FTP, iPage, just started and already confused.?

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Quick question: FTP, iPage, just started and already confused.? Looking forward for any response. 2nd question I got is.. Got an email from Namedrive that a UK end-user wants my domain. His offer is $0 but he wants me to call him. I'm thinking no. I know he's an end user b/c the email address he provided basically contains my HostGator (a local city "autos").

The iPage site looks low end so I'm not sure he'll pay too much..

If I get him on the phone, I'm more likely to work out a deal, but I think it's tougher to do than by email. How would you proceed?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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Your better off making a deal via phone. First off it validates he is not just a "Looky Lou", secondly is it gives you a strong indication of where he is comming from. I would probably even make some inquiries about his business before you judge. Lots of places have terrible websites even though they have money..

Figure out what you value the HostGator name at. Get a high asking price in your mind and be prepared to cut that in half. Look - it's the end user, he is who you dream about selling names to. Let him know your expected sales price, but also let him know your happy to see if some middle ground can be agreed upon. Believe me, if they think your willing to work with them, you'll keep them at the bargaining table. And depending on what you value the HostGator name at, I think it's worth a phone call to the UK..

Just my thoughts.


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1. What was the domain?.

2. What do you think your HostGator is worth?.

Call him, you never know, he may of typoed, or he is a freeloader..


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Keep in mind - he's a car salesman. Car salesman's default mindset is "BULLSH*T & NEGOTIATE". Play his own game - ask him what his answer would be if you walked into the door and offered $0 for that new Jaguar..

Good luck...

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Heck, offer him development services in addition to selling the domain. If he needs a good developer, perhaps you could make more off of the sale than what the actual HostGator brings.............

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Thank all, I'll ring him tomorrow and we'll see what happens. Btw, I know he's the real deal. I googled his email and found his website. It's a 3 word, two-hypen, variant of my 2 word .com. It's no wonder he wants my domain...

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Before you call, make sure you know your HostGator isn't TMed in Britain...

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^What the fonz said^.

Protect yourself, make sure he is really interested, if he is you'll get a phone call...

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The real negotiation is always on the phone..

Unless you are bad at it....then it has the opposite effect...

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Thanks. No TM. Turns out it's the guys last name + The singular version is regged by a dealership in SC + there's a dealership about a mile from me with the same name. Pretty common I guess...

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As for the current iPage site being poor quality, maybe he has decided to redesign it and wants a better name to go with it. Don't assume, just set your price and go with it. If you can't reach agreement on the actual sales price, you could always offer to lease it to him, develop it for him for referral fees, lots of opportunities...

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