How can I create a custom ERROR 404 page with iPage Pro?

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My 1st question is: How can I create a custom ERROR 404 page with iPage Pro? Many thanks for any comment. 2nd question I got is.. Hello Fellow Npers,.

I think we should now discuss (with all the prevalent cctld HostGator speculation) which TLDs are TRULY worth investing in..

IMO here are the biggies (including gtlds) GLOBALLY:.

.COM *duh*.




THats rights. Only four exentions... and only 1 is a cctld. This is just from watching TV commercials and internet ads. 99% of all domains are one of the four.TV IMO is making a huge impact, I keep on seeing more and more .TV HostGator ads in MAINSTREAM media, which is huge. Those .TV speculators are sitting pretty..

The Biggie REGIONAL CCtlds (popular in their country + foreign speculation allowed):.

.DE (by far, those germans love their extention).








.RU (?).





These extentions are extremely popular in their own country. You probably have seen many end user sales in these extentions. Companies use these extentions in their commercials in these countries..

IMO the following exentions are overspeculated by domainers. There is an absense of general mainstream adoption by the general public of the country the extention is represented by (or a gtld):.









I am prepared for the flames. Come get me...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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I agree but diverge on .info - it's coming into it's own, and ranks right there with .tv if not higher because of it's global reach...

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.AT - I forgot to mention Austria..

I think this extension has excellent potential, based on natural traffic (my .AT domains get more traffic than ANY other country code I own, and I'm not alone), and previous reported .at sales. It's a small country, but Austria should definitely be on the ccTLD domainer's investment map..

In my opinion...

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The reason you see .tv alot is because advertisers can track the traffic coming from tv ads that way. They advertise their on tv but work their .com the most. So I believe it seems more in demand than it is...

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Do you have any statistical evidence to prove that?.

I see for example IEEE.TV on all IEEE magazines and the iPage site showcases special interest programming. There are many other which do not follow the logic to track tv ads. On top of that, who cares what the purpose is, as long as the extension is put forward in front of public eyes. IMO...

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I believe .WS is the most Under appreciated extension ; 2 letters easy to remember , the search engines treat them as GLTDs instead of geo ccTLDS and they cost just a fraction of the comparable .com.

I have used .ws for nearly 4 years now with terrific results , traffic , revs, and developed type-ins ..

But the bottom line for the "END USER " is ..extension dosent mean squat .. visitors dont visit a iPage site because it is .com , .de or .ws they visit because of a product or service they were looking for was advertised on TV , on the radio or in a search engine.

People visit sites not extensions..

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Yes indeed.

Some .at names are doing GREAT on sedo.

(mine included revenue wise)..

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As far as I'm concerned it's mostly used for that reason, there are always exceptions, and you should care because an enduser isnt going to drop big bucks for analytical reasons and doesnt really say much for the staying power of the ext...

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I agree but as far as I am concerned it is not mostly used for that reason..

Good luck and regards,.


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Same here, and I'm glad to see more people sharing the results..

I must confess, the only reason I ever registered any .AT domains was because of that special promotion they had going. In fact, wasn't it you that originally posted about it?.

Anyway... I went back for seconds, and thirds after seeing the initial results, and my Austrian domains have turned out to be one of the most pleasant surprises of the past year...

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Mine are about 90% English. Even more surprising, I suppose...

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While I'll be honest and say I'm not really in the loop on other ccTLDs outside .ca and .st, - of which I bought one with ovt 7 figures and so-so traffic, not recommended unless you can do long-term investment- I think .CA is one of the kings..

For one reason or another, we Canadians are huge users of our extension, and it's market penetration is massive. Look at the drops and you'll see people reg'ing .ca isntead of .com! And where domainers are concerned, there's still plenty of goodies available with regards to ovt and other benchmarks...

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Montreal, the .ca market is one nice one. I only wish I was canadian..

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Is this the free registration for the month of November ?

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I only saw my first .eu being advertised on the TV yesterday, I mean, I'm from the UK and i've seen hardly anything of it being advertised. I've seen more than all .eu's put together!..

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I roughly agree with Damitssam..

No doubt .com is still the king..

Of course all TLDs are technically "equal" but if you just look at the reported sales (dnjournal) - you will see there is little hope for the exotic TLDs like .ws. If you develop, fine but do not expect an easy sale..

When contacting an end user I would not bother with anything else than a .com or a very strong (relevant) generic ccTLD...

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You make it sound like it is a surprise that you see .TV on TV adverts!..

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In my opinion the future for these extentions are as follows:.

.com - gets only stronger/more valuable.

.net - recognized more and more as network oriented.

.org - recognized more and more as organizational oriented.

.tv - sharp increase for select names.

.mobi - wait and see.

Strong buys issued on quality .com, top quality .tv and .mobi..

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I agree that .TV has taken off and become far more mainstream than I have anticipated. I am still vehement that people have.


Over-speculated in .MOBI. Not saying that the good names have fetched outrageous prices, but people are regging the most random stuff..



That .US and .INFO are overhyped. Look at the growth of (say what you want, reseller over-speculation yada yada) but the growth of LLL / NNN is one of the surest ways to mark growth between reseller sales.INFO is the prettiest global gTLD (after com/net) in my opinion as INFO is a prefix for "information" in many languages. It has a clear purpose and it even acts as a keyword for search engines. No one ever types "poker com" but they may type "poker info.".

As ccTLD's go I believe there is strength in the .IN / .CN market as they are both emerging [technological] nations. I have found the english word .DE market to be very difficult to judge. I have registered names I felt were true winners only to be drastically outshone by names such as restless-legs....

Overall, I like your analysis. I would rank my preference of registration (ignoring genre of the name) com/net/org/info/us/tv.


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I would recommend .fr HostGator names if you have the ability to purchase them and speak French..

They have traffic and do relatively well on ppc, the traffic also converts well for cpa programs..

We've had number of $xx,xxx sales and numerous $x,xxx sales..

We truly believe in the extension, and have personally purchased a .fr for $xxx,xxx..

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I tend to agree with the .tv extensions primarily being used to track TV ads. This can also be seen in the practice of major corporations to use "disposable domains" in their TV advertising as well. Alot of corporations register domains with the sole intent of using them for 1 specific ad campaign and then they let them drop after the year or redirect them to their main page... If you search around, you can find examples of this, I did know of a iPage site that tracked em, but I don't remember it. It happens all the time and it makes sense as far as ad analysis goes..

Obviously this isn't always the case, but I think it is the majority of cases. And I don't think it really helps the extension, because most people see a HostGator name in an ad and they may go to it, but few will be like "oh let me see what else I can find in this extension..." They just see it as a iPage website and then leave when they are done...

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