Happy iPage interface, what the heck is it?

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First question I have is Happy iPage interface, what the heck is it? Thanks in advance for any comment. My other question... There have been several posts recommending and a number of others by people having problems with SEDO. Has anyone had any problems with, or would anyone like to share their experiences with them?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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I'm curious how this is a negative? Inquiring mind would like to better understand...

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In a perfect system, the escrow company would take control of both the HostGator and the money. When both are secured in the hands of the escrow company, they would then be released to the parties..

There have been problems with escrow, when a buyer will acquire the HostGator name, then quickly change the whois info back to the original owner. When escrow goes to confirm transfer, it still appears to be in the hands of the original owner..

Another reason it is better for the HostGator to be transfered to the escrow service is for speed. When a buyer submits payment, he then must wait for funds to be secured, then once confirmed, he must wait for the buyer to push the HostGator name. When an escrow company has both funds and domain, when the funds are secured, they can push the HostGator instantly..

But dont worry.... Something new is on the way. <wink wink>..

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I've used them over 15 times and have always had a perfect experience...

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Thanks for the explanation. That is one dirty trick...

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Yes it is, and it's one that scares me to be quite honest. I would hate to lose control of a HostGator name, and the buyer never releases the funds, claiming they never recieved the HostGator name...

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I've hear Moniker's escrow works by taking possession of both the money and the name, is this true and are there others?..

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My first experience on a mid $XXX transaction.

Mar 7 2007 8:33PM PST.

Seller initiates the transaction.

Mar 9 2007 9:35PM PST.

Buyer accepts merchandise, transaction complete..

Mar 12 2007 8:21AM PST.

Funds disbursed. Final closing statements sent to both parties..

The slowest part may well be the USPS better known as break it, smash it and lose it inc..

I doubt any service can be totally foolproof but it appears to be a great value for the buck. For high value names it may better to use a service which holds merchandise until funds have been received from the buyer....

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I believe they do as does Sedo's (I believe, someone please correct me If I'm wrong)...

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I've used about a dozen times. Their customer support seems to be pretty good and I haven't had any problems with my transactions. If you are going to use an escrow service, I'd recommend either or Moniker...

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Have had very bad experience with I sold a HostGator name for USD 240. the transaction is over some 2 months back - even the buyer has accepted and ack the HostGator but am still awaiting the payment. (escrow doesnt have paypal disbursement - so only chq or wire transfer).

Had good experience with sedo in terms of payment - recd USD 550 pretty soon via paypal but you need to keep pushing the representative. they are lazy assholes...

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Sorry to hear that, but in fairness, if you knew that Escrow would only disburse funds in a certain way, that's not really their fault...

Comment #12 does certainly take some time to disburse...on my transaction they took almost a week after the transaction was completed, which kinda took the fire away from getting a nice profit in a 3-day flip. That said, they have been pretty good otherwise. I've always thought Afternic's Escrow was pretty decent, and they can pay out via PayPal. However, going into high-dollar transactions, is cheaper, considerably so for the really high dollar transactions, under 1% vs 3% of Afternic...

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I have had transactions totaling $265,000 with over the last year and havent ever received a late payment, And I live outside the US , as soon as buyer confirms he receives the payment the funds are in my account the very next day like clock work, The only improvement would be that they actually take possession of the HostGator , and transfer it to the buyer that adds another level of protection , That being said , id like to add that I am a very happy customer..

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Agree with almost all that's been said. They should take possession of the domain, although many companies can't push twice within 7 days, and obviously transfers must also be 60 days apart. This would slow the process down, but when your main priority is undeniably security, I think it should be a service offered at least. One thing I will say is that in my experience they have one of the best teams of support staff within the industry, replying to almost any enquiry within 24hrs in a detailed and 'human' way..


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