Help with Medifast menu ideas for 50th wedding anniversary party this summer.?

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My question is Help with Medifast menu ideas for 50th wedding anniversary party this summer.? Thanks for any comment. 2nd question I got is.. I am not sure if it's from the weight loss.


....But wow I just cant seem to get a hold of my emotions.....Before I was on a high from losing all the weight...fitting in size 00 and 2's and the comments from family friends and even strangers..

But the past few mths since I started working....Someone called CPS and APS on me...saying my hubby can't even take care of himself let alone our three kids.....And he is sooo in left field..he doesnt even send them to.

School. the truent officer is on me. I don't know what to do....I have no one to talk to...did have a therapist but I am thinking she is the one who called CPS and APS on me. I am stressed to the max....I don't really want to quit my job but as it looks now Im gonna have to. My kids are soo out of control...they listen to nothing and help no one but them selves. And he sleeps 20 hrs a day. I feel like I am breaking....and to make matters worst I have started drinking....and gained 7 lbs back from drinking.

Any suggestions will greatly be appreciated...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

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Wow W. You've got so many stresses right now - internal an external - that it's difficult just to know where to start, but I would recommend keeping alcohol to an absolutely minimum - at least until you can get back in control of your life..

But even more important... Breathe deep. Begin by being kind to yourself. You cannot help anyone else until you are first able to help yourself. It may be true that you need to be on some meds - I don't know. But I do know that meds alone are unlikely to help.

But from what you have described, you are going to need to spend some time figuring out what the big rocks are here. Then you are going to need to take action. I have no clue as to precisely what actions are best for you..

You are certainly going to need some help sorting that out. I have no idea whether your therapist actually did report you or why. What I do know is that you absolutely have to have a therapist you can trust. A good therapist can help you sort out your life. They can also prescribe meds that may help you cope..

But what a therapist cannot do is take the affirmative actions you need to take for you. You, and only you, can act in your own best interest. We can take pain pills for an abcessed tooth, but until we fix the tooth itself, the pain will increase and the meds are only masking the problem - not solving it..

So please, if you do not trust this therapist, that is reason enough to find a new one. And approach this with the understanding that you will need to take actions (once you figure out what those are) to get back in control of your life. You may not know what those actions are right now, but that is why you go to the therapist. If your therapist is not helping you to be proactive, go find one who will. Do not settle for being clubbed in the head with meds - but do not be opposed to meds if they seem to be an effective part of getting back in control and taking charge..

You are your own best advocate - but you will need help from others to first identify, then change what you need to change. But begin the first step by forgiving yourself and understanding that there are enormous pressures on you right now. Then begin to focus on what you need to understand and what proactive and possibly difficult steps you must take. Again, I do not pretend to know what those actions are. But I am 100% certain that your future hapiness lies in embracing those actions..

You are not alone in this group. Know that. We all want to see you succeed with your GBS. But as a posted previously, it is clear that success with GBS is closely tied to our ability to identify and work with the other issues in our lives. Please put down the alcohol - if only for the time being - and commit to caring about yourself. Commit to being your own best friend.

Then get busy. Maintaining the status quo is simply not.

Going to work.

You know that..

I wish you the best...

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What Jerry said....Best of luck too you !!!!!!.

Linda :)..

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If you break, your entire family will break. The best thing you can do for yourself right now is focus on YOU. Get whatever help you need to get yourself back on track before you tackle the rest of this mess. You are not personally responsible for all of the chaos, nor are you in charge of fixing all of it. Truant officers, difficult kids and an unsupportive spouse do not matter as much as saving your own life. I know this may sound weird, but so what if the kids miss some.


Now. As long as they are not in danger of hurting themselves or others, let it go and refer the truant officer to hubby for the time being since he is the one who is generating the problem. The kids will be held responsible for their own actions in the long run when they have to go to summer.


Or be held back. And dont fight working with CPS and the like including your therapist - be honest about your struggles and your concerns so they can get you the support you and your family need. Focusing anger on the people who can help will only make matters worse. BTW, I doubt it was your therapist who reported - they only do that when there is eminant threat of harm to yourself and others. My guess it was someone in the.


System who got the ball rolling, so don't push your therapist out of the loop at the time you most need him/her...

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Thanks..The CPS worker was here today and she said she was closing my case...along with APS now just to tackle the truent officer...sad part is I did quit my job =( Hoping after all this calms down they will take me back or I get another job else where...good news is they(job) has called me all day long begging me to come back to work..Please continue to keep us in thoughts n prayers...Lord knows we will need them as I try to get this household under control and have a normal family again lol..

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Instead of quitting, ask your employer for a short family.


That will allow you to take care of business while pleasing your employer. IMHO your having to.


Your job permanently is not the best thing for you in the long run. As far as your emotions being all over the place: welcome to the Estrogen Dumping Club for 24/7 PMS Symptoms. I went through this in the first couple of months. It got so bad I had to see a gynecologist for help. A change in my.

Birth control.

Method really did the job!..

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