Does the Jamba Juice secret Medifast menu apply to all locations?

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Got a question... Does the Jamba Juice secret Medifast menu apply to all locations? Thanks in advance for any response. 2nd question I got is.. I know I mentioned my current issue with sugar when I joined the other day and set up a meeting with our Freedom Pastor regarding this issue. He gave me good advice - some of course I already knew but helps to have some one refresh your memory. Of course there are the spiritual aspects about helping myself and that God is there to help which I truly believe but also that I've got to learn to redirect myself and develop a new habit.

Start on house projects or get out and do something, anything to keep you busy. He said it takes humans 30 days or so to develop a habit.

So I"m going to try harder to do that. He's going to help me with the.

Keeping busy.

Part because I just have too much time on my hands so am looking forward to that. I told him about this support group and how much I loved it already and he thought it was great support for me but also an opportunity to bless others by helping them with my experiences. I feel needed again and I can't tell you how good that feels. I've always been in the role of caregiver and it's when I'm at my best and with no kids at home now during the day I was feeling lost like no one needed me - not to say ya'll need me - but I feel like I can help someone if only just sharing my experiences. Anyway sorry to ramble just wanted to say was a good meeting and left me feeling like I can overcome this issue with God and with you my new friends..


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The answer is Yes, however you might want to make sure and wait for another member to confirm my answer as I am unsure of myself. Better yet, why don't you call the Medifast guys because they can answer you better...

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So true Sheila. Thanks for sharing this. And you have been very helpful to me. I am glad you joined us...

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Time on your hands? Needing some redirecting? Miss feeling wanted and important? There are sooooo many benevolent causes out there which need competent, committed volunteers. Find something you are passionate about outside yourself and get involved!..

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Sheila..we do need you!! AT least I know I do...I've been struggling lately and as always this support group has been wonderful. I too have been eating out of anxiety, stress, and boredom and I know that will be my down fall if I don't catch it now and fix it. Great ideas about what to do, my fiance and I just started a "home List" of little projects we could do in the evenings..(my worse time of the day). I also went to church today for the first time in too long and it feels great!!.


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BigHotMamma thats exactly what i'm working on now. Found out from church some new places that need help and I"m already working with a program here for teens. The one Pastor is going to find me some things to do also ;).

Bella ty so much ;)and I can tell you from experience getting back in to church will do wonders for you in all aspects of your life. Joyce Meyer has a great series on her website regarding setting new habits and it has really helped me these last couple days. Really recommend it. I think your idea for doing home projects is great. I'm.


Out of things to do here but talked my niece into hiring me to clean and organize her apartment and help getting her finances in order so thats a big project lol but I love it. Evenings are my worst too so always am trying to find something to keep me busy. Have a blessed day..


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.