How can I get a value from a dropdown Medifast menu in php?

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Question I have... How can I get a value from a dropdown Medifast menu in php? Thanks for any comment. Another question... I had.

Gastric Bypass surgery.

In June 2002. I didn't do alot of.


Before I had the procedure. I had a brain Aneurysm on 02/08/09. My Psychiatrist has put me on.


Because since the Aneurysm, I cannot focus or concentrate on anything. It seems that my dose wears off within a few hours. I heard and was wondering if it is true that because of my.


, my body might absorb the meds faster than someone who has not had.

Gastric Bypass surgery.

I tried to look on the internet for any answers and I could not find anything. I.


Someone can help me with this question. The normal dose of.


Generally last 3-4 hours. But it seems to only last me 1-2 hours. Any advice would be great. I tried to locate my surgeon to ask him and I cannot locate him the number was disconnected This is my 2nd time posting on here regarding this question. I didn't get many replies or a straight answer. I know someone out there has to have done some.


Or can lead me in the right direction..



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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

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Thanks I will try to do more.


,but has anyone on here felt as they absorb things faster/.



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Most Adderal comes in an extended release form. This will not work with a GBS patient. You also cannot take anything with an enteric coating. If either is the case, ask your provider to make a change. It also may be you need more than the recommended dose - that is true of many patients who have NOT had GBS. This can be a problem with drug coverage, but a drs note will usually be able to override their limits...

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Forgot to mention you can find out info about doses and types of delivery systems for any prescription med in the Physician's Desk Reference. Most libraries have a copy in their reference section...

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I can tell you that Extended Release versions of meds are sometimes avoided in GBS patients. Sometimes, dosing is stretched out to give your body a chance to asorb it..

However, if you are on the standard.


(non-ER) , it generally peaks in your system after 3 hours. Some patients are prescribed.


Twice per day with the maximum dosage around 40mg/day (but occasionally higher - I've heard of 60mg-80mg per day). Many people do not like taking it later in the day because it can interfere with.



It often takes a while to find the optimal dosage of.


- that's why doctors start low and titrate up until an optimal level is reached. Your body will quickly tell you if you're taking too much..

Also, over time you will build a tolerance. This may require periodic increases in dosage - but be advised that there is a maximum dosage beyond which doctors will not go. When this happens,.


Can often be combined with other meds. You really need to explain the situation to the prescribing doctor - regardless of the cause (GBS or otherwise), it sounds like your dosage may need to be increased or perhaps timed differently. I wouldn't worry too much about the WHY but rather on the WHAT to do about it..

Best wishes...

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Thanks everyone for your replies. I just need to clarify somethingSo we do absorb medication faster than someone who has not had GBS..



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GBP patients can't use time released medicines. It has to be multiple doses of short-acting medicine because of the new way our body absorbs things...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.