Does iPage allow you to build your own website from scratch?

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First question I got is Does iPage allow you to build your own website from scratch? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... If PD valuates your HostGator to be "premium" does that mean that Sedo will valuate it as "premium" also? Making it easier to list for auction, cause as I understand it your HostGator must be "premium" to be listed on Sedo's auctions?.

If I'm totally wrong I'm sorry for the dumb question I'm still learning the ropes..



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Yup, however you might want to make sure and wait for another person to confirm this as I am not quite sure. Better yet, why don't you email the iPage guys because they can answer your iPage question better...

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You can send mail to "Brokerage Auction Application" to Sedo. If they accept your domains (As said, Quality of your domains depends on who received your mail.

), you can start Auction without offer..

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Thank for answering!.

If you have a HostGator that is certified premium by Premium domains is there a good chance they will accept your auction request?..

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SEDO doesn't care what premium domains says, they have their own standards...

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I would think Sedo have their own ideas as to what a premium HostGator is -.

Don't we all eh !.

Premium seems to be a well used word when it comes to domains..


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> premium domains and sedo have nothing to do with each other.

> premium domains is owned by cybertonic and he uses his own methods of appraising- it is not full proof and does not by any means say you HostGator is bad if they do not list you, and will sell for a ton of cash if they do list you- it's one guy and his metrics-.

> sedos auctions- you either have to have a bid, then you can push to auction, or a broker takes you on if you have really great names (not the case lately) or, you have a connection- the whole thing sucks really because it is not done in a fair way..

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Very important point. I've noticed some of Cybertonic's banners showing Sedo's logo, so I can see where some of the confusion came from...

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So if you have to wait for a bid would you recommend going to Moniker or Ebay or Afternic to Auction domains. Cause I have a few domains burning a whole in my pocket that I'd like to see how well or how poorly they do. Does Moniker wait for a bid to go to auction? And who has more eyeballs per domain? On DNJournal the lists show that Moniker sells a lot of domains does that mean more people are using them to auction?.

And is TDNAM from godaddy worth it or is it still too new to consider as a good after market for domains...

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Well, you also have to wait for a bid on ebay to before any real action happens- tdnam is more of a clearing house- sedo is where many endusers go- we all have domains burning many many holes- you have to do different things to help them sell- many domains on sedo- yours will get lost in there- list the name, then on different forums in the external auction area you can list it- but if it's just an ok name, you may be waiting for that buyer to come along who wants it-.

Dont be upset if everyone does not jump on it- use your sig file to promote them- utilize the selling areas of the forums, buy a featured catagory spot on sedo- buy an ad on dnjournal- you gotta work it baby!..

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