Good cheap web hosting offer? is iPage ok?

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My question is Good cheap web hosting offer? is iPage ok? Many thanks for any comment. Another quick question... Seriously what is the point of sitting on a beautiful domain, not monetizing it or anything and just putting purple on it..

So wierd..

Any one know why??.

He even has a Purple Affinity Program..



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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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You never know, he may be able to sell his names for very high price...

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But he's not interested in selling. He wants to lease. Can anyone post ONE sub HostGator for in this thread? If you can, could you also give me the name of the idiot paying $x,xxx/month for it?..

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"Purple Pill" ! Maybe he's holding out for Nexium - "Purple Pill".

Anyone here ever have heartburn?

Maybe, also, each email offer he gets for it he thinks you are a broker or something for Nexium, or is just holding out for thier "BIG" offer.. sold for $500,000, right., what was it? - $400,000. So start at $10,000,000 and settle on $2 million. I think that may be his strategy on that domain. I peg him as an strict investor..

It shows in the Whois in the second "Creation Date" shown down lower in the actual whois info. that it was created in 2003, whereas the first one up top says 1994. Maybe he bought it for a gamble on a resale to Nexium, and if not, hell, it's a great HostGator to have..

I bet that HostGator get a whole boat load of folks looking for the Purple Pill - probably more than Nexium's iPage site gets..

That traffic is extremely valuable - he just can't monetize it without getting his ass sued. From what I have read, trademark law provides 3 X damages on what you make. So, if he makes $100,000 on PPC selling the Nexium, then he would probably have to pay back $300,000 plus lawyer fees if they chose to chase him down on it. And, it would begin to be worth it at those numbers..

Usually, these things that don't make sense like "" is b/c we don't have the info. they do. I may be wrong, but I think this is what the fuss is about from his end. He wants some of Nexium's money...

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I use Nexium lol I have for severeal years now. "Healing pill" my ass..

'purple' is a generic word. I'm really not sure if a C&D or a lawsuit would ever hit him if he tried selling Nexium with it. I could be wrong but it doesn't look justified to me. Is there a TM on 'purple'? It's a generic word...

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What ? Why are you worried ? Maybe it's my domain. Guy does what he wants and is not asking for your permission or evaluation. He can ask a million per month for renting...

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I don't know. I don't see anything wrong with marvelling at the stupidity of others. It's certainly more fun than contemplating your own...

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Yep he'd have full right to sell a grain of sand for a billion dollars if he wanted to but good luck trying to find a rich sand-grain buyer...

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Purple is good..

Purple is the highest wavelength..

It is good that Purple should be the most valuable color..

If Nexium wants to lease Purple, the door is open..

But he is keeping Purple, Because Purple is Good..

Not everything must make business sense..

But Purple does make business sense..

Long term investments should not be sold short..



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Meh. Just wierd. You can get all or most pages indexed by Google here (most stuff not accessed by the site)..


I don't really care. It's just funny what people do sometimes..


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On photo: HostGator owner and his.


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He is doing this for the media attention....

... as you can see it is working!.

(...increase traffic and wait for 5 years and then sell the domain..)..

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I like the site..

I don't understand the point in complaining about what somebody else does with his property..

It's a lot more interesting than most PPC landing pages...

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He looks as simple-minded as he sounds..

It's his domain, though. I could offer a HostGator for $5mil if I wanted to. He mustn't need the money, though. This HostGator isn't even parked...

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What is wrong with you people?.

"idiot" - "dumbass" - "insane" - "drop-dead f*cking idiot" - "arrogant idiot".

And my favorite... "domain owner and his.


"... which attempts to insult the man because of his (perceived) sexual orientation..

I'm ashamed and embarrassed by these comments. It makes domainers look like greedy, immature, jealous little kids with anger management issues..

You guys need to find another way to vent your anger and frustration, instead of letting it loose on some innocent man that you don't even know. Maybe join a health-club or start an excercise program, and try working-out your stress in a more productive way..

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