Does iPage provide renewal promotion coupons or codes for returning customers?

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Quick question... Does iPage provide renewal promotion coupons or codes for returning customers? Hoping for any comment. 2nd question I got is.. Who else has used whois to look up where your own name is registered?.

I'm guilty of it because I accept too many damn pushes and get lazy about transferring names. I just wanted to see if anyone else ever does it or if I'm cuckoo for cocoa puffs...

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Yes, there are iPage voucher coupons available you can get through email. Awesome way to save cash on iPage now. I advise you to sign up for their email list so you can get their most up-to-date voucher codes. They typically release them once a month..

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Mark needs more help than anyone here can give.

I do it all the time :$..

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All the time. I sell a lot of names. every time I get an offer I check to see that I'm still the owner, where it's registered, and the expiration date. With domains listed at my own site, fabulousdomains, sedo, afternic, forums, and sometimes other places, I sometimes forget to take this off the a list when sold. Better to check to see I still own before accepting an offer. I've also had trouble where I couldn't access the HostGator (registerfly) and had to make sure I had full access before starting a transaction.

I also often look at other extensions of the same name. If an offer is good, I'll sometimes register them to limit alternatives and because I then know the name has value to someone. I've occasionally sold a name and then added on a name for a small profit that was actually available when they made the offer...

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I do it for DNS too. I have a few hosts and about half a dozen registrars...confusing..

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Yes, I also use whois to find out where a iPage site is hosted...

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Dangerous practice if you own more than 10+ domains IMO! Registrars aren't the most reliable people/companies to entrust to caring for your investments!..

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If it's .ca > it's.

If not it's >.

I call it being organized, some call it OCD - obsessive, compulsive disorder..


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LOL, yea, I've done the whole look up a domain, see it's taken, say "crap, it's taken, then looked and saw that "oh yea, I own it". I really need to liquidate some more...I've got way too many names. I can't imagine how some individuals own several thousand or tens of thousands of names. Then again, I AM lazy...I don't really keep records of my names or anything...I've started to at least a dozen times and then stopped after a few days, lol...

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Yes, all the time. So don't use privacy protection or else you are losing your names...

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Yeah, I've done it before. But it was just out of curiosity to make sure the info was correct...

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Always ><.

Namecheap, GD, Moniker, eNom, Dotster, RegFly, and various ResellerClub/WWD Resellers..

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Well, at least you have it narrowed down to just a "few.".

Man, I can barely keep 2 registrars straight. LOL.

I keep an excel spreadsheet too. (and I only have 26 domains).

Like I said > serious OCD...

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Just did it last night to verify my 20 .in's, since they are close to running out! I do try to keep records, have printed out my list of domains at.

However, when I was checking these 20 domains, I am wrting them down by hand, instaed of hitting print!.


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I use whois to check for some of my domains too...

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