personal ROI as HostGator seller is between 3000% and 10000%..

Through my well doing registry service to wide public it is only a fraction of that..

So there is no doubt, where is the profit...

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, marketing, advertising, adwords, keywords etc, all play an important roll of course. I'm targeting both fronts on multiple levels. Selling domains, iPage hosting etc and reseller accounts. That is my business plan. Will it succeed? Time will tell..

Right now as far as I know, there is 558 resellers through WWD. I'm sure there are some of the more advanced resellers who have multiple accounts and that is probably why we see commisions in the $30,000 a month range. Resellers who have multiple resellers underneath of them in which they make a profit of all sales. A HostGator name/erealestate broker if you will. Especially good if your subresellers are making good money. Skys the limit and for me, it's worth the research and work involved to attempt to be successful in this business..

If theres one thing I dont want to do, it's keep my current fulltime job (which isnt bad at all) for another 35 years. I'd rather work from home fulltime for myself..

Thats why I said earlier, for those thinking of becoming a reseller, they should/could buy from a current reseller to support and help our (the little guys end) instead of buying right from the big boys like godaddy/wwd..


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