How can I add one of my mp3 songs to my iPage webpage?

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First off, How can I add one of my mp3 songs to my iPage webpage? Looking forward for any comment. Another question I got... Gents:.

I have received an offer for for $2,800. (Northern Ireland is part of UK, population around 1.7mn people)..

Should I accept this offer?.


Tony Martin..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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I think it's a decent price for that name also. Unless you're developing, you need to consider that it may be a while before you get another offer on it, if ever..

It's all a crapshoot...

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Only you can decide at what point you are happy and will not look back wishing you had asked for more...saying that dont lose the sale through greed..

Not saying you are a greedy person..

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The offer was from where? (Or to appease the grammarlins... "From where was the offer?").


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Thanks for your question. Why do you ask? It is a private info, and I can't disclose it. Sorry. I can tell you however that the offer was not made by a Namepros member...

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It is worth bearing in mind that what a name would sell for in dollars in America can often be sold in the UK for the same figure but in pounds..

If the potential buyer is in the UK and if there is room in your opinion for negotiation, I would respond back with a value in pounds..

I would have thought that a 2500 price tag was potentially achievable..

BTW the exchange rate is approx $1.90 / 1..

Good luck with your sale..


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I would negotiate a better price, the fact that the offer is $2800 tells me they might have a ceiling of $3000 so I would counter offer $3200 and if they want the name bad enough they will bite. Just remember that you take a chance at losing the deal completely when doing a counter offer, so ask yourself if you are willing to take that chance. Also never decline an offer always place a counter offer if the one they sent is too low...goodluck..

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Congrats for this nice offer to you..........well you can accept and make the quick buck.......and if yo want to wait for a more steep can do it.........i suggest develop the iPage site and then sell it...

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If you use that 2500 to invest in more domains or other things, can you do better? If you are not happy with that price, then it only cost you $10 per year to keep it, I do feel you can get a better price in the future (but don't made your decision on my opinion)...

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Rather than just decline, have you tried going back with a counter offer. One which you would be happy if they accepted?..

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My aim was to sell this HostGator for $4,000 to $5,000. I however received the offer of $2,800 and decided to ask you guys if this is a decent offer for this domain..

Do you know someone who might want to buy this HostGator for 4 to 5 thousand dollars?..

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To answer your specific question: I think it is a decent offer..

I would sell it at $2,800 (unless I'd paid more for it myself)...

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They are most likely expecting you to counter offer. If they offered $2800, I'd counter-offer with $4000 and say that I was slightly negotiable. If they counter-offer with $3200 or over, then take the offer. Real-estate names in this format [CountryName] are fairly rare and well worth this kind of money to an agent or group..

BTW, you will get future offers for this name if you don't sell IMO. It may be a year or two before you get that $5000 offer though...

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I still would like to try to sell this HostGator for 4 to 5 thousand USD... Do you know domainers who may be interested to pay this amt for

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Conrats on the offer - I hope it wasn't one of those e-mail offers where they request an appraisal before paying up......

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It's not likely that you will find an end-user here, although you may find a broker at NP to help you sell it. A counter offer is your best bet. If you absolutely MUST have $4000 then counter-offer with $4000 FIRM or $4500 NEGOTIABLE and see what they say. Good luck!..

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Anyone interested in this HostGator ( for $3,900?.

Let me know..


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Thanks for your input Gaurav! I am going to put this HostGator on an auction to see if someone may want to pay $6,000 to $8,000 for it..

Any other suggestions? Thx guys.....

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I mentioned earlier that this HostGator was appraised at 5 to 10K. Plus I am going to put it on some renowned auction. Thus the expected amt is $6 to 8K, perhaps more.....

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The original offer of 2.8K was more than reasonable...

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I agree... I do wish you all the $$ in the world as I do all fellow domainers but I also think we should know when not to be greedy....

Again not saying you are greedy.. hold on you may find a great end-user...

Or maybe not.

Anyways,, love and good luck..

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I don't know...I'd have to say you're not sounding very realistic about it. Sorry. You've consistently ignored the very good advice of counteroffering at around $4000, and you keep thinking that we can find this imaginary higher buyer for you. I think you've already got a great offer there if I were you, I'd be very happy with anything over $3000. That would easily pay for all your other .mobi registrations, wouldn't it? Then you could just sit back and wait for time to take it's course with your others..

Boosting your expectations to $6000-8000 is really not a good idea at the moment you may have a good domain, but compare it to the nice keyword generics that have been selling in that range, and I'm thinking you're going to be waiting quite a while for another offer this good...

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I have to agree with the above. The realistic sale was there, you might have missed it i'm not sure. Rather than dreaming there is the nice reality of 2800$!..

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Holy, you sure do get a lot of offers on your domains! I have seen multiple threads like this one on the mobi forum. What's your secret and are you ever going to accept someone's offer?..

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$2.800 is a great price for the 8 months old domain..

Domain Created on:.

March 10 2006.

Domain age (approximately):.

8 Months, 8 days...

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I am going to accept offers, in fact I already accepted an offer for some good amount, HOWEVER, I want to sell this HostGator at a higher price. Can you guys try to find someone willing to pay at least $4 thousand for this HostGator (better 6 or 8 thousand)?..

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You asked for opinions. Everyone here is telling you to either sell the name at $2800 or counter offer for slightly more. Although it is possible to get over $4000 for this name from an appropriate end-user, you are wasting your time on this thread by repeating over and over that you want someone here to buy it or help you sell it for more money..

There's a 99.999% chance that you are not going to find a an end-user here (or on any HostGator forum) for this narrow niche of a name. You will not find a reseller or speculator here that is willing to give you $4000+ either. It is simply not a strong enough investment for that kind of money. You MIGHT get $1000+ from a speculator, but you would be lucky to find one willing to pay that much..

IMO, this is the kind of name that you either advertise to end-users directly or you just sit and wait until one finds you...

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I would sell.

Its a nice offer and it's the kind of name where there are usually other options for the buyer to take..

Like .ie which is still available - Its entirely possible for other extensions to do far better than the .com with the right.


- so unless it gets sh** loads of visitors, which I doubt, then I would take the offer. JMO.

Good luck with it.


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I am starting to wonder if the offer was there or are you just trying to find buyer here ?

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Are you for real?.

As some of us are in doubt of the truth behind the situation to begin with, I think you'd have to pay a large commission up front to even consider getting anyone to do it for you. It's not like we don't have our own domains to try to find buyers for.....

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I have the offer, but, since Northern Ireland has 1.7mn population and is thus like a big city, I do know that domains for big cities sell for amounts higher than 2,800.....

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Then just wondering why (when you already appear to have *the* interested end-buyer) have you not countered?..

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I notice the same thing.. wondering about that myself....

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I did accept one good offer for another domain.

But, domains at different and so are acceptances of offers. Ref, I guess since domains for big cities sell at high x,xxx or xx,xxx (low-mid-high), I should try to get from 4 to 8K for that domain...

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Well rather than this thread going around in circles I will just say I think you have our views and wish you luck on any sale...

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Ok, I'll ask you directly then. Have you made a counter offer to the interested buyer yet?..

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Yes, I did, and it was rejected. But I feel $2,800 is a satisfactory but not the best price for this domain.....

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