Does iPage allow domain forwarding or masking?

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Quick question... Does iPage allow domain forwarding or masking? Thanks in advance for any response. Second question.. More new domainers, less good domains...more on the hardship of domainering, sigh. What do you feel as to the current domainering?..

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Ye, although you might want to make sure and wait for another person to confirm my answer as I am not confident. Better yet, why don't you email the iPage guys because they can give you help better...

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This is especially good since most of us have missed out on getting "cheap" premium names. as the surge of newbie domainers continue to buy garbage names, my halfway decent names will increase in value - such as my basiceconomics(dot)info which I picked up earlier this month.


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*clears throat for a long speech*.

Economically're already not listening are you?.

No, seriously now - if we look at this in terms of supply and demand, an increase in domainers theoretically means an increase in the supply of domains. You dont need a degree to know that an increase in supply almost inevitably leads to competitive pricing and therefore lower sales for all..

However, no product in this market of ours is exactly the same, so it can be argued that our demand - end users - do not shop logically on price alone. They're looking for something special rather than the cheapest substitute. What i'm basically getting at here is that despite there being millions of utterly useless domains out there and even more utterly useless domainers, it's not going to have a negative impact on the price of good domains...

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...... what?.

How does an increase in Domainers mean in increase in supply of Domains?..

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Good points shorty,.

What facts are you stating actually?. Maybe, we have about the same amount of domainers. Maybe less, maybe more, maybe the same. I only know for me my HostGator business is skyrocketing. Why the gloom?..

Many more new markets today than yesterday, the Corporate world is finding the profits in domains and buying them from us. The new extensions are opening up new markets for domains. A few auction houses are really learning how to market domains, ie,, Moniker, etc. The media is reporting more and more about the business, thus giving us more exposure. Just a few exciting ways to make more money is the .mobi explosion..

I can go on about the many new markets for domains. I won't telll anyone what they are, it's all in your HostGator experience. If you don't want to get in and search for the new HostGator registration possibilities then some other domainer will be announcing the big sales..

Get on board..

The HostGator business is better than ever now and more ways to make money with your names are available now than ever before. If you find to much competition in the names you are registrating, define your choices and find domains in new frontiers. To do that you will need to be the first to research the new niche market...

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That's the part that requires a degree, lol... anyway, here's what I had in mind:.

Supply = a very large number - number of registered domains, so overall decreasing..

Demand = overall increasing as more people are using the internet, etc..


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My problem with Domainers = More Domains is that the number of domains does not vary based on the number of Domainers. Domains are limited by the number of characters that can be used when creating them. Therefore, there is a absolute number of possible domains. The market does not increase or decrease (unless a new TLD is added), domains simply change hands...

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It's not only more domainers competing against each other..

It's also more and more businesses worldwide entering the online world. It means increased demand and competition for domains and the top names will continue to increase in value...

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