Godaddy Vs. iPage, Wordpress Hosting?

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First question I got is Godaddy Vs. iPage, Wordpress Hosting? Thanks for any comment. Second question of mine... More than 40 :S..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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Richard Rosenblatt and demand media make buydomains look like childsplay. According to several articles he owns millions of domains! I think 300 good domains would be ideal. I have over 500 and it's just too difficult to manage unless this is your real job. Just like others said it's about quality, I probably have 375 quality ones and need to release the other 150 decent ones into the wild...

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Don't you know anything about tamed domains? If you release them into the wild they won't be able to survive!..

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I've been told it's not the size of the portfolio that matters, but more importantly, what you do with it..

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I love these "my portfolio's bigger than your portfolio" threads..

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What do you guys do with so many domains? sell them?..

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I'm holding off on getting the 500th for something special..

But I go through big 'buy seasons' followed by big 'sell seasons', I will probably be back on a low number in 10 months time..

I'll intervene. Just push 500 of them over to me, I'll look after them.....

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Have around 4000....the target for 2007 is to trim it down to about 1500...

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Yes I'd like to second that notion. If anyone has way too many and wants to push some to me, please PM me..

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Just breached the magic 50!.

In other words, i'm a small fish with only mediocre names, maybe, one day when I grow up, I have one godly domain...too bad that growin' up would mean about 75yrs of age in my case.. - definitely my highest seller.

And some others that are certainly worth more than reg. fee yet still nothing special to retire upon. :/..

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Don't have the exact number. somewhere between 100 to 200..

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Just broke through the 75 marker, most are "so-so" and don't really bring big money in PPC is ridiculous and i'm obviously not finding the right parking company..

Goal: to own 1 or 2 -

All my domains have definitive end user potential in the mid $xxx to low $xxxx, but I don't have the time to research and advertise them...

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I'm just hoping that is the case with at least a few of the 3000 that call me daddy..

I'm so with you on this, but that will require some sort of 12 step program. If you find something that works, do tell.....

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It's not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean..

Hold up, wrong forum....

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On the moment I own 2000+ HostGator names..

But, I am selling and dropping a lot of domains this year...

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I disagree with this strongly. What is the point to spreading across 10 registrars? This is how names get lost in the loop among other issues. 1-3 rock solid registrars should be more than enough...

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If you play the drop game, sometimes you have no choice but to have many names at different registrars...

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I would assume one can transfer out after 60 days. I hate having so many registrars, as it is too easy to forget about names. I forgot about names until I get renewal notices. lol..

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That's where the program "Watch My Domains" comes into play...

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Hmm I have never heard of it. I assume?..

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I broke the 850 mark a few weeks back, but I've since trimmed down to 660. I'm looking to trim about 100 more in the next month...

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I have 90 HostGator names so far but when I find a good name I reg it for development...

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Put me down for this also....


HostGator Name Addicts Anonymous.


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LOL - I think you should let the majority of names go if they aren't earning more than $1 a year (unless of course you are averaging one sale a month). I think that a semi-decent portfolio of 1,000 names should average one sale every month or so...

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I have about 360 and looking for more!.


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I've got about 12. Could someone define what is meant by 'quality' domain? And what sort of revenue would a quality HostGator bring in via PPC?..

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Enough to pay off the reg fee's plus put a few bucks extra in my pocket for beer every year... +150 .mobis...

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