Does anyone use iPage as their web host?

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My question is Does anyone use iPage as their web host? Many thanks for any answer or 2. My other question... Hello,.

I'm trying to purchase a HostGator off of a domaining company (an automated one, it seems?). I own the ".org" of this particular name, and am trying to buy the ".net". The HostGator doesn't mean anything, and is worth reg fee at best. However I have a iPage website built on the ".org", and so wish to buy the ".net" also..

I approached this company about buying the domain, and they came back with... well, I'll quote the e-mail as it stands this far. Why are they looking for such a day-light robbery-like price tag?.

This is my first dealings with such a company (presuming they are an automated HostGator buying company?). Do you think showing interest in the HostGator means it'll be renewed now (due to expire 11th of November)?.

Thanks, any help/insight would be appreciated.


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Yep, but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another member to confirm this as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the iPage guys because they can answer your iPage question better...

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Thats pretty amusing. Ive never had a negotiation quite like that. My next question is why not go after the com?..

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Don't stick to $35..

Start dropping your offers. $31 ... $27 ... $22 .....

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My thoughts are that they probably can't understand English too well, and figure if they make it lower and lower you might buy, since they don't know what you're saying in response to them..


"35 (american dollars)".

Maybe they'll get it? hehe..

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Okay, I'll keep e-mailing them back until the sale price is $-9000.

Thanks for the comments all.

As for the .com... that's taken also. I've had no luck with contacting the company who owns that. My website, based on the ".org" gets a pretty good amount of traffic, hence why I'm guessing the ".com" and ".net" were registered (automatically)?..

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Looks like they countered lower 5 times when you didn't budge. That seems to indicate they are willing to take much less, and are probably just trying to maximize their take. Unfortunately, they probably know the .org is developed and apparently the .com must be developed. That alone will probably keep you from getting it for $35. If they know you own the .org, they will see your need and probably be less likely to negotiate. If you've hidden that fact by using a different name, email address, etc, you will be better off.

If the HostGator truly is worthless from a hit standpoint, then they've proven it to you. If it does get hits, you know it does have some value for those hits. Offer to pay based only on the traffic and you should both get a fair deal. Be prepared to walk away if they are unreasonable. Then offer a fair price again months later when it's about time for them to renew..

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My observation:.

They are the worst negotiators in history, although your willingness to pay only $35 for a .net with a developed .org is somewhat "cheap". You protest a lot, but they are moving, you are not... I can't pretend to be the foremost authority on HostGator name negotiations, but you've gotta be willing to pony up the money if you really want it - otherwise the time and effort aren't worth the $20-some this guy stands to "gain", depending on how many years he/she has owned the name. (I mean that if the .net has been owned for 3 years, it has cost around $25, and you're only offering little more (Maybe even less) than the NPV assuming $0 in revenue from the domain... Now pretend the name makes him any $ at all from parking operations, and he/she would be a fool to sell it at $35..

Just as a disclaimer - it's obviously not me that you're trying to buy this name from.


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IAmAllanShore is right..

I don't sell names, but if I did I would not bother with anything under $400, even if it is senseless. It's a time/effort play and I would not feel like bothering with anything lower. My time is too valuable b/c I can make much more money doing something else with my time..

$35 is really chincy IMO - I don't care if it is 20 X reg fee..

Offer him $500 if it is really important to you. You'll get what you want, be done with it, and be happy hopefully...

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Offer $300-500 and if they refuse ignore them for a while...they may come back in a month after they relise they may have lost you....


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You have it right on the money my friend. I rarely sell names below mid-high xxx If someone want's it, well pony up. This is an industry! $35 are you kidding me? I haven't sold a HostGator that low since 2004!..

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Try $17.50 maybe they'll drop their offer by half, instead of only $1000 each email..

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I don't understand why the owner of the name is wasting his time with you. A $35 offer is not a serious offer...

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And you know it's true when the guy who makes his name off of <$96 domains calls you out for it.

Much, much love,.


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If you are not chasing the .com, then what is the .net going to do for you? and if you are telling the seller that the name is worthless then if this is true then it is worthless to you also...sorry but unless you have some real money then stop now...

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You might even be able to get it below $35 if you keep emailing their automated response enough times!..

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If the HostGator is not that good, why the .net and .com are taken?..

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Not to mention why the poster has developed on the .org..

If you really want it, make an offer showing it. Otherwise, you'll be lucky if they actually lower it to the level you're hoping for..

And yea, the seller is the worst negotiator in history...

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Okay thanks for the comments all - I'll make a higher final offer, I'd agree with you that $35 is probably too low. I'll make a higher offer, and if they refuse, I'll leave them a while (as quite a few of you have recommended).


I tried chasing the .com - although it's registered to a company that don't respond to their e-mails (and their iPage website is only 25% complete; their 'Contact Us' page leads to a 404 error)..

I initially wanted to buy the ".com", however it was already taken (before I'd thought about making this site). Hence why I picked the ".org"...

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