DreamHost vs iPage Vs HostMonster...?

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My first question is DreamHost vs iPage Vs HostMonster...? Thanks in advance for any comment. My other question... I have been debating aganist others is more valuble than .in on maany forums very few accepted.

Now some good news big compaines still sticj to

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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Well friends,.

I do not want to take sides with either .in or but would like to share some newspaper advertisement in India..

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology is promoting the registration of HostGator names thru this ad, it says:.

"Wake up to the power of the official Indian web address switch to.

Www. yourcompanyname

If you are not on you are missing out on the fastest and the most effective way to reach the Indian market. To switch to, ask your system administrator to contact us, today!.

To get www. yourcompanyname log on to".

In the background there is a list of companies that own their company name (.in etc).

This ad is also supported by BSNL, India's largest telephone and broadband company..

Hope this is useful to you guys..

Unofficial message "Rep welcome"..

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Yea, I've been seeing these ads since some time now.. I'm sure will be the much preferred choice of companies in the on the other hand, would just be a playtoy in the hands of HostGator squatters like me..

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I dont think, that will help to improve the power of the, you need power or visitors? if you need visitors then you have to use most friendly HostGator name have that simplicity..

You consider it, in india, more than 50% peoples dont know how to browse the internet, or they didnt used internet before, in the other 50% half of them using computer for dating, chating and playing. If you can give what they want, user friendly then you can use or .in...

But I dont think some extentions get more power than other with a simple newspaper advertisement..

So my opinion is go beyond the news, go beyond user friendly good sites...and make sites for users or visitors dont create iPage site for search engines or anything else..


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Very true.

I expalin how public know the is extension ,not domainer just indian public in 7 or eigh year ago yahoo started using in india and every internet use india will have a yahoo accout so the get their email id as.

"" this time popular.

Followed by. and many..

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Traffic on my own beats .in hands down , probably around 95/5 (85% from India) - highly recognized where it counts , India itself..

An explosion waiting to happen, but of course.


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Then why the Registry made .in available AFTER ?

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They also made available, etc alongwith .in/ for the general public in Feb 05..

The ad is all about the.


In the eyes of the corporates and end users in India to use etc. and stop registering the .com which is not actually Indian in nature..

Moreover the Indian Registry will earn significant profit through the registration of .in/ names and not at all through the .com registrations..

Hope it clarifies the issue!.

Both .in and are used in India and will only get bigger by the day..

BTW is promoted and used as a commercial extension...

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Funny how the advertiser on this is using a .in address..

I'm still sticking to what I believe: is better for companies focusing primarily in India, and .in is better for companies wanting a more international presence (hell, it can STAND for "international!")...

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It can stand for whatever, but it is .INdia :-).

BTW, there is an extension for International, it is .int.....

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I've seen quite a few US sites launch lately with .in extensions:.

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Damn! Now I wish I had renew my names. I had some pretty good ones especially:.

They might worth something today?..

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