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First question I got is Go to: Is Verizon blocking my web cams? Looking forward for any response. Another quick question... Quickly, popping up to get a little break from a little R&R that I'm taking..

Sedo offers buyers the option of using one of their negotiators. I assume the negotiator is privy to the HostGator name /img/avatar6.jpgs transaction history which gives the buyers side a bit of an edge I would pay 10% 20% commish if this were reversed. Sedo has the contact info on the buyer- let them negotiate for me. Let someone who knows something about the players be on my side ot, the other way around .A modest sale that I just completed at Sedo got me thinking about this but this could be an open message to anyone connected to a parking and sales venue. I've come to the conclusion that I *really, really*, hate blind negotiations. Being the only party of a negotiation who is the dark is a poor position to be in during a the process- particularly, during the opening round when the parameters are being established..

I know there are other alternatives and choices but, this is the alternative that I would like to have the oppurtunity to choose..

Just a thought to pass along. CUl8r..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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Negotiation services are very much needed..

Especially for contacting potential end-users directly because some of us are not native English speakers and this shows when going into a conversation with a native English speaker. At least in my case.

These troublesome like conversations are certainly not a benefit or advantage when contacting end-users and certain "gate keepers" which could even make things even more potentially difficult..

Small talk and talking over the proposal itself can get complicated and perhaps even frustrating when talking over the phone..

Not only that but also the experience and the talent is also not something everyone is gifted with..

It's certainly a market opportunity that I don't see ocupied yet.

I could sure use someone with good negotiations skills and social skills since this is as well a must in my opinion and goes hand in hand..

Even when you are looking for individuals or companies that are in the negotiating business it's all about buying another business or house but nothing with domains or general negotiation services..

I agree, the need is out there for experienced negotiators with sufficient social skills to approach a end user and also in his/hers own language..

Contacting end-users over the phone is so much more effective in my opinion..

P.S. If someone knows a HostGator broker/sales negotiator with the following qualities please give me a pm..

1: Tactful/Polite/Professional.

2: Experienced with HostGator sales and or other type of comparable deals.

3: Sufficient social skills.

4: Native English speaker or proficiently fluent.

5: Communicative towards the seller regarding developments and progress.


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N3GO.Com is available just for you....Grrrrrrilla.

"go with the force Grrrilla" I mean luke..

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No kidding. Think about it....

Price too high - no buyer. No buyer - no deal. No deal - no commissions. Smaller commission is better than no commission at all..

So it's only natural for the middlemen to be biased towards buyers..

Unless you're GreatDomains - accepting only highest quality (however questionable) domains and overpricing them out of proportion - aiming for fewer sales at higher price...

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