GoDaddy Vs. Hostmonster Vs. iPage Vs. Networksolution?

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Got a question... GoDaddy Vs. Hostmonster Vs. iPage Vs. Networksolution? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. My other question...

Can successfully help me get my paypal account out of.

Limited status..

I recently made 5 transactions on paypal totalling $18,765..

Problem is paypal is telling me it is suspicious activity. They.

Are asking me for " proof of delivery ". To prove this proof of.

Delivery they need a.

Tracking number.

, and a.

Shipping company.

Who handled the shipping. Problem is...this is impossible. The.

Funds I hold are not tracked, they are from domains I sold..

How do I get this situation settled? I hate having this money.

Tied up with paypal. I usually leave my paypal money in.

Paypal and never withdraw, but I want to now and I cant..

Other requirements that I've completed is.

Proof of residence.


Proof of telephone.

, they also need me to fax in.


Of identity.

On a business day. Has anyone else faced.

This bullshhh?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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I officially am done with paypal. Once I clear all funds with them, I'm finished..

No I still haven't resolved this situation, now they want proof of HostGator ownership and proof of transfer faxed to them..

What makes paypal an authority of how the HostGator process works..

They're screwing with me and they know it. I hope paypal gets hung...

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As for tracking, I was fine using "intangible" for both fields. This is what the CSR told me to do, and it worked.

Hope it helps!.

However, a print screen of a push confirmation or email may be fine....

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This is what's so screwed up about it. I have sold dozens upon dozens of dns, I dont feel like looking up every HostGator pushed, can this bs be simplified at all. Proof of ownership. Say I dont even own the domains anymore, am I now reduced to sorting out proof of this. Pissed off and stressed out..

Furthermore I have 11 transactions that have been returned and bank transfers that've been reversed all for Paypal's amusement...

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Hey, I think you and I transacted for some domains a short while ago. :-).

It's too bad that you are having this problem, but at the same time this kind of crap helps to keep all of us from being ripped off. When the red tape gets to be too much, it's time to escalate the issue to upper management. I would contact them and try to talk to someone that can make a decision and not just follow rules..

If you can get some of the buyers to contact paypal and confirm that the transactions are valid then that may help. And if you can get a contact there, I think several of us with PayPal accounts would be willing to speak up on this issue..

My HostGator transactions have been in the $10-$20 range, but I would like to know that if I should have a larger sale that it's not going to be a problem. PayPal should NOT be flagging transactions if the buyers are not complaining. Why not ask the BUYERS to confirm that they agree to the purchase and after the sale confirm that they are 100% satisfied?.

You do have other choices, like getting a merchant account or using Google's new system. But you may run into the same problem again. I think it's hard for these companies to have so many fairly large dollar transactions take place, with no physical goods exchanging hands. Kind of scary really...! But that's the reality of the situation and they need to adapt...

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I hate Paypal to the fullest. Almost 19,000 grand there and it seems it's staying there..

Im so damn pissed. Screw it. I talked to the highest person to no avail today. I've furhter more had 3 more transactions returned to the buyer because they were given the message " the recipient is unable to receive funds". Total loss in the last week...$4000.00. Also my earnings from parking have been denied..

All is definately not good at paypal...

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I don't blame you one bit! Here is a message I just posted to their customer service:.

As I said, while I have bought some domains from you, I don't know you. I did this because what appears to be going on is wrong and if it is, then I am concerned that their current policies could also affect me in the future...

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Anytime you have transactions over 10k you are going to have issues with any services like paypal ... especially after 911 if funds are coming from/to US from/to an outside country...

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OUCH, parking denied too. Good info for us going forward. I will put up with escrows faxing and everything so I don't have to put up with this bull..

Thanks for telling your story and good luck, tell the post how it goes...

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The world needs a paypal alternative..

One such alternative is Green Zap however they are a new company and therefor do not have the client base and universal acceptance that paypal has...

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Thanks for all your advice guys. Even if I never get access to my money,.

At least I appreciate the thoughts and support from my fellow domainers..

You win some, you lose some. I'm resting this matter. The time I've invested.

In resolving this issue has more than set me back from what I could've been.



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Sounds like you might benefit from hiring some employees or contractors to free you up from stuff like this?.

If you are interested in some ideas, send me a PM. I think I know how you can keep this problem from happening again, based on what you have told me...

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Got it straight. Good to see that good ole threats still work. Everyone who helped me up to this post will get $10 paypal, just pm your emails..

Thanks especially to nielsencl for going extra to help me...

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Green Zap is one the biggest SCAM sites ever. and search for green zap..

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