Has anyone here used for web hosting?

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First off, Has anyone here used for web hosting? Thanks for any answer. Second question of mine... Does godaddy have some sort of alert/tracker system that alerts when someone searches a domain?I am just wondering this because recently I searched some ideas to see if they where available and after waiting a few days I finally decided on the one to reg. : THEN I see the exact HostGator here in the appraisal forum.Im not saying that someone couldnt have thought of it practally at the same time as myself but it would be a pretty big coincidence IMO.I have had this happen to me before on more common names and I wasnt as surprised.Anyway would someone please answer this for me?I am feeling like someone is watching my every move now.Im starting to wonder if Im in the Matrix.Someone help me stop the paranoia before I go insane,Thanks..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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I have known about the HostGator tasters thats why if Im searching for names and I see it's available I immediatly write it down and dont check it again untill I am ready to purchase it.(but I thought tasters only pick up drops or cancellations)How would an individual who is a member of this forum get it tho?Unless maybe he is an employee of GD??Im not going to point out what name it is ,but like I said before it would be a shocker if it is just coincidense.It is a dot com and hasn't been registered all this time but sudenly I have an idea to register it and in the same week someone else all of the sudded has the same idea? And by his post he only has it to resell so it is just hard for me to believe.I wasnt buying to resell,I was going to establish a iPage site with it(not that this really makes a difference)but just seems to make it all the more suspicious to me.I dont harbor any hard feelings to the new owner.I would just like to know for sure what is going on so that this doesnt happen to me or anyone else reading this post again.Thanks again....

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I have an available list of over 7,500 HostGator names and just about every time I check it a few hundred will have been registered. There are a great deal of people in this game these days and it's presumptuous to think that if you have found a good name that it will still be available in a few days..

At posting, has 54,170 Registered Members, and, it's growing at a faster rate than ever before. Simply put, HostGator name speculation is competitive than ever before..

Best wishes,.


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Been talked about a lot here. Go Daddy consistently denies it as domaindigger.

Said, but that hasn't stopped him and others from believing otherwise..

Go Daddy's made noises about it in 2 ICANN meetings. It remains to be seen...

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Never EVER use a registrar to search for available HostGator names, use a reputable Whois Site. There's plenty out there and they're usually faster too!..

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Though I KNOW some (many???) HostGator lookups are "compromised", coincidences DO happen. There have been several times where I've gone to check the availabilty of a HostGator only to find it regged. Then when I'd do a whois look up I'd find they were registered just a few days before..

This includes 2 recent checks on a couple of typos. Both regged within the previous week, one was regged by IREIT, the other by another well known HostGator portfolio group (sorry, the name escapes me at the moment)..

Guess it just goes to show, "Great minds think alike."..

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Correct! Never use a registrar as they might register your domains... BUT even whois sites like register your names..

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I found some awesome cctld keyword domains on and the next day, they were all registered..

So definitely avoid

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"tapped" or not, GoDaddys search remembers and keys on searched terms. So, the terms you search WILL show up in subsequent searches by others.(Hmm...I wonder how many people that is?) Just try it yourself and you will see...

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I would recommend moniker as a clean search facility..

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You guys are so right. I used to use NetworkSolutions to look up names, until they started reg'ing them all.. Of course a company isn't gonna let the collective of all our imaginative DN thinking minds go to waste.. There gonna use that info in whatever way profits them the most..

Anymore, once I find a great DN that I just must have, I register it immedietly.. OK so I do wake up the next day sometimes saying "why did I do that" but I don't loose any great available DNs anymore either...

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GD has a habit of doing that, especially by saving your searches and displaying them to others..

AFAIK, they are the only registrar that does this, but there might be others..

It isnt just coincidence. It actually happens at GD very frequently, so I stopped looking through their interface. Hadnt had a problem since...

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I guess we all need to just keep our thoughts to ourselves untill we are ready to register.I really appreciate all the input and I am sure that all interested parties do to.Thanks everyone.Keep it rolling ,Lets learn more on this subject...

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Bob's only goal is to make money and he will do anything required to achieve his goal..


Check domains on GD, because if you do and wait to register them more than 5 minutes, it will surely be gone...

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GoDaddy logs HostGator searches like any other lame registrar would do. If people knew they did that, they'd just claim it was for statistics and the improvement of their services.... lame lame lame lame lame! I too have had domains oddly snatched up when searching on GoDaddy...

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I think it makes sense for a registrar to do that, and I agree with it. It's not as if they are waiting for you to do a search and then buying the HostGator before you have a chance to check out, right? They give us a few days and then buy it themselves, or they show the HostGator to other people who perform related searches. I do, however, believe that most of the domains are purchased by other users because it came up as a related HostGator following the original search, and not registered by the registrar. But who knows?..

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2 nights ago went to godaddy looking for a new eshopping name for an affiliate iPage site for a friend..

Spotted a screamer in the alternate suggestions and procrastinated for 6 minutes looking for another. It was gone..

It could have been someone else searching as it was a good shop keyword in the search but I do have my doubts...

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Yep, I've heard others complain of this too. I never search on GoDaddy...

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I usually use my friendly reseller to search and register domains too.. very very trustable.. Even those two times that I had to use GD to buy names, I used my friend's iPage site to see if they were available, and then imm. regged them on GD....

Comment #19 isn't tracking your searches. It's good because it searches most major tld's if you ask it...

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......Ahhhh,yes this would explain alot.This would explain how the member on here "coincidentally" registered it soon after I searched it.My paranoia was justified,maybe I wont go insane now. I HAVE learned a very valuable lesson here...

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This happened to me yesterday actually..

I made a typo trying to register a HostGator with godaddy, the typo was (which was available - but not an English word so it didn't interest me and I'm not interested in typo domains) ... I was meaning to type theses and see what derivatives were still on offer, but none where that were attractive to me..

Anyway.. this was yesterday.... today as I log in my account - I have another play with the word 'theses' (which is the plural of thesis) - and thought (after seeing this thread yesterday) to check my earlier typo - and low and behold it was registered yesterday for the first time - looks like about 1/2 an hour after I did a godaddy search. This can't be coincidence..

Now... I think more fool the person who registered this word - as it only makes him/her appear a bit illiterate (if this isn't a Portuguese or other non-English word that is etc) and couldn't be used for any academic use as isn't correct. Hardly a common typo - I only made the mistake as my keyboard skin shifted as I was typing (I washed it yesterday and it's still regaining it's shape)..

B/c I've been registering all that I want - right then and there - I never encountered it before - using godaddy's search I guess wouldn't be harmful if you register immediately, but if you plan to sit on it for more than 10 minutes I'd search elsewhere...

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I now must admit to being dead wrong. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, nor do I consider myself paranoid, however, a few days ago I put together a list of pronounceable 4 letter .com HostGator names and used a reseller (I will not name at this time, prior to contacting them to discuss this) to check their availability..

Today I was prepared to register 30 of them and it does not appear to be a coincidence that 26 of them were registered within minutes of my inspection..

This was not but I now understand why these threads have been so prevalent...

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Didn't have enough money in my account at that point unfortunately...

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Well, I wouldn't be too surprised if that happened to me..

It's not like nobody registers's anymore. Yes, it's easy to blame it on the registrar but it could be a coincidence...

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Checking the suggestion box for top keywords daily, and seeing the new searches appear, if what has been implied does occur, would be a sneaky way of generating income. I would have to test that a bit before believing it...

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