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Got a quick question: HELP Again YAHOO TOOLBAR HAS DISAPPEARED AGAIN,STILL SHOWING AS TICKED IN TOOL BARS Medifast menu? Thanks in advance for any comment. Second question of mine... Its been 3 months and I am down 80lbs since I started the journey. I am still very upset with myself that I was not able to lose the weight without the.


But oh well...have to deal with it......or maybe find a psychiatrist.........

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

Comment #1

It never occured to me to be upset with myself about needing the.


I was upset about never being successful on all of my previous diets. This.


, to me, is success with a Medifast diet - I'm thrilled with myself! I.


You can be someday too!..

Comment #2

Yes, I know how you feel, I get upset that I couldn't learn to play the violin without a teacher,LOL. Honey, don't look back, just be glad you did it and stop beating yourself up. you did what you had to do ,LOLin order to survive, Some of us are just born without.


, go figure...Please just concentrate on your health and healing and let go of the's all uphill from now go girl......

Comment #3

I am also 3 months (and one week postop). I have lost 55 pounds. I agree with Julie, I am upset that diets didn't work for me. Oh sure, I would lose 40 lbs., gain back 50, lose 50, gain back was truly a losing battle for me for the past 30 years. It got worse after I hit menopause...couldn't lose but kept gaining. I am so THANKFUL for the.


Because with my family history I knew all my health problems would continue to get worse with every pound I GAINED. It was surely an early death sentence but now I feel VERY healthy and can say I want to live long enough to see GREAT grandkids!!!! Carrying the extra weight with the health issues made me dread the thought of living the rest of my life feeling that a.


Time bomb. I don't feel that way at all any more...

Comment #4

Hi Loana huney,.

Please dont be upset, Who of us could have shed that ammount of weight without.


.. Not many thats for sure..

You have and are doing extreamly well..

You have been given the chance to make a difference and thats just what your doing....

I am pleased for you. You still have to work at it, it's not like you have done nothing....

Chin up, stand tall in more comfort knowing you did this..


Andy aka Buzz in the UK..

Comment #5

It took me 3 weeks shy of a year to lose a whole f-ing 20 pounds before GBS. During that time I was working hard to get.


I knew that with my history of yo-yo dieting, developing metabolic syndrome and just generally being sick and tired all of the time, there was no way I would EVER get healthy at 20 pounds per year when I weighed over 300 pounds.Not to mention the most I have have ever lost was 70 pounds, only to gain it all back. Really really bad for our bodies, especially our heart. I would occasionally think "maybe I can do this on my own", but then was disabused of that notion when I thought about the things I shared at the top of this post. Loana, you will find peace about your decision. One thing I think would really help that process is to find a r/l support group. Your profile does not say where in CA you are, but if you are in an urban area you will have no problem finding one.

And check out the California board for suggestions. Support yes, psychiatry no unless you are having a mental health crisis. Talk and support is the first line of help for someone struggling with change and life transitions...

Comment #6

I did.

Lose weight.

On my own before this.


.........then I would gain back what I lost and more..

The ability to lose was there, the ability to.

Stay away.

From my comfort foods.......wasn't..

I choose not to look back to see "what if or how come", but to look forward to "what will be". I know the answer to that one.........


Don't beat yourself up, it was all of us that had trouble keeping the weight off, your not alone. Does this make us failures.........I don't think so.......are we loser's..........yes we are...

Comment #7

So you've lost 80 lbs I'm 90 day and you're upset with yourself? You seriously need professional help! Check your meds..


Comment #8

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.