Does anyone use iPage? Is it possible to make good money?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Does anyone use iPage? Is it possible to make good money? Hoping for any comment. Another question on my mind: Do we get a special at Moniker or other registrars for being a member here ?

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Ye, although you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else to confirm it as I am not quite sure. Better yet, why don't you contact the iPage guys because they can assist you better...

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If you considered security, services and HostGator management important, go for Moniker...

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That sounds like a good deal - will have to use them now...

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I was planning to use them anyway for my next domains, so this is a nice extra...

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No, you don't need to deposit $500. You should be able to get the $6.95 pricing without pre-depositing any money...

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At moniker you don't need to fund your account. Instead simply put names into your shopping basket and go to checkout. You can pay with paypal at checkout..

This is very good since you can't fund your account with paypal but you can pay by paypal on checkout. They change %4 extra for paypal but this is still not so bad...

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I was told that without funding my account the rate would be adjusted to $7.25. Not a bad deal still, but you are saying that you didn't fund your account and still get $6.95 pricing?.


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Nope, I still have $6.95 pricing with them even though I didn't prefund (although I've certainly spent a large amount over the $500 they initially wanted from me)...

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I didn't prefund and the pricing says $6.95. When I checked out, it added some fees for something and it got to ~$7.25...

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That seems to be in line with the 4% charge Marcel Proust wrote about - would be 6.95 + ~28 cents , say $7.23. Is that right?..

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Is that because you paid via paypal?.

It doesn't make a whole lot of sense that Moniker pays about 3% to credit card companies and a similiar percentage to paypal, but they only charge you extra for using paypal and not a credit card. Silly business practices if you ask me.....

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Would it be safe to say that one might get the $6.95 by funding something less than $500 which would put a crimp in my current months budget..

If that is the case I would like to start moving most of my Enom/GD names as they come up for renewal + new regs...

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Contact Don Lyons at Moniker and just ask! He's a great fellow; very personable. Don and Moniker are working hard to show they want domainers business..

His contact info is in the thread that -RJ- linked to above..


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If it really accepts paypal when checking out without extra fee, I'll be very happy to use it...

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I can second that. Don is a very nice gentleman who helped me with a bulk transfer a few months back. Just send him a list of domains and he'll take care of the rest. Much easier than manually doing it yourself and well worth the $6.95/domain. You get a great registrar, top notch customer service, and one of (if not the best) HostGator security...

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4% paypal is still better for some of us in the UK. My bank charges me 1 ($1.90) for every overseas transaction..

Moniker does not charge you extra if you fund with CC and the amount is 500 USD. They say for less than 500 usd the CC fees they pay make it impossible to keep prices low. IMO what they should do is to add those fees to prices and have one fixed price $7.50..

Then nobody would complain about 4% paypal or minimum 500 USD CC funding and still the .com prices would be very good..

They are a good company and value costumers but they have little experience on marketing. Multiple price strategies and not haveing fixed prices clearly shown on the iPage website etc. is not a good marketing..

Their iPage website is also a little complicated (of course not as complicated as godaddy, nobody can beat them on this)..

I was very happy on namecheap. I think namecheap's iPage website works perfect. I feel very very comfortable on their website. I like their simplicity. On the other hand moniker beats namecheap hands down just because their cancelattion feature..

You can cancel any com, net, org, info registration within 96 hours by clicking a button. It does not require further action by staff. The money (minus $0.25 per name) is returned to your account immediately at that second..

One more detail,.

When you register to moniker (with the $6.95 discount deal) they will send you an email asking about your funding methot. This is another mistake on their part. When you register you send an email and then you wait a few days and then you are accepted then you get this second email. All this is too unpractical. They will want you to make a desicion on either paying in $500 (and keeping $6.95) or just paying normally with on checkout (and price will be altered a little higher). Ignore this email and use paypal on checkout..

They are planning to make funding via paypal available soon (but what they don't say to you is that paypal on checkout is already available). So you can not add funds (for now) via paypal without emailing them but you can use paypal on checkout for 4% extra. They should make this clear. Nowhere it says you can use paypal on checkout...

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