Does iPage allow me to modify the script and add my own? If so, how?

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First of all Does iPage allow me to modify the script and add my own? If so, how? Looking forward for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. So, when I want to buy a HostGator name from another reseller or even another person. I always try to contact via whois info. Now why would a reseller add privacy to their whois and then list the HostGator for sale?.

For example - I found a HostGator name I liked, it's parked at sedo and listed for sale. But instead of being able to just call or email the person, it's private. So now the guy is forced to negotiate with me through Sedo and lose 10% of the sale. Silly if you ask me..

I could understand if their was a TM issue involved and you didnt want your personal info all over the HostGator but in this case it is 2 generic words and a recent registration. So is there any other reason a domainer would want privacy?.



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Ye, but... you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else to confirm it as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you call the iPage guys because they can answer you better...

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Why would it deter you from making an offer through Sedo if you want the domain? You used Sedo's resources to find the domain. Does it bother you that Sedo might make a little money on the transaction?.


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Perhaps.... but I just dont see it. Maybe Im missing some bennefit to privacy, but to me it seems "practically" useless (there are some exceptions to the rule)..

No, it bothers me that If I bid on the HostGator name, it will go to auction. I would prefer not calling extra attention to a HostGator name. Its in my best interest that it doesnt go to auction. Also, I prefer to speak directly to the seller. This gives me an advantage in negotiation. I can ask probing questions, and really feel out the seller for what kind of price I can get away with and I dont have to wait a week between offers..

I did not use Sedo's resources to locate the HostGator name. I thought of the name and tried to reg it. It was recently regged in Dec. I checked the whois, privacy. I then checked the site, and it's parked at Sedo. I looked through Sedo - and it's for sale...

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Whois privacy is nothing to worry about, you should be able to send an email to the email address listed and it should forward to the owner of the HostGator name. I mean unless he purposely put false information in his or her whois in which case you could talk to the registrar about that..

I have privacy on a few domains I own just so any netsavvy customers can't see that I'm running a couple of "competing" websites...

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I can see your point. However, if you want the HostGator and don't bid on it, you will never get it. If you bid on it and it doesn't go to auction, you may get it for a reasonable price. If you bid on it and does go to auction, you may still be the only bidder. It seems like you have nothing to lose by making the bid even if you don't have as good a chance as if you contact the person directly..


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Tom, I agree. I have placed a bid on this HostGator name. I simply was making the point in this thread that I hate privacy, lol. But I do appreciate all the input. I like to talk to people on the phone about domains. I feel you can come to a reasonable agreement over the phone, much quicker and more efficiently then via email or...


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I was also wondering abt the same. I also find it useless and a money making tactic by HostGator registrars.....

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I don't use privacy. I just list my business address. It wouldn't be useless if the seller had a reason to hide his identity. What if the HostGator was owned by Sedo and they wanted to hide their conflict of interest?.


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Maybe the person registered 3 or more domains at the same time and GoDaddy offered them free privacy. Humans cannot resist free things so he may be using free whois which otherwise costs ~10 / year...

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If the owner is using a service you can always contact the owner through the protected WHOIS email and address. I always use privacy because of SPAM. I recently let WHOIS protection expire on a few domains and the SPAM junk mail quickly came, not emails but actual mail through the Post Office...

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I use privacy simply for that...privacy..

I believe that most privacy services provide an e-mail redirection...

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Exactly. When I started I read all the hype about how privacy was needed to prevent spam from swamping my email. I was mad at Dotster for adding "free" names to my account that could not be made private. I judged the cost of a name based on the price including privacy. It would be a big problem to have my email address ruined by spam..

But the Spam never came. I get a postal letter from some company selling junk search engine submission services every few months, and a number of phishing letters that seem to be the result of poor security at eBay. Almost nothing from whois..

But newbies get told that if they don't have privacy then bad things happen. And it is understandable that they would protect their email address..

Ring the bell: post #500!!!..

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