Downloading WordPress themes to iPage?

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First of all Downloading WordPress themes to iPage? Thanks in advance for any comment. Another question I got... Hi NP Friend,.

How many domains have you sold?.

Interested in knowing your HostGator sales..

Thanks a lot!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can help you..

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I have sold about 25 domains since 2004.

~10 high xxx.

~12 low x,xxx.

~3 mid-high x,xxx yet to have broken the x,xxx barrier though but I know I will this year..

I do direct sales so I rarely sell at reseller prices..

I maintain a small manageble portfolio of about 300 names. It was about 600 till I started trimming it down. When I sell, I always re-invest. My strengths are emerging technology, media and privacy related names. I now HostGator full time so hopefully all these numbers will double..

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Overall, I picked 200-299, even though I've pretty much lost count of how many domains total that I've sold. Now that I think about it, considering I sold a group of 50 pretty recently, I think I've actually likely sold 300-399. The number that matters to me though is 4-figure and above, and I've now had about 15 sales in that range, 2 of which were 5-figure (in the same month too, yahoo!). I've also sold some names for as low as a few bucks, and IMO those barely count if at all. I'd say subtracting out names I did not sell for a profit (keeping in mind a name sold after having it registered for over 2 years needs to sell at over 3x reg fees to get profit), I've probably sold about 250 or so..

As of what my portfolio is now, I have about 900-1,000 names (let a bunch drop recently so probably closer to 900) and have purchased maybe 50-60 of them, vs. the rest being registered names. On the other hand, only 5 of the sales I've ever had were of purchased names, so I'm actually pretty confident in getting a lot of higher sales in the months and years ahead since most of my purchased names were bought for mid $xxx and higher and represent most of the high quality portion of my portfolio...

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NameTrader, do you HostGator full time or just like a hobby...

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Side-business for now...have a full-time job and am involved with 3 other side businesses. Since I'm now buying a condo, that'll continue for a stuff!.

I should add that my 4 biggest sales ever thus far all came in 1 month, Feb 07. Before then, I had not sold a name for over $2,000, and in Feb 07, amongst a few smaller sales, I sold 4 names, all names I had purchased vs. registered, for $15k, $12k, $8k, and $5k...made more profit that month than I generally do in about 8 months, lol...

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I've sold hundreds for < $100.

Probably about 10 in X,XXX and one in XX,XXX..

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I just looked through your site. Wow. You have an amazing list of domains...

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Just over 800 sold and growing by about 5 per day. A few nice ones in the $x,xxx range and a few brewing.

Full-Timer so I need to start selling more, or start buying better domains. I think the later. lol..

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Thanks, and that page is outdated too. I had to switch my iPage hosting to what it was on before because the server crapped out. That was probably from Mid Feb, and I sold and bought,, and a slew of LLL and NNN .nets since then...

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I think I've sold just over 100 but not positive. I've sold some on Ebay in the past. Sold some on here and other forums for reseller prices and I've had a few good private sales too...

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I've sold 200 +, many for just chump change profits (but it all adds up). My top 10 sales probably account for 80% of profit.


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I have sold 7 domains and all of domains in $xx range...

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I started my HostGator business on last Aug. Still in thelearninf stage and totally sold about 80 domains since then. But most of my sales are low bucks business..

I did buy some trash names especially at the beginning, but now my portfolio looks much better. The highest sale I have is $1050 only for a CVCV.COM name, and have about 6 sale between $500 - $1,000. Others are very low profit..

In a general, the total investment I spend for domaining is about $12K, and total sales is about $7K only, so I don't make break even yet. (Now I have about 220 domains in portfolio).

Hope could get business in mid $x,xxx range in 2007 and make actual profit by year end..

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