How can I change my C++ Medifast menu using void from numbers to letters?

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First question I have is How can I change my C++ Medifast menu using void from numbers to letters? Many thanks for any response. Another question on my mind: My name is Brian Edwards. I am from a small town in north alabama. I am 28 years old I have a wife and 2 little girls.I am also the chief of our local fire deptartment.I joined this community in hopes of finding people who have had similiar problems we have had.The problem is that my wife Had.

Gastric bypass surgery.

On my birthday feb 7 2007From the moment.


Was finished she started having complications.We are over 6 months out from.


Now and my wife is deathly sick from complications.We have been through constant dry heaving,,nausea.. kidney stones,gall bladder removal ... blood clots .... tpn bag o snack nutrition hospitialized several times for dehydration low.


You name it she has had the complication oh yeah also a round of staff infection. As I said we are over 6 months out she still is unable to eating almost anything more than a few bites of soups sparatically and she has lost over 100lbs. All the doctors seem to have no clue as to what is going on and we have almost every known medication on the market.If there is a test out there she has taken it.Our last office visit was basically summed up as a defect in the.


That will only be able to be found out by exploratory.


... We needless to say have found another surgeon other than the one who did her initial.


.This is a seriously stressful situation for our whole family .. no answers and I feel as I am watching my wife and best friend die daily.Our finiancial situation is just jacked up now keeping the mortage utilities and car note up to the best of our ability due to her obviously being to sick and weak to work ... off work no pay and she was the main bread winner for the family ... long story short I am looking online for possibly people with similar situations that may have some insite as to a direction we should look next...... sorry so long winded but that is truly the condensed cliffnote version of our situation... I would highly discourage anyone from gastric bypass unless it is an immediate life or death situation because the risk are so very high and complications are definitely out there.any suggestions or reccommendations greatly appreciated....

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

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I also have not had the.


But am exploring it. I am a retired LPN and have empathy with what you all are going throuh. Will keep your whole family in.


Keep in touch with this group if you are abke. God Bless. Grandma D..

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I had the.


3 and a half years ago and did not have any complications. I am so sorry your wife is going through all this trauma. It is a big decision to have this life altering.


And to not have a good outcome is horrible. I will be praying for her and.


She soon takes a turn for the better...

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Hi I am sorry to hear about your wife. I had the.


3 years ago but I did not have 1 complcation. I had my goal bladder removed 1 years after.


Also 2 months after.


I also had kidney stones. They told me that it was not related to the.


Also I had a hernia 1 year after.


They do actually say that is very common to people who had gastric bypass. so I had nothing related to the.


, just happened I guess. I wish I could help you witg what your wife is going through. I will keep you and your family in my prayers and if I hear anything about wife your wife is going through I will defiantly keep you posted...take care and good luck...greeneye..

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Hi I had.


13 months ago and I have lost 179 pounds I am unable to eat as much as they say and I vomit at least 5 days out of the week I have pain alot due to scare tissue which there is nothing they can do about I have been to the doctor about my problems and they say it will get easier but it doesn't I would suggest your wife see another doctor and drink protein drinks and.

Stay away.

From anything with chunks like soup she needs to have liquid vitamins and protein for her strength, I.


Your wife gets the help she needs...

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Dear Brian Edwards!.

It breaks my heart to hear your story. Please read my input 'An excellent surgeon in Europe'. If I can be of any help, please let me know..

I wish you and your wife all the best and.


She will be ok soon..

Kind Regards, Mach..

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Hi Mr. Edwards,.

I have read your story and just wanted to give my input as an employee/post op bariatric patient myself. I have been working for a bariatric physician for the last 4 years and cases like your wifes I have seen only once..

Similar case, infection treated with antibiotics and not able to eat, treated as well with TPN, round the clock nurse for infection, unfortunately it was a long battle of at least 6 months even before seeing any.



The thing that I noticed, now remember I am not a physician nor nurse was since the infection was not healing and the cause was not known, simply the body was not fighting or should I say did not have enough nutrients to produce a fight to kill the cause of the wound infection, they used a WOUND VAC. This machine stays in place to help heal the infection on the outside. Only can be used as long as the inter wound is healing. The worse that can happen, besides not being able to eat is a massive infection..

Has your wife had an EGD, to check for a stricture and or Ulcer? Is she not able to tolerate Medifast food due to a stricture, no appetite, GERD or depression? If she has a stricture than she needs to be dilated. This will help with the vomiting..

The gallbladder, kidney stones, vomiting and nausea are normal some of the time. The blood clots have to be treated for a duration of at least 6-8 months..

The TPN is necessary until she is able to raise her levels once again and to fight infection. Until she has become stable with her blood levels you will not see an improvement..

Is the infection on the outerside? If so, the VAC would work greatly on her. If it is internal, then that is another story. If it is internal, she should be monitored in a hospital. Watch out for chronic fevers. That is not a good sign either..

Financial, she should apply for temporary disability by now. You should have some kind of income coming in, besides your own..

I am sorry for all of your hardship, these can some times be an unfortunate outcome, no matter who performs the.


It is basically your wives body reacting to.


Keep me posted, you and your family will be in my prayers...

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Hi Mr. Edwards,.

I am in agreement with Feliz. I am not a medical professional. I had my.


4 years ago and have attended all kinds of meetings for various bariatric groups in the area. My role has been to talk about my experiences and listen to others. Over time I have heard several stories similar to that of your wife's. As Feliz said, there are a number of factors to look at. I would definately look at the possibility of a stricture if this hasn't been explored already. This is a tightening in the esophagas or entrance to the pouch.

If left untreated, the excessive vomiting can cause ulcers, tears, and or nutritional deficiencies (which come with their own set of issues!). Treatment for that involves.


Out that area. I in addition to everything Feliz said, I would explore working with a hematologist. Certain medications and nutrients (such as.


) are absorbed by very specific segments of the digestive track. Oral suppliments may be completely ineffective if those sections of the digestive track were bypassed. This could require IV treatment to resolve the situation. Mal absorbtion of medications and nutrients could be contributing to your wife's very diffulty recovery. Good luck!..

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Mr Edwards,.

I am sorry to hear about what your wife is goinh through. I was just released from the hospital on July 28th from having very similiar problems. the nasauea vomitting constantly low.


Infection and I also was fed by IV. They found I had a stricture where the residial stomach drains so all the bile was building up there. I am staring to feel much better. they found the prblem by doing a cat scan. but this went on for a month and a half. I pray this fixes it but so far I am doing better.

Best Regards Robin..

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I have had many many complications. Scoped 14 times and been in the hospital several times, mainly for nutrition , there lack of, even had blood transfusions. My small intestine has closed completely 3 times and has to been ballooned opened. After several doctors it was discovered that my by-pass is too long and thats what prevents me from being able to eat any half way decent meal (have 200 lbs) now. There is corrective operation, reverse the whole thing. I am really working on keeping Medifast food down, slowly working on it.

Just weighing on the tummy. I still vomit on a regular basis, which you'd think after 4 years, that part would be over. I have a bleeding ulcer caused by the Medifast food staying in the pouch too long and almost had to have it removed and it is all caused because the bypass is too long. Wont let fat solubles absorb because they cant get in my system on time. I almost lost my vision due to lack of vit.

List goes on. However I am getting a little better, have to get blood levels checks, we'll see...

Good Luck, I do indeed.


They discover the problem...


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.