For those trying to get there child support enforced.Do you agree?

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First question I got is For those trying to get there child support enforced.Do you agree? Many thanks for any response. My 2nd question... There have been a couple of .cc domains selling lately. List your .cc domains you currently have in your portfolio here..

I have:.


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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Often see this kind of post....

Just show two of mine....

You just buy it?.


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I actually offered to buy from the previous owner, but he wasn't going to sell for what I wanted to pay...

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I don't know why. Seemed like a good idea...

Comment #4

Got a few....

(digital audio broadcasting).

(seemed like a good idea at the time.... ).

(got a low $x,xxx offer, not selling yet).

(got mid $xxx offers).

(for development).

(ok traffic and revenue...



And some more...

Also sold jew (dot) ceecee for $1,000 a while ago, so I'm quite happy with the extension..

I just wish it could be a bit cheaper, still many good keywords available out there...

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Yes, 2 weeks ago. I had loans and to have the singular version loan would make it complete. I bought 2 months ago and will develop it. IMO the .cc extension will definitely take off, it is brandable and easy to remember, that is all you need. It is better to have then for example, although the pice of both names might be the same now, that will for sure change as good keywords will be getting more important then a "bad" extension. Of course that is all..

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I went back to look at my .cc portfolio and boy did I have some stinkers in there (!) that I am embarassed to even look at in the privacy of my own home, let alone show in public..

Below are some of my better ones:.

While of course these names have value, I will admit that I have less of an idea of what to do with my .cc names than any other extension..

In other extensions, I have development plans for many names and, as an alternative, I also have some idea of how I would market them to an end user. ( = multimedia, .info = information, etc etc).

What are your plans for .cc? Thanks John for your comments on this earlier.....

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LOL, I know that feeling very well, just took my terrible names from auto-renew and never looked back, unfortunately I have many, just a learning process I guess. CC can easily stand for nothing IMO, just a nice double C, easy to remember, but if you do something financial with it, Credit Cards is of course always good...

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I own this names:.

This names list on sedo now..


Comment #9

I have.


..dint register any more.. quite expensive for me....

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That is some really good Mexican better... mmm Sol!..

Comment #11





And my personal fav... drumroll please... poop!.

I'm just a big kid...

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Does anyone know what the highest recorded sales were for last year on .cc domains?..

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Just the three:. (thought these made a nice pair!).

^^ - sold for $5k last year (DNJournal report.


) - Can't say I have seen a list.....

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Here you go. €5,000 ($6,087) jun-05 Sedo. $4,500 sept-05 Sedo. returned €2,500 ($3,007) jun-05 Sedo. $1,288 mar-05 Afternic. $1,000 sept-05 Afternic. $1,000 des-05 Sedo.

Top 10 lists: HostGator name sales in 2005 (sorted by TLD and ccTLD)..

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In my own experience in charge of a iPage hosting provider, I have seen that people associate.


Domains with.

Free service, hence believing all .cc are free or not worthing at all...

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Does anyone want to buy good .cc names for cheap?.

Please PM me..



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" €5,000 ($6,087) jun-05 Sedo".

W00t. Lets hope my Luxembourg.CC can sell for 1/10th that level..

Comment #18













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The only .cc sale I've ever had was for $650 early last year (and since then I've realized I really undersold it at that price)...

Comment #20 for $1 million? Wait, that was a scam a few years back..

I am not a big .CC fan, but I do have two:.


Comment #21

All of names for sale now!.

Please PM me your real offer..



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I only have these:.

Comment #23


Comment #24 - meaning 'apply for a credit card'..

Comment #25

Got a few, but I like this one in particular.

Speed cc..

Comment #26

I picked up a couple..

SOD cc.

TOW cc.


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Not sure if I responded to this thread already...But. (I am developing a closed caption resource iPage site for deaf people around this name).

And. (may develop, but will sell HostGator if price is right..

I have a few others but these are my 2 favs...

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I screwed up w/ one of my posts, above..

I have OnlinePoker_cc- *not* onlinecasino_cc.

I, also, have- VirtualCasino_cc.

I mixed them up. Excuse my error...

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I have/had and am letting it drop... Goodbye .cc domains..

Comment #30

Brother Rogue might find that one to be of interest...

Comment #31

My favorites:.

I did recently have to let some .cc's expire, including some greatdomains listed .cc's (Search, there are plenty.



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.cc is kinda expensive to register so still a lot nice names....

Comment #33

Picked up two pretty cheap:.

Both are available in Afternic Bazaar now, if anyone is interested .....

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My new .cc:.


Comment #35

I let drop (In case you're interested in the complete set.

), if I remember correctly.


Comment #36


F** is a good HostGator with "natural traffic"(About 160 vistors per month)...

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Hmm... I didn't know that special characters were allowed, let alone, have that kind of appeal in search term usage...

Comment #38

Any sales lately? whatthe highest as of today? does anybody know'?..

Comment #39

Please PM me your best offer if you do like this great names..



Comment #40

Some nice domains- surprised to see such a strong following..

I have only two, which makes it hard to remember when you have 550+ domains....

Feel free to drop me an offer if you like either....



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I wish that was a "true" sale, but just google " sale" and you can get more of the full story (More of a hype-sale, unfortunately)..


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I have, yet, to see a verified high priced sale of a .cc domain. I have received a direct offer of $750 for one that is listed at GreatDomains for $5,000..

Although $750 is, currently, a decent amount for a .cc domain, I declined the offer because I believe that good keyword domains, particularly in a lucrative market sector, have enough intrinsic value to transcend the perceived weaknesses of an ext. There's no doubt that good keywords have, substantially, more value w/ the tld's that derive their power through familiarity/history as well as the popular cctld's that have built, (and are building), strong markets but, once past that handful of possibilities, the playing field becomes fairly even and most SE's do continue to give keywords an equal optimization oppurtuniy. Good and, even, great keyword domains are underated and undervalued, IMO, and are one of the better "hand registered" investment categories, IMHO..

BTW, "online poker" is searched almost a half million times/ mo on OV which translates to roughly 60 million searches/ yr on all SE's. $750? I don't think so. If optimized, a strong casino iPage site would, probably, make more $$ than that in a week by using it to point more business their way. Keywords. Keywords...

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I have, which I plan to develop someday.....

Comment #44

Also have.

DOLL.CC (Got very high godaddy appraisal) GD always give very low price for .cc name. Great adult name ..

BICYCLE.CC live iPage site in 1998..




SUPERMARKET.CC (Greatdomains list for $10000really nice name).


Never list for sale yet. PM your best offer if you want this names..



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I like the double CC- it fits. Nice one, IMO...

Comment #46

Thanks Grrilla..

For this names I do like BICYCLE.CC ,SUPERMARKET.CC , DOLL.CC and COSMOS.CC more than others..

DOLL.CC (Got very high godaddy appraisal) GD always give very low price for .cc name. Great adult name ..

BICYCLE.CC live iPage site in 1998..




SUPERMARKET.CC (Greatdomains list for $10000really nice name).


Never list for sale yet. PM your best offer if you want this names...

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After making a deal with furan, just added:.

Comment #48

I aquired.

At auction.

And I also have.

Which I plan on developing unless I get an offer beforehand..

And yes they cost a bit more so I refrained from getting many too...

Comment #49

I only have one .cc but feel it is a very high quality one..

Comment #50

DOLL.CC (Got very high godaddy appraisal) GD always give very low price for .cc name. Sold. Great adult name ..

BICYCLE.CC live iPage site in 1998..




SUPERMARKET.CC (Greatdomains list for $10000really nice name).


PM your best offer if you like them..

Thanks for looking!.


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I have I got it less than 2 years ago after the previous owner.

Let it expire. It is now my most successful web site. It is DMOZ listed.

And it's Google Page Rank is 4..

I also own which also has a web site..

They are not for sale...

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Welp, now add to my mix of .cc names thanks to NP, lol...

Comment #53

Just acquired.



Being a domainer, just couldn't resist this name...

Comment #54

A not bad deal for 2 letter .cc domain..

Comment #55

I got Mas*** about 3 weeks ago ( could not believe it was still available ) and it started making money for me immediatelygets over 100,000 overtures a month.

This is my first .cc but probably not my last..

Comment #56

Congrats on the sale, it went for a nice price as well...

Comment #57

A few that generate a decent amount of interest.... - PR2. – PR2. - PR3.

Comment #58

Still hold:.

Got more than $25 sedo parking revenue..

(Got very high godaddy appraisal) GD always give very low price for .cc name. Great adult name ..

BICYCLE.CC live iPage site in 1998..

SUPERMARKET.CC (Greatdomains list for $10000really nice name).

Thanks for looking!.


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I now own three.

I really like, thinking of developing that one...

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UMPC.CC <umpc should be the next mobile computer>.

I have had great success in getting .cc names optimized in the search engines because of the google name aglorithm. I think when others who do.


Realize how high the .cc names get optimized then they will go after them as well...

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Danielr, as far as I know, Google ignores the extension completely. So it doesn't matter if it's or - the same iPage site would rank the same..

You just did well with your.


And keyword.ext, that's all..

(sorry, off topic)...

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Amongst others, but these are my better names...

Comment #63

In addition to what I've listed before, I now have, or pretty much an interesting way to say country code extension, hehe...

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I had some gaming .cn names that I could not get optimized or found in the search engines and I tried every trick in the book.. incomming links, H1 tags, layed text, alt tags.. however it probably got indexed in china but not where I live..

I have a freind in argentina and when he does a search on google and the top sites are all .ar ....

When I was at the TRAFFIC convetion in vegas there was s session about CCLTD"s and one of the topic was.


On these. From what I have found the ext.. has a big part in where the sites get indexed high.. in a particular country...

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Interesting. Are you sure it is not because of language differences?.

I mean, since google automatically checks the language and zone settings of your desktop and display the correct language for, there are more chances for your friend in Argentina with a spanish desktop to get more spanish iPage site (.ar in this case or even .com/.se in spanish) when searchs at, even the search terms are English?.

Here is an example:.


BTW, I am in US and using a Chinese desktop searching "news" through The first place is It is a ".com" not a ".cn" but it is Chinese...

Comment #66 (playing on the 'cc' credit card thing here)..

Comment #67

My name is Joaquin so I bought my personal blog..

Comment #68

Some people think I'm crazy, and I might be! However here are mine. I believe they will continue to rise in value..

Comment #69

I only have one .cc now:.

I did have one of the early good sales for a .cc last year with for $850 at.


You should buy a (india .in domain) too!!..

Comment #70

Just picked up my first:.

Already on GreatDomains; also, I like how "storefront" goes along with the "credit card" idea...

Comment #71

Just got another one.

1 million results on overturehopefully it does as well as my adult one..

Comment #72

I actually tried to grab, but some guy registered it a few days before I. is also taken )=..

Comment #73

What registrar are you using? I show and both available. Whois for shows nothing. I didn't actually try to register it, but looks like it's available..



Comment #74

Hi all,.

I just got my first 3 letter .CC HostGator and it's KBB.CC.

Take care,.

~Mr. Bone88..

Comment #75

In addition to and

I now have and

Thanks to a np members list..

Comment #76 thru

Minus as I sold that one recently..

Comment #77

Hi all.

The only .cc HostGator I have is a newly registered one:.

Registered it after hearing of the $37,000 sale of



Comment #78














































Comment #79

Hi all,.

I regged another 3 letter and it's.....

Take care,.

~Mr. Bone88..

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Grrila, I hear you and I agree with you. It all comes down to keyword strength. Soon all the good .coms and .nets will be gone and people will be less judgemental abot extensions. Also, with type-in traffic being on the increase, it is now easy to market non.coms. As I mentioned elsewhere, this business is largely about speculations (on current and future trends). Those domains dealing with current trends are snapped up even before CNN goes on the air.

This extension rolls pretty easy out of the mouth (just like the .com). It's a matter of time before it starts rolling out of everyone's lips..

That said, I have (and I won't mind the $750 Grilla!! Huh huh huh)..

Comment #81

Well, I thought I regged a good one, but I can't get a response on the appraisal thread, so who knows. I thought it had good numbers, 17,000,000 plus on Google, 300,000 plus on Overture,and $6.00 plus on Ov/Yahoo bidtool..

Anyway, it is:.

Thanks, we see what happens. Hmmm, I htought is was a good name. Guess we are always learning in the HostGator name game..


Comment #82

Has a lot of income potential developed the right way, but for PPC, I don't think too many people are doing type-ins on .CC..

Comment #83

I don't own this one, but thought it was a cool iPage website to share. Hope it's ok to post here, Seems like a perfect fit for the .cc. I saw it while driving, on a billboard. I couldn't believe I was actually seeing a .cc being advertised, even if is not for a product being sold..



Comment #84

Forgot to put these in (had them for alittle while).

Comment #85

Only 1:.

Bought a few months ago since it's my Mom's name, ha. Don't know of value if any, don't know if I'll dev into a iPage site for her, so if I'm lazy it'll just expire..

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