GTA San Andreas Pause Medifast menu Problems? (PC)?

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My 1st question is: GTA San Andreas Pause Medifast menu Problems? (PC)? Many thanks for any response. Another question on my mind: A friend of mine had GBS 8 years ago and now has a mouth full of rotten teeth. Her dentist says it's due to the excess acids in the mouth following GBS. The information I found online says dental hypersensitivity and decay are a side effect of dumping syndrome, acid reflux and regurgitation..

Has anyone had any dental problems after GBS? I'm a little concerned about this. Today my teeth started to feel more sensitive & painful but I've only had dumping syndrome once and I don't have acid reflux or regurg. I'm 2 years post-op...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

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I have to say with my breif experience being only close to 4 weeks out, I could forsee a problem if I kept vomiting like I was for a while. I am still at the.


Phase of eating and I am a rushed mom of 3 so eating SLOW is not something I do without MAJOR concentration. I am working hard and have not vomited in 3 days, but each day is a new.


Experience. I.


It isn't true what your friend was told. My #1 goal in my life is to keep my own teeth forever! Lol little goal but apartently it is a tough one for a lot of people!..

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I remember, about a year after GBS, I had my teeth cleaned and the hygenist said that I had receding gums and might have to be referred to a pariodontist. I told her that I had had GBS and it was probably due to body changes. She shrugged her shoulders. I also mentioned it to my dentist and he agreed with me. Six months later, I came back for another teeth cleaning and they both said that everything was normal. I am 4 years post-op on 3/30 and that experience and having a couple more cavities was my experience..




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I'm 3 yrs out and i've never heard of that either. I go to the dentist every 6 mos and he's never mentioned any issues like that. I would say you'd have to vomit quite a bit to cause acid issues like that. I don't have acid reflux/regurg anymore since the.


So usually it helps people with those conditions. As long as you keep brushing/flossing like you should and see your dentist regularly you shouldn't have a problem...

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I had also not heard this...but I can speak for myself and say my dental visits have been 100% improved post GBS. I am 53 years old and remember on the visit closest to my actual 50th, I left the dentist.


I had a cavity. All my life, the battle against cavities, likely from the sweets I'd consumed causing it's own decay no matter how many times a day I brushed. I even use a $15/ tube prescription toothpaste for people who get these cavities so often..

Since, likely because I am eating NOTHING sweet, and chosen not to eat pastas, rice, potatoes etc., there is less "sugar" in my system, and we think that is helping to slow decay..

I am not one who has had dumping....only once. But I attribute that to being very mindful of what I'm eating, not eating some of those higher carb foods and keeping portion size down..


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I have had an issue with sensitive teeth - but that started LONG before my GBS. I've been using Sensodyne tooth paste for the past several years and it helps quite a bit...

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As a gastric bypass patient I no longer have those stomach acids, that part was bypassed. I know in some cases people have problems with acid coming up from their small intestine and into their pouches causing an acid reflux, but generally we do not have stomach acids to cause anything like that..

It could be a nutritional thing, some vitamin that she's low in (.


Maybe?) that is causing her teeth to decay..

People who vomit a lot are bringing that acid into their mouth and that can cause teeth to decay, but post.


When you regurgitate you are just bringing up what you ate, there are no stomach acids in it to cause that for us...

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Thanks for your replies. I haven't been able to find any definite confirmation of this. Other than this being a problem for folks who have dumping syndrome, there is nothing to suggest GBS causes dental problems..

My teeth feel better today so maybe it was something else..? I have had a headache for days that wont go away, maybe it's an allergy of some sort. Who knows? Either way, thanks for sharing..


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