Has anyone used iPage for their website?

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Quick question: Has anyone used iPage for their website? Many thanks for any response. Another question I got... Earlier today I received a phone call from Donald at godaddy he is an executive account rep, As I was on the phone he left a message stating that it was very important that I call him back at 408-505-8885 ext 57311..

I had no idea why I may be receiving this "Important Call" so I returned the call and I waited on hold for 5 minutes. Why did he call.... To advise me that some HostGator in my godaddy account are up for renewal... I laughed and told him Yes I was aware of this I proceeded to explain to him that sometimes I purchase bulk domains from various secondary market sellers and the seller has the domains all regged at godaddy and if I am only interested in one HostGator I let the rest drop and the ones I want to keep I Transfer out to namecheap or enom.....

After the call was finished I thought to myself, Godaddy takes peoples domains away for a variety of reasons including spam... Wouldnt what they are doing be considered spam on the telephone??.

Come on Bob if you can afford Superbowl ad's then come up with something less annoying then telemarketing, Be original BOB.....

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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It may be a great feature as you call it for beginners, However I do not think it is at all good business, I consider this to be an annoyance. Reminds me of that company that sends out mail to HostGator owners stating that they can renew thier HostGator for a low 69.99 with them Its bush league...

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"Beginners" make up atleast 90% of customers at GoDaddy. You are also comparing a scam to an honest service. I agree with you that it is annoying to recieve a phone call from GoDaddy, but at the same time you are under the impression that only Domainers buy domains, this is not true. If you owned a business with just 3 HostGator names for your company, how often would you be checking the status of your HostGator names? Honestly... you probably wouldnt. Thats exactly why GoDaddy provides this service...

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GD is interested in keeping large accounts. This is one of the reasons I believe they have started calling domainers and assigning them exec account reps. GD makes quite a bit of money from TDNAM. TDNAM's future is contingent on GD keeping domains with them. Calling customers is one way to make sure domains stay within GD..

If customers don't want to renew, the domains go to TDNAM. If domainers do want to renew, GD makes money. If domainers are going to transfer out, the account rep will try to pursaude the customer to stay with GD. All in all, this is a solid business strategy from GD...

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Fonz, You make some valid points as do others, But if as stated that TDnam's lifeline is contingent on the fact that domains stay at godaddy then why phone? let the names drop and auction them off..

With regards to most GD clients being beginners with a smaller portfolio why would an executive account rep be needed?.

My gd account has well over 1000 domains in it and when we receive our first RENEWAL EMAIL we transfer those we wish to retain rights to another registrar as we have far better pricing and service with namecheap and enom. Thats only our business model and I am not trying to advocate this model to anyone but when is enough notice?.

I get emails from GD starting 90 days out and then every 30 days 15 and 7 and 3 and 1 and now I have to receive phone calls.... Thats IMHO bush league..

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Actually it's called customer service..

In any real industry calling a customer to make sure that their (insert what you want-business, investment, service) is about to come up for renewal is considered normal..

To call this spam is really not accurate. I'm sure quite a few domainers have forgotten about a few domains and let them slip away. When I reg'd my first name at Godaddy they actually called to see if everything was ok. I'm sure they were trying to up sell me for some iPage hosting but thats normal..

Ok it sucks you had to wait for 5 minutes..

Don't get me wrong I hate TDNAM and some other things at Godaddy but this phone call issue is a now starter. Its good business practices and it might actually be useful for some domainers...

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If GD is going to leave a message they should state exactly why they are calling (e.g. to remind you to renew domains, etc.). Saying they have something really "important" to tell you is a poor way of communicating IMO...

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I got a call once asking if I was happy with my new HostGator name LOL. Never this type of call though...

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Bill at this point I am not sure however I have placed a phone call and left a message to inquire about this and I will update once they have returned my call..

My point is simply this that if GD has to call about renewals after sending out renewal notices and seeing that domains are being transferred out, IMHO this phone tactic is a cheesy way of doing business. Yes I agree if you sign up for phone renewal notification this could be a good service but there methods and practices are very shotty. This is why I used the reference to the mail HostGator renewal notifications...

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Yes, there is. You can simply ask them not to call you in regards to that issue and they will turn a notification on your account off..

Again, I would like to reiderate. If you are just an average customer of GoDaddy, and you buy a HostGator for your business last year, and since then have changed your email. You would not be recieving any notifications. (Happens all the time!) So they call you and offer to renew. If you dont want any phone calls, let them know, they will turn them off...

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Its really not that serious TT. I think you need to take a chill pill on this one. I think it would have been more to you and Godaddy if you just called them up and stated your desire prior to calling a viable service "phone spam" in a public forum. That's just an immature and irresponsible move on your part without considering that this service is beneficial to those who make up the majority of their demographic- and it's not domainers. I pretty much am tired of hearing people complaining on this board and others and calling companies "scammers" or "spammers" without taking any initiative first to see what's really going on prior defaming something- it's just stupid...

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While the calls might be annoying, we do agree to be contacted by them when registering, and it is providing a service that isn't an attempt to gain new business, but rather maintain a customer (Sure, you could make an argument as to the terms being used, but there is certainly a difference between this phonecall and the the neverending stream of cialis emails I get.)..

Also, "new low"? Nah - I've been getting these phonecalls for at least a year... I just ignore the 480 area code (Or was it 408?) now on my HostGator phone..


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Domainspade is right that this reminder phone call could be helpful.

But I agree with fonzie_007 that the GoDaddy rep should.

Have stated the purpose for the call on the answering machine..

Then you can listen and delete. That's not really an intrusion..

It became intrusive when TT responded to the "emergency" only to find.

It was an "emergency" only in GoDaddy's mind..

I have also received these reminder calls but the Rep always.

Stated the purpose of the call on my answering machine..

If TT has the Rep's name , he should file a complaint..

Happy Domaining,.


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Folks, this is yet another thing you're going to have to expect from registrars..

Some are doing this, others can catch on, but not all.


To do it..

Some of us who worked with one registrar in particular felt bad about this. But.

Of course, we were eventually voted down..

However, most if not all of them maintain a "Do Not Call" list, especially those.

Who are US-based. Ask to be placed on such, and take note of who you have.

Spoken to..

You can complain and lash out at them about this if you want. But they're not.

Going to do away with this sort of practice...

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I'm sure the majority of people who think this is a bad practice are domainers. To an end user it's pure customer service. At the very least you know a human has actually looked at your account. They might even remind you to lock up those 40+ domains you spaced out and left unlocked for 2 months..

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Lol...did they offer you to "exchange" it for another one if you weren't happy with your purchase?..

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They are damned if they do and damned if they don' many times have domainers complained that their registrars don't care?.....and anyway if you get a phone call it is an opportunity to request changes in any aspect of cust service....................

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You would think that it would be in GD's best interest to give customers the option to not receive phone calls. It must be costing them a fortune to make so many calls, especially if they're international too. If it's genuinely a service they want to provide to us, they'll be glad to know they dont have to do it, if we dont want it.....

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Yeah, this isn't bad at all, if other registrars did this people would be talking about their excellent customer service. It's almost as if the more successful and popular GoDaddy gets, the more people love to hate them...

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I think Fonzie is quite right. "Sales followup" is an effective means of keeping and stirring up business..

Some customers will be delighted in the care they are recieving and others annoyed.Some will percieve this as going the extra step for customer satisfaction and others will see it as pushy salesmanship..

I am not a fan of aggressive marketing but in this day and age hype and fad often win out over old fashioned good service..

In the case of GD I tend to think of them as a marketing success rather than a high quality service...

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I got a few calls from them regarding one HostGator whois information and not otherwise for any promotions..

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Hate to bring up another issue in an old thread, but what the heck..

I feel as though there are many valid points on both sides. If I were to look at this personally, I agree with TT, I hate getting annoying calls (especially if I am busy with something that is important, and the call is something that literally just wastes my valuable time!) and furthermore, there should be some type of option, or opt out as it may be, whenever you want - as a customer..

On the other hand, if I owned a "godaddy" or some big operation, it really does make sense to attempt to retain as many reg's(customers) as possible. Seriously, that is what they NEED to do to stay in business..

Anyway, just one guys opinion here..

Btw, does "TT" own an Audi TT like me?.

Or, does it stand for something incredible like "Tiny Tim"?..

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