Has anyone used iPage web hosting? pros and cons?

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First question I got is Has anyone used iPage web hosting? pros and cons? Thanks in advance for any response. Another question... Auction is over!.

Glad to see that this is happening. Here are a few things that might be helpful to those who have never been part of a Namepros Live Auction..

Location and guidelines.

The auction will occur at the following chat room. Just as important, the bottom of that page has the auction guidelines, instructions on submitting a name for auction, and a general description of how things will work:.


Auction Queue.



Lots up for auction can be found here.

(and now with final sales prices).



Not sure about submitting your domain?.

Please read the guidelines enumerated in the links above. Since there is a nominal fee ($125 NP) to list your HostGator for auction, this thread might be a good place to post your candidate domains, and see if there is interest..

PS- I am not running this auction, but thought those links would be helpful...

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can help you..

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Also for those who have not participated in the live auctions before, read the auction rules and guidelines at the bottom of.

This page.



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Added a 3 letter .us to Kick it back off..

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Namepros Live HostGator Auction :.

April 6, 5pm EST.


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"stocks up on NP$".. I can't wait!.

- Steve..

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Many 3 letters of several extensions on the list now.

Seems we've all missed the auctions..

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I like the flat fee.

Is that going to be the norm going forward?..

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We have discussed a few changes , But have not gone further than BrainStorming yet AFAIK .....

Maybe we can all tackle -RJ- after the auction and Throw some ideas out there to be looked at..

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Que already full... only taking 33 names?.

Is this going to be a recurring auction?..

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I missed the auctions....

List is quite long already. So I won't be adding anything to sell...

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Why only 33 auctions.. seems like a wierd number. =/..

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?? It was 31 at one point.

This is long enough IMO..

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As the auction progresses, are more slots going to become available?..

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Past auctions normally take ~ 2 hours and 33 names will last that long at least based on previous experience.............

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The auciton has begun...please make your way into the chat room..

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Thanks to RJ for the auction today. It was probably the best auction I've witnessed here at NP. Congrats to all the buyers and sellers...

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That was indeed one heck of an auction today!..

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Congratulations, Fonzie!.

I just looked down at your stats! Geesh, get a life.

5000 posts!.

Nice job. Lots of substance too..


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The afterhours auction had some nice names to.

My best purchase highlights.

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Thank for the plug Ken.

Btw anyone know where the final list of sales, with prices and users is listed?..

Comment #20, Network Solutions, Moniker 18-feb-2013, 08-jul-2016 greatdomainz.

Payment via Bank Wire or only. Escrow fees covered by me..

SOLD for 305000 NP$ (or $6100) to Smooth.

Nice set...

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Buyout was used on that one, I'm almost 100% positive...

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