Help with a spanish project. Spanish food Medifast menu?!?

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First question I have is Help with a spanish project. Spanish food Medifast menu?!? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... Hi everyone got my date for rny on the 9th march 2010,and I dont think I can go through with it, whats going through my mind all the time is theres no way back if I regret it, and to live with that would be hell, and never being able to have a real meal with the family anymore, and not being able to gulp down a glass of water when thirsty,and I am 51 years old and have ailed nothing, what if this.


Starts me on a downward spiral in ill health. my head aches with this spinning round it all the time thanks Ade..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

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It is scary and a decision you have to make for yourself, I'm 3 weeks out and have had no complications and I feel pretty good, I'm already down 30 lbs..

From all my.


What I found is that really no one regrets this.


, and if you plan right and follow doctors orders most dont see complications..

It is sad to give up huge meals etc but you have to think, is having a huge meal worth being obese? Its going to take years off your life? And even only 3 weeks out I still eat with my family, I just eat a lot less and make some different choices, your body will tell you what it wont tolerate but for the most part you can have just about anything, just in small quantities..

Yes, once you do it there is no going back, have you looked into the.

Lap band.

? some people feel more comfortable with that vs. the RNY..

As far as gulping, you can gulp- it just doesnt feel good and you learn to not do that, I dont miss gulping, trust me- I'd give up gulping to be able to sit in an airline seat and not be nervous..

I'd get several GBS.


And read all the past posts on this site, it will make you feel better. Everyone goes into GBS with some worry and nervousness about if it is the right choice, but I just got tired of being fat- I wanted my life back and yes, I miss some things but the end result will make up for everything. I figure, I'll have more complications down the road if I dont lose this weight then if I get this.


Complications with GBS are less than 1% if done laprascopically..

Good luck, you'll make the right decision for you. :)..

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Ade hun,.

What doubts do you have really?.

WHo is to say you wont eat with the family? I do all the time. So ok the first few months with the fluids it's a little difficult but after that well..... I can eat just about anything now. Im not restricted and think nothing of going into any resteraunt and ordering a small meal, if I.


Some so beit..

Really huney, their is a wonderful life after GBS.. A healthier happier future..

Ok so my weight loss is not as good as many and I fall into bad habbits once in a while, but with support and a friendly word from the guys on here I get back on track....

Dont dispare, dont be scared and new wonderful life beckons, a much happier place is just round the corner if only you open your eyes..

Its not so hard... Its not so difficult..

I amoungst thousands of others are chuffed to bits I have done this, it has changed my life, my mental state and already made a huge difference to my medical ailments....

Im healthier and happier than I have been for years..

Get comfortable hun, this adventure is easier than you might imagine, reaps the rewards you deserve, give yourself a chance to lead a healthier happier life....

We are here for you through thick and thin, you can do this, you owe it to yourself and all of your loved ones....

You WILL love it..... and be shouting from the rooftops real soon wondering what all the fuss was about I am sure....

Dont be scared, every dirrection you turn their will be proffesionals or friends, your not alone.....

Eating what you need and not what you want is something that has me giggling everyday....

Life after GBS rocks....

Love ya.. Message me if you want a

Buzz xxx..

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Sweetie, I'm no expert, I'm 10 days out, but I can tell you this, I feel better than I've felt for years and I promise you that if you don't have health issues yet, thay will arrive..

You have some time to decide but keep.


Posts, everyone on here is different but the one thing remains the same, we all agree it's the best thing we ever did for ourselves and our family. and the thing is, you don't want to overeat anymore, or at least I don't. God be with you in whatever you decide. I bet they could do a.


Reversal, but I bet they've never had anyone ask for one...

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Mine was done may 25 2009 and I am down 134 lbs and I dont regret any of it this was the best decision I could of ever made.

I had no major complications my partial lung did colaps after surgry but that was to be expected I have had no other major issues my periods are normal now I came off my acid reflux meds I quit snoring and guys take a second look at me lol.

I would do this again..

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I understand being nervous too. I got my.


Date this week too and am feeling a little weird. However...I keep thinking about the quality of life that I am about to say "Yes" to. Try and think about what you will be blessed with afterwards and not what you will have to give up. You are giving yourself a beautiful gift. The only thing you will truely lose is some much needed weight. You are so supported and understood here.


And doing nice things for yourself that do not include Medifast food rewards. Sending you lots of good thoughts!!..

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I had my.


JANUARY 13th..along with a HERNIA operation!! The Gastric Bypass...was great!! NO pain for recovery from it- The HERNIA has been HELL..but thats the hernia!!.



, I was taking U-500 insuli..which is like 5x's STRONGER than regular insulin..AFTER.


, I have been on.


! YEAH, regular insulin..I am still ON IT..BUT only at bedtime and I take 25 units at bedtime!! (Just 1x a day) Thats a HECK of a lot LESS insulin than before.


!! They are HOPING to get me completely OFF insulin..BUT, LOOK at the changes already...AND ALL my blood sugars have been normal except for 1..Thats when I had a SUGAR FREE Hot Chocolate at a convience store a few nights ago. They ARE NOT sure if the sweetner in it "SPIKED" my bloood sugar BUT hey, I just WON'T drink that stuff again!! Thats all...

The decision is YOURS to make!! I have a husband, and 8yr old daughter, and other family memebers close by (mom, brother, etc) that I want to be here for..I chose this.


So I can LIVE LONGER, Healtheir for THEM plus, I was tired of ALWAYS being sick- SO think long & HARD about what You REALLY WANT and how and WHO your decision MIGHT AFFECT in the long run. IF YOU do nothing and You die, Your loved ones will hurt missing You..BUT, IF You choose a HEALTHIER lifestyle..YOU give "more time" to LOVE & BE with You!! Just something to think about...

Hugs to you..Take Care!!..

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I can totally relate to your fears. I was so afriaid right up until the time they were wheeling me in I thought that I was going to cancel..

You have to make the best decision for you. Fears are normal with any.


Do lots of.


And weigh your options..

As you can tell, it is not the easy way out. I can tell you that I have never been able to lose 55 lbs in 3 months with any other diet. I also know that I do not have the same 'cheating' options and that is why I am convinced this is what will work for me..

You must be ready to make life long changes and be committed to GBS..

I eat the same meals with my family every night. They just eat a few things that I don't and they eat much healthier now. More planning is necessary, but there are lots of places you can visit for ideas..

Is amazing!.

Good luck and know that whatever you decide, you will have support from the wonderful people here...

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As you can tell everyone has their doubts about this being the right thing, me too of course, I kept thinking do I really want to do this and why can't I do this by myself, well if I could have done it be myself it would have been done along time ago. I had.


Jan 11, 2010 and consider this another birthday, I am already off of 3 different meds and feeling great, just tired. I wouldn't worry about the eating with the family thing even if you decided to have something different than they have you can still eat with them, it's the time together with them not the Medifast food your eating..

I have a friend that is 1 1/2 yrs out is down about 160 lbs and is doing wonderful, she can eat anything she wants just alot smaller portions, she's off of most of her meds and can do things now she couldn't before and is loving life even more..

All in all it's a very personal decision and the more you can.


The better you will feel not that the anxiousness will go away because it won't but you can make an educated decision..

Let us know how you are doing and what your thoughts and questions are :).


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Thanks everyone it does help.


Your replys, and you make alot of sense, and thankyou for all the hugs,..

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