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First off, How can I get more Medifast menu style for Windows DVD maker? Looking forward for any response. My other question... Good morning all!.

At a minimum, what things should most people who are considering GBS ask themselves/think about prior to commiting to the.



As a GBS patient, I have recommended the procedure to others. But I always caution that GBS is not appropriate for everyone. I explain that there is a lengthy process involved in determining whether GBS is right for them. I strongly urge people not to rush that process - I tell them I struggled with the decision for 6 years. I encourage them to think long and hard about it, because GBS is not easy and it does have very real risks - whether the benefits outweigh those risks is a highly individual question. In short, I always urge people to be as fully informed as possible..

As my own understanding of GBS has grown both through experience and my participation here, I've become much more aware that the decision to have GBS should go well beyond the strictly clinical issues. Clearly, only a highly qualified GBS team, working with you and your primary care physician, can help you evaluate and weigh the medical/clinical issues of whether GBS is appropriate. But what other things are also important in this process? Things beyond the strictly clinical? If you were to put together a 'GBS Reality Checklist' for a close friend considering GBS, what would be on that list? What have we collectively learned here that might be useful to someone considering GBS - things that, in addition to proper clinical evaluation, will help people make a more fully informed choice?.

To get started, let me offer a few examples:.

"In My Consideration of GBS, I Understand...".

1. GBS is tool. Not a cure. Not magic. It does not 'just work'. It requires significant effort on my part.


, measured nutrition, water, health monitoring, and significant changes in both behavior and thinking. I understand that for success, this must be a permanent lifestyle change. GBS is not a 'program' that I follow until I've reached some arbitrary goal. It is forever. I understand and I am commited to the WHOLE package..

2. Changes in thinking and behavior do not occur quickly or simply because we want them to. Changing the way we think is often the most difficult task. These changes take time and conscious ongoing effort and continuous practice. I am prepared to make this effort and make practice part of my everyday routine..

3. GBS is an ongoing and often complex journey, not a destination. I understand that there will be bumps along the way, many small, but some possibly large. I am prepared to seek help when I need to do so..

4. If you have not been successful controling your weight through lifestyle and behavior changes in the past, why do think GBS will help now? (This is a particularly difficult question - I'm not sure there really is an answer, and it should certainly not exclude someone from GBS, but it is one more thing to think about.).

5. A strong support system is very important for GBS patients. This involves close immediate support - a spouse, close family and friends - and an extended support structure of your GBS peers; for example, face-to-face or online.

Support groups.

I understand that communicating with my GBS peers can help me naigate successfully through many common issues..

6. What is your current thinking about exactly WHY you are obese? ('Eating too much' is not an answer.).

OK, that's just a start. What else would you tell a close friend to think about before commiting to GBS? Is there anything you wish you had been better informed about?..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

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Wow... it's not like you didn't write that beautifully enough. I don't know if my contribution would be really that helpful, but I would encourage people considering GBS to watch videos on youtube of people who have had it done. There's a lot of them. It's what helped me decide whether or not to do it. You get to see the good with the bad, but to me the good outweighed the bad by faaaaaaar.

After watching these vlogs for a while, I felt like I made a very informed decision to have gastric bypass. It helped tremendously when I was waiting in pre-op trying not to go crazy and run.


From the hospital. I knew that if they (all the people I watched) could do it, and I am equally as motivated and determined as they are, then so could I..

Thank god for youtube. ^ - ^..

Comment #2

I don't necessarly have an exact answer on this but I have to state something that struck me as a, "what the hell are you doing here?" kind of thing on my weight loss journey. During a pre-surgical support group on nutrition, a gentlemen asked if he could eat hot dogs and McDonalds after, THEN proceeded to argue with the nutritionallist about low fat hot dogs and such and such... It just struck me as very "omg are you serious"! I think you REALLY need to grasp that eating these foods although you MAY be able to physically handle them after GBS, they are not the best choices and really should be avoided. I really wanted to smack that man upside the head and tell him that he needs the.


So he can't eat that garbage again and be HAPPY he can't... It wasn't my place I kept my mouth shut, but I was floored, it was a good 10 min conversation back and forth in his defense of hot dogs and McDonalds.... I felt bad for him cause I feel like if he didn't get more help, he is going to be one of those people that WILL gain it all back later, his head isn't ready for the.



Comment #3

Re: YouTube videos.

I completely agree. I even watched the actual.


Video. I was more interested in hearing from people who had it done than I was.


Case studies, etc..

Great post, Jerry, as always...

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It took me many years as well to finally decide this is what I needed to do. I spent a lot of time on here searching through previous posts that answered just about all of my questions before hand..

Honestly.. the deciding factor was for me anyway.. knowing that I wouldn't have lots of loose skin after.


I have had lots of people ask me about the.


And if I think it would be right for them in their current situations and I have a hard time.


To them about that very issue. I know that even with very good insurance the chances of them actually covering cosmetic.


Down the road is next to impossible. The procedure that they cover to take care of the extra skin and to alleviate sores that can occur is far short of an actual procedure where they make the end result look asthetically pleasing. I've had a couple friends have the skin removal.


Only to feel worse about what they were left with. There are so many things to consider and I wouldnt want someone to be discouraged after.


This, but it's something to take into consideration. Another thing I was never told about before hand was the amount of gas pain that comes along with the.


And how it seems to come out of nowhere and and then may last a few days and then go away for quite some time. It doesnt even seem to be linked to any one thing I eat.. lol. I have tried to piece together information on what I might have ate that lead to it and always come up short. Everyone told me that they never thought I was that big before and couldnt understand why I made this choice.. but when they hear I lost 155 pounds they soon realize I was.. lol...

Comment #5

I agree that everyone thinking about GBS.


As much as possible of all the risks and benefits of the.


I have waited 4 years to decide to move forward with GBS after my best friend died as a result of GBS. I spent many years with Larry B. and saw both of our weights increase, him more than me, we ate out almost daily never thinking about the problems we were creating for the future. He had his.


December 17 2005 and died January 15 2006 after an infection set in when the stitching pulled loose as he was getting dressed to go home. They operated on him to repair the stitching and then again trying to clean out the infection. Unfortunately the infection killed him..

It has taken me 4 years to decide to have the.


I have my last consultation on the 25th of March and then we see what the insurance company says..

Im not trying to scare anyone but I would like everyone to understand that there is a risk with the.


And that needs to be weighed against being overweight..

Larry decided to have the.


Because his knees were killing him and he was a.


Bus driver and could barely get on and off the bus. His insurance company would not pay for the.


Because he didnt have enough health problems so he paid for it himself. Sure was and expensive solution!..

Comment #6


You wrote: 4. If you have not been successful controling your weight through lifestyle and behavior changes in the past, why do think GBS will help now? (This is a particularly difficult question - I'm not sure there really is an answer, and it should certainly not exclude someone from GBS, but it is one more thing to think about.).

With due respect, Isn't that why all of you did it? Because I know I haven't been able to do it on my own and this is sort of a last resort for me. If this doesn't help me to change my lifestyle with eating, then nothing will..

I'm also doing it for my diabetes but I also can't seem to get that under control on my own too..




Comment #7

Joanne, I hear what you are saying. In fact my answer to this question would have been identical yours - I wasn't able to do it on my own and my progressing diabetes was a huge factor..

And yet, we know that long term success with GBS is tied to exactly the same thing as every other success approach to weight management - proper nutrition in correct quantities and regular.


Like many here, I had tried several times in the past and was able to achieve modest weight loss of 20-40 pounds but I was never able to find a new normal. I was never able to stick with the plan. And the diabetes was killing me - literally..

So what is it about GBS that helps us? Is it the tremendous kick start? I suspect that's a big part of it. Is it the confidence that our wow moments instill? Definitely a contributing factor. Because we know that the inability to overeat due to our new small pouches is temporary and that at some point our ability to overeat returns (the so-called end of the honeymoon period.).

The example cited above by Crystalk illustrates the point of the question in stark terms. I believe that if someone approaches GBS with only a tacit acknowledgement of the work ahead - underestimating the size of the task ahead and the wrong attitude, they are possibly setting themselves up for failure and would be far better served delaying or canceling.


Does this make sense?..

Comment #8

I actually canceled surg one time in order to rethink and reevaluate the process. I eventually decided I was a good candidate and could be obedient to the new tool..

I think your advice about the close support needed afterwards is very important. I had my wonderful husband next to me and he still knows more about my nutrition and excercise needs than I do..

Committing to the new way of life and being to handle the set backs as well as the successes is important too. There are days when I look at my body or feel a body part and think whose body is this?.

Great post Jerry!!! I look forward to others you will write!..

Comment #9

Jerry, as always you have hit the nail on the head with this post! What a wonderful insight others considering this.


Will get by.


This. Your posts are always very educational and enlightening to me, thanks from the bottom of my heart! - Diane..

Comment #10

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.