Does iPage allow you to put a search engine on your site?

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First of all Does iPage allow you to put a search engine on your site? Looking forward for any comment. 2nd question I got is.. Just wondering if extensions like this are worth anything with top keywords.

Ie or

Would these names be worth anything for immediate resell???.



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Yup, although you might want to make sure and wait for another person here to confirm this as I am unsure of myself. Better yet, why don't you ask the iPage guys because they can give you an answer better...

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I am not sure the British say 'cell phone'... I believe they rather say 'mobile phone'..

This should be checked..

I see too many people registering with American English keywords and they think their names are great but often the keywords do not fit the TLD...

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Thats correct but assuming or was available (hahaha) would it be worth anything knowing it is this extension..

Thank you.


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It all depends on the TLD. Some TLDs fit better than others for certain keywords.. & .md are very different.. is a thriving TLD that is well-established in it home country so no point in using unBritish words..

.md is a vanity TLD that is usually branded as 'Doctor of Medicine' so I don't think really fits...

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Ok, but if you were to pick up something that did fit, assuming it was a top keyword, it can be something other than cell phone, that is an example..

So, assuming it was a keyword fitting the extension and it was a top keyword, .md or .fm .am whatever the case may be, would still be worth regging/buying and attempting a resell?.


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There are more than 200 ccTLDs to choose from, a few are thriving but many are little used/developed or downright obscure..

Also when dealing with ccTLDs it is important to be aware of the rules as they can be very different....

Some TLDs have weird rules, some even prohibit the selling or parking of domains. Some TLDs simply cannot be transfered to another party..

Let's look at .ec as an example..

A while ago .ec (Ecuador) were available at promo price: $10 instead of $50..

So I bought a few like other NP'ers... so far so good..

But if you want to sell one it will cost you $150 to transfer ownership of the domain..


Obviously you need to take this into consideration when pricing your HostGator for sale. Also it means that low-end domains are not worth selling..

If you look at the reported sales you will notice that there are very few (large) sales for exotic ccTLDs. That means that you must be prepared to keep them for a long time, or develop them. Also, the registration fees are typically higher than .com and can be quite expensive. If you keep them you must devise a way to make money with them and at least recoup the registration fee....

So I don't think investing in vanity TLDs is good as there is not enough demand and it is very likely that your domains will rest on your hands..

However certain branded TLDs like .cc or .tv are easier to sell than .vg for example..

Of course or .de are worth more but I assume you are considering the more exotic TLDs. Obviously & .de are not exotic TLDs..

Certain keywords like 'poker' or 'sex' tend to sell more or less easily whatever the extension but I suspect it's mainly reseller purchases. To be honest the big ticket sales usually occur with mainsteam exts - .com in particular, that's why I think purchasing exotic domains will most of the time result in a waste of time and money..

I have nothing against exotic extensions but most often they are novelty items, which is not the same as a sound investment....

There are exceptions of course and if you develop the domains can get some value..

For example I have registered (Guadeloupe). It's not a very well developed TLD but I intend to develop into a tourism portal about Guadeloupe so I have no worries about the TLD..

Hope this helps..

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