Friendly's Food Medifast menu! Please help me make a good impression!?

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My 1st question is: Friendly's Food Medifast menu! Please help me make a good impression!? Thanks in advance for any response. My 2nd question... I am 8 days out from.

Gastric bypass surgery.

And was wondering if any one could help with me getting enough protien in the day,also drinking the amount of water needed...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

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My nutritionist said at your stage, and really for the first month or so, if you get half the amount of protein in, to 3/4, you are doing well..

Protein shakes /drinks do have the greatest amount of protein per serving. I use Max Protein, which many GNC stores carry. Not in my area though. So I googled SEI pharmaceuticals and order them on- line..

Soon you'll be able to eat some string cheese, or cheese sticks. Probably cottage cheese before that. These are good sources when you can have them, of protein too..


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I usually drink a banana flavored muscle milk in the morning it has 25mg of protein. Then for the rest of the day I try to eat as much protein foods as possible. But at the beginning try muscle milk you can get it from GNC also try isopure. This is also a protein drink you can get it from GNC also...

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The protein shakes are just about everyone's friend, as far as the water, I take 4 - 16oz bottles of water in the morning and # them 1thru4 and make sure I get them down everyday..

If I make tea or another drink I usually try to make it with my water so I know where I'm at..

I'm still just.


Too, almost 4 weeks out now...

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I did cottage cheese, too on stage 3. There is 14 gms of protein per 1/2 cup which was easy to do - it took some time but it went down okay. I know that with the fluids, water is just hard sometimes to do. Not only that, it hurts and feels gross. I can drink a glass of skim milk much easier than water and that has 8 gms of protein so that's a good thing. Maybe try that??..

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How are you feeling at 8 days out? I go in 11 days and am getting nervous...

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Even at 8 days out, your fluids and supplements are WAY more important than your protien intake. Keep in mind if you do use a shake, it counts toward your fluid intake. My strategy from Day 1 is to use a sipper bottle with measurements on the side so I always knew how much more I needed to drink as the day progressed. Sugar-free popscicles are another source of fluid. I have also used a great tasting RTD shake I get from Costco. 30g of protien and 11oz of fluid first thing in the morning.

Protien shots, Greek yogurt, beans, split-pea soup, and sugar-free pudding made with some whey isolate powder or enriched milk are all great sources of protien at your stage...

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The mother of one of the students in my class is a dietician who works specifically with bariatric.


Patients. She told me that she recommends "beneprotein" for her patients. It is flavorless and you can add it to anything. I put it in applesauce, sf pudding, sf carnation instant breakfast, pretty much anything. You can get it from Walgreens online...

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My nutritionist recommended SF Carnation Instant Breakfast added to Skim Milk because she has learned over the years working with GBS patients that most of them have problems with the taste of a lot of the Protein Shakes. I am now 6 months post-op and I can finally add some fruit to it. Before this fruit was a no no to my stomach, it never sat right with me. Oh yeah, another way to boost the protein in to add Light Yogurt to the shake. You have to make sure it has no fruit on the bottom, because you too only being days out have to watch what you drink. The SF Popsicle's are another way to get your liquids, and of course, you can use SF Jello as a liquid as well..


This helps!.

Hugs as always,.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.