Email adress for iPage web hosting?

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Got a quick question: Email adress for iPage web hosting? Many thanks for any response. My 2nd question... Dont get me wrong, I juts bought two today, and they are nice keywords. Though .ws domains cant be transfered. Thats why there are a lot expiring...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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Oh I thought he meant transferred to another person. Two of mine dropping in the next month and I won't be renewing so you can pick up sometime (probably on TDnam) and (not bad OVT on them) I don't have time to develop them so I'm letting them go...

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Owners can change... but you cannot transfer the HostGator out of where it was originlly registered...

If you buy a .WS from someone and that person originally registered it at enom for example then the HostGator will always remain at enom ..but yes you can buy sell trade .ws.

Lets say someone gains access to your enom account ..well they can move all the .coms they want out of enom and to some russion registrar if they wanted but thye cant do squat with the .ws .. trying to transfer it away from enom will always fail ! And even if they place it in another account at Enom ..that means ENOM can easily put it back into your account..

So in some respects it is the most secure extension to own... yes on the other hand that means you want to be very careful where you register them at..stay with the major registrars Godaddy , Enom etc....

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I personally think the .WS extension would be more respected if the "website .ws" people had not made it into a cheap looking MLM scheme. I've got a few still - But I get pretty turned off by them everytime I get spam email telling me how .WS will be the next .com.

Maybe it will grow into it's own one day...

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I agree with that ..hopefully some day they'll realize how lame that is...

But at the same time just looking at the extension alone ,the great keywords available , inexpensive , and how the SE's treat it as a it has a LOT going for it ...especially if you are buying them for development.

Aftermarket sales ..someday ..all it takes is a few high aftermarket high profilers to move in..

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I wouldn't call it the most secure extention then, if owners can change all the hijacker needs to do is to open his own account with the same registrar..

I'd say .uk are most secure: paperworks needed to change ownership of a domain, so breaking into someone's account cannot make you the owner of the HostGator (unless you also have access to his real letterbox and fake the signatures on the paperworks.


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Take it from someone who's been around a long time: .WS is a.


It's been around forever (in internet years) and no one has ever heard of it outside the domainer world...

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The downside is that if you buy from different people at different places you can't consolidate them. I have some I purchased from Wild West resellers, and unfortunately I can't even move them to godaddy or even to a single separate WW account. It's a pain keeping active accounts at dozens of registrars..

Now, if I buy a .ws I will ONLY buy if it's at a registrar I already us and can consolidate to my current account. That probably has a negative effect on price and value..

Also, think about those that might be registered at Registerfly. You couldn't transfer out if you wanted even if their system did work. buy one at a bad or high renewal price registrar and you are stuck there...

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Also, think about those that might be registered at Registerfly. You couldn't transfer out if you wanted even if their system did work. buy one at a bad or high renewal price registrar and you are stuck there.[/QUOTE].

I've been wondering about that..I believe they will all simply revert to ENOM ...

Anyone have direct info on that ?

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Besides that, .ws is not under the rules of ICANN as it's technically a ccTLD. Registerfly could keep that business if the .ws registry allows them...

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I really like it for developmentmy iPage website is starting to get indexed well and receive trafficso yes for dev., resale is pretty bad (unless developed) IMO..

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One problem with .ws is that since you can't transfer to another registrar you are at the mercy of their pricing policies..

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I like my.

C h a I n s a.w s.

I look forward to seeing that on my business card.

When I open up my chainsaw shop in a few years!..

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Hacks really only look good if you put those spaces in there.... (mine).

They look awful...

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I sold this to gerics a couple months ago for a few hundred bucks...


Now think abut this what other extension could you own the keyword "CONCERTS" in for a few hundred bucks with a starter iPage site and soild base of a few hundred visitors on ? .

I started it and realized I had no interest in Concerts anymore ...

My day was Rush , the Eagles the Stones etc...

He is going to make a real nice little income on this and it didnt cost him asecond mortgage to own it .thats what .WS has to offer..

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I was actually going to comment on what a great keyword that is and then scrolled down to see bidawinner had this one originally. And bidawinner knows.


I agree that good keywords in less familiar extensions make sound investments. PPC will eventually pay for the name and one can just work on building traffic through content (time permitting). Excellent name. I'm also noticing in past six months that once labeled "dead extensions" are selling for significant money - .cc, .tv, .pro, etc...

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