How can I build easily my website from iPage? Please write me to

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... How can I build easily my website from iPage? Please write me to /ws/eBayISAPI.dll...8814&rd=1&rd=1..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can help you..

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Yes, that is not a fun ride to take. Sorry to hear..

As for an explanation, I think it's obvious. Looking at the sellers other ebay auctions it appears he uses the same template for his HostGator sales. He must use "" on the template (for the HostGator field) and he just forgot to enter the actual HostGator for sale in this auction listing...

Comment #2 used to be in my domainsite account for more than 1 month, though it was a mistake and it never really belongs to me.....

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Here's one still open that's the exact same listing you "bought" BAD SELLER!.


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Take a look at his listings he has a few auctions claiming to be (about 20 of them).

That link points to an auction for a HostGator called

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Thats very irresponsible of a powerseller - I would absolutely complain. This situation could have turned into a nightmare - I would definetly pass this information along to ebay. Fortunately you didnt pay, your money could have been held up for some time. Although, when spending that kind of money you should definetly go through an escrow. Keep digging! youll find some gold soon...

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I concur report this guy to ebay.. As a powerseller he should know better and after the mistake with you he should of checked all his other auctions to make sure there were no similar errors. Obviously he doesnt care and is hoping someone sends the money first. Then as if by magic his ebay account will go Poof!!! and no one will see him again...

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This may be because ebay just started 10 cent listings for today or yesterday only. He probably uploaded a ton of auctions with the same format with '' in them and then when he had time he planned to go back and fix them to the correct HostGator names after the 10 cent listing special time period was over...and he just forgot to change that one. That's my guess...

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I don't know the seller but ....

- from the 298 feedback.

- from the 100% positive.

- from the number of active listings.

... I think he just wanted to take advantage of the 10c BIN offer that was yesterday on , on eBay ....

He probably listed 60 BINs or so (check the end times) in time for the offer planning to change the titles , prices and contents later on to reflect the ones he is actually selling (it seems that he already updated 40 or so).

Although the practice is quite usual for a small number of listings ... it is rather possible-problem-causing for such a large number of listings ... furthermore he should just leave it blank in the content or write something like ??????????.com instead of writing "".

I think a simple note to the seller should be enough ... from "seller profile" it seems that that he will understand his mistake ... I don't think a report to eBay is needed .....

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This is not the worst story. What if you bought the .com but it turned out to be a IDN, that would be the worst...

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Dont feel bad I bought for 3000.00 nd it turned out to be stolen!..

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