Has anyone used the site builder from iPage?

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First question I have is Has anyone used the site builder from iPage? Thanks for any answer. Second question.. Been waiting 5 days for a reply from their support.

Anyone else having problems getting in contact with them the past week?.

Do they have phone support available, couldn't find a number on the site...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you help..

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Sparkman, that's pretty scary, i'm waiting for money for 3 domains :S.

Faisj, I assume they don't owe you money...

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Yah, I've sent many emails with no replies and am still waiting for the money. I'll never use sedo again for HostGator transactions...

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I have not ever got a reply from them, though they occassionally send emails about domains they cannot verify or have manually verified...

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Well I've contacted and e-mailed every contact I could find yesterday, 24 hours later, still no replies and 6 days since initial mails sent. It's a simple question - where's my money?..

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Domain999, I guess we can only hope for the best. keep us posted as will I...

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I always get my payments in a few days....

I really dont understand why there are so many negative threads...

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I just had my first transaction through SEDO and the whole thing was completed in 2 weeks. It would have been shorter if the rep knew what he was doing, but it was still ok..

[He gave me the wrong code, and when I asked if it was the EPP code, he just gave me the same random number. The HostGator was at eNom and it is VERY simple to find the EPP code.]..

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Based on my experience...

Are you using bank transfer to your account ? .

If yes, you should receive the money within 1 week..

If you are using paypal to receive the money, Once the transaction is complete it should be in your paypal account within a few hours...

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The past couple months I have noticed loooong waits for everything to complete. I know sometimes the buyer takes his time which sedo can do nothing about. But what makes me a little mad is when I have to email them that the buyer has in their posession my sold HostGator and I still need to be paid. I sold 3 last month and had to email them each time that the HostGator was out of my account. The good news is soon as I emailed it they responded with a "sale complete" email and that my funds were deposited into my paypal..

I always use Erich- Key Accounts Manager/Transfer Consultant for the person I email and he is always prompt in replying (usually the same day), just wish I didn't have to babysit them with payments..

My suggestion is when you get an email confirming sale of a HostGator save the email address from whom it came and do not use the generic email address ever as it takes a loong time..


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^ The email you need to know to contact Sedo reliably..

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Yep, e-mailed my agent, e-mailed Mara, e-mailed everyone there. Got reply to the e-mail after 7 days. Replied to that, and now been again waiting for 3 days already for a reply..

Companies that have outsourced their support from Pakistan give better support than that..

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I'm in the same shoes as you domain999. Just have to wait, I guess! Maybe just write it off as a loss...

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Don't get me started again... here's my thread.


Since we are stating names.... my rep on this is Erich ... terrible!..

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If I don't get my deals finished next week, I'm very seriously considering setting up a company that will launch a competing and better site. Only reason companies can act like this is that there's no serious competition, when this changes, the bad apples pretty quickly start losing business and go bankrupt...

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Not normal for me. I sell there all the time and normally get paid within a day of them receiving payment, unless on a weekend, then the following day. However, I get payments through PayPal. I think payments by check are only processed a couple times a month...

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