Having trouble navigating through yahoo to access the file manager ( not iPage )?

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My question is Having trouble navigating through yahoo to access the file manager ( not iPage )? Thanks in advance for any response. Another question on my mind: For the second time I'm having problems with.


Have a HostGator name reg'd through enom but does not show up when I log in to their website. They wont anwser my emails either regarding this matter. Anyone else have similar problems with enom? I seriously need to transfer this name to godaddy because I personally have never had a problem with them. Just the enom's and 1and1's are the people I can't stand. They should be put out of biz imho..

End rant sorry, help appreciated thanks!..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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I'm sorry you're having problems with eNom. They happen to be my favorite registrar and I think that is echoed by many other domainers. Just mention Namepros and you might get priority service..

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If it was a ClubDrop name then it may no longer be managable via eNom. A number of their partners left the drop program and took their names with them. eNom sent out notices as I received a number of them...

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I'm having problems with Enom as well. Call customer support and ask for a manager or supervisor, they say they don't have a person like that. Now that's funny. Security department doesn't have a contact number either, so if you get an account closed for the wrong reason, the only way to solve it is to email security dept, no number, no managers, nothing, just them..

And what else? Security department can do whatever they wish. They haven't responded to my emails for over 3 weeks now. I've sent like 50 since then...

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Yeah, they havent responded to my recent emails either. This really stinks too, a good HostGator name and I cant do nothing with it because of what? What if someone wanted to buy it off me? I wouldnt be able to take advantage of the deal. Not sure what to do from here...

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Funny thing is, I actually did sell a HostGator and it's stuck and buyer is pissed because she payed like 3 weeks ago for it. Enom = the new registerfly...

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I wrote them a nasty email and they finally replied. Will keep ya's posted if issue is resolved any time soon or not...

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I am very happy with enom, support ticket promptly processed and live support easy to get...

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Lots of npers talk about enom but this is the first time I visited the iPage site and to my surprise they charge $30 per domain! Am I missing something?..

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Enom charged one of my retailer client a .jp HostGator (reg fee is $90) but held it for half a year because enom says they DID NOT collect the reg fee for almost 6 months(very strange, if registrar fails to charge you by any reasons, should your registration not to be completed, and leave the desired HostGator available, right? )! That is my client paid for one year fee and can only use it for another months. enom said they can't do anything on this issue...

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I've never had a problem with enom like the one hasrob describes, despite having lots of domains. Did you get an email confirmation for the HostGator transaction, has rob? does it show up in your enom reports?..

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Enom is primarly a reseller registrar. They have high prices directly so as not to undercut their resellers prices whatever they set them at. I or several others here can offfer a $8.95 retail or reseller sub account to you (pm me if interested). First level resellers pay $6.95, but have to pay $6950 up front to get that pricing..

Actually, the HostGator actually could be a HostGator in registerfly's enom reseller account. HasRob, you should try to find out if the HostGator is actually with enom or with a reseller of theirs who uses a different interface. It could also be with Sipence, another affiliate of enom's. Most of the whois records of enom's will also list the reseller name who you can contact for help. They are actually your first line of contact with enom support..

Also, as said, Some domains had been managed within the enom interface, but are actually at other registrars if picked up through club drop or purchased from someone who did. The free .info promotion was also done through subsidiary registrars...

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Still trying to get it figured out. They sent me an email to which I replied and then they sent me another email as if I never replied to the first one..

I need to get this straight because the name expires in a few weeks and want to renew it..

Will keep yas posted..

Also, the whois only has enom as registrar and it is a for the record. It is also a name that was given to me here at namepros a few months back by another member of which I cant remember who. But thanks to him again..

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They keep emailing me waiting for a resonse from me after I replied 4 times now. There link via the email will not let me respond as they claim it does. This is getting rediculous and I just sent them another email with my case number they "closed" because they "THINK" the case is resolved because I didnt reply. What freakin idiots!!.

Contacting the BBB and ICANN if I loose this HostGator because they will not acknowledge it's mine and hide it from me saying I own zero domains! Total BS!.

End rant!..

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My turn to vent.. I pre-registered 10 .mobis from eNom just to find out they this was in their terms and conditions:.

"You should be aware that we will also be attempting to obtain HostGator names in the .MOBI queue, that we will not inform you in advance which domains names we are attempting to obtain, and that if we obtain such a HostGator name, that we will award the HostGator name to ourselves and not to you.".

Considering they collect a $20 non-refundable payment for each .mobi pre-registration.. this is completely ridiculous. After the landrush I'm no longer giving eNom any business.. I've had enough they are just plain greedy..

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Enom is working with RegisterFly to steal domains from me. Both companies continue to blame each other fro why my transfers and renewals consistently fail and my domains are not registered. They have now become party to flat out refusing to resell me domains they neglected to renew properly. Buyer Beware!..

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