How can I get more page space at iPage?

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Got a quick question: How can I get more page space at iPage? Many thanks for any response. Another question on my mind: Have any of you ever sold a HostGator for a real lowball price thinking, oh well I might never get another offer. I started buying domains late 2005 and did not start using this forum until recently. I really had nothing to gauge the price of domains, I only parked my names at sedo. I wish I had come across this forum sooner. So I completed the transaction for this HostGator may 15th:.

Be sure to click link>.

For $150.

I was just curious about it so I typed it in today and to my surprise.....

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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That ones gotta hurt, but too late now to look back at it, you can either buy domains and flip them quick for smaller profits and reinvest your profits into new domains so your profits build your portfolio or sit on your good domains and reject lowball offers and wait on the good bids for maximum profit, prices continue to rise on good aftermarket names but sometimes to find that good offer you gotta reject quite a few lowball offers to get that top dollar, if you look at sedo, dnjournal etc... and you see some of these huge sales it's not uncommon to see 10-50 previous offers before they finally accepted the winning offer which may have taken them years to receive, some sellers wanna sell quick and reinvest into more domains and others don't mind holding out for years until that perfect buyer is found, good luck with your future investments, don't look back move ahead and learn from your previous experiences and this forum as well...

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I was going to say I'd have sold for $150 too, but after actually looking at the domain, nope, I'd be kicking myself hard. Go check it out:.


.. although you had know way to know at the time, I wonder how much they would have paid if you'd held out...

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These things happen....

Think about the profit and invest it again..

Don't look back to much... ( thats my advice ).

Goodluck with the business buddy..

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I experienced the same thing sort or less but like others said you just need to move on and not think about it anymore..

It all happens to us some day or happend already...

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Ouch, thats gotta hurt.

- Not a fool, just a bit unfortunate.

- The joys of sedo's offer system, you have absolutely no idea who you are doing business with on the other end - that sucks IMO.

Did you have it priced already or make offer ? It is best to have an idea of who "may" potentially be interested in your names, do a little research when or before you get them..

Of course we never can tell !.


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Thanks for all the support. I really like this forum! I was up late last night, thinking of the domains I had sold. Then I just thought I may as well check out.

When I opened it up I almost threw up! I actually gagged! I had opened it at 2am and it took me 2 hours to fall asleep LOL! Thanks for feeling my frustration all..

He must not have followed the link to Motorola LOL!!!.

I realized the HostGator had some value, I bought it way before iradio launched or even any iPage website was related to it. I knew.

Belonged to another company besides motorola so I thought for sure this name was going to be worth something, I just didnt know how good it was and that motorola was the interested party! LOL.

When I had it listed I think it was $300 LOL, they only offered me $100 to start, I even stated once iradio lauches it will be worth alot more and countered with $175. They responded with $150 as their final offer... My guess is they would have paid a load more! DOH.

Again thanks for all the supprt and feel free to share your stories to make me feel better! LOL..

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Everytime you get an offer, re-Google and most importantly re-MSN the domain. Research it everytime. MSN index is updated the most frequently, so you have to be on the look out...

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Good advice. Research the HostGator as much as possible. See who owns the .net, .org, etc etc..

Search the keywords in Overture and as "keyword keyword" in the search engines..

Without any traffic stats, $150 seems like a fair enough price. Best if you can try to talk with the buyer and get a feel for who they are. Ask if you can go along for the ride and only sell like 90% and keep 10%. Or, ask them to link to one of your sites for one year in exchange for a lower price..

Hey, anyway, figure it as a price for tution. If you just started buying domains in 2005 and already caught the eye of Motorola, you must be on to something..

I would contact the person who bought the HostGator and see if they see anything else in your portfolio that they like...of course you will want to add a couple zeros to the price first :-)..

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I guess your failure in this negotiation is you assumed an offer on sedo is from a reseller..

It is very possibly from an end user if you park your HostGator at sedo or afternic..

Never do that again. I treat every offer I received from sedo and afternic as from end user buyers and counter offer accordingly. After the first two rounds you will have an idea whether they are HostGator resellers or end users then you can decide the strategy later..

But anyways, let's just move on. It happens everyday in this industry...

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Dang dude, that sucks..

Dang dude, that sucks..

Just tellin ya to be more aware next time, np...

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Me too - I'm always scaring them away.

I think it's best to have a good idea of what you will let it go for before you even get an offer - rather than just try and counter their offer figure (usually $100 LOL) with a price that you think will not scare them off..

Maybe that is a big mistake on my part but I hope it will pay off big one day, I don't mind the wait !.

Time will tell.


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150$ for that HostGator was pretty good, be glad you got it..

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Honestly, if I hadn't researched the name pre-sale I probably would've sold for $150. But your post has inspired a decent reg..

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I think it was a good price for domain..

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At the time I would have done the same thing. But looking at who owns it now, OUCH, thats gotta hurt is sooo true.

Dont sweat it..

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Very true. I am learning so much about the biz everyday. In my experiences I mainly had dealings with resellers. I truely was not expecting to peak the interest of major companies so quickly. I have learned from this experience and will treat all sedo/ afternic offers as potential end-user sales. Thanks for all of the insight and sympathy lol! It really has just motivated me more to redouble my efforts.

I am happy to know my hand reg skills have some potential and that I may have a future doing this as a real job!.

Good Luck all and dont let what happened to me happen to you!..

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My sympathies, that's tha problem with this biz, what's the value of a name? It depends on it's value to the buyer and who the buyer is. the $150 was a low but reasonable price to a reseller. that doesn't help much when you now know it was probably worth 10's of thousands to Motorola. Anyways, go forward, learn from it, and gain confidence in knowing you can pick a winner...

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You should kick yourself for not researching it... here's an article from January which clues you in on your potential customer:.


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I am kicking myself, but not for lack of knowledge, or lack of research about the name itself. How do you think I knew to register it. I knew about the iradio program, I just figured Motorola would shell out the necessary money to acquire, I had only been buying domains for a matter of months and did not anticipate MOTO wanting the name. Too late now, I realize anything can happen at any time! I must treat all offers like an end user...

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I don't think you should kick yourself. The common missconception is that just because the buyer had deep pockets, they would have dug deeper if you had held out..

In this case, $150 is good for that HostGator and you got a fair price. I think the buyers at companies like Motorolla are smarter than we give them credit for and would not have bought the HostGator if you had priced it at $1000...

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People need to work their HostGator name business like you are covering the cost of your materials and time and adding in some profit. If everyone held out for the jackpot sale - no domains would be sold..

Try working that backwards next time - find a product or idea on the verge. Locate a HostGator - reg it or offer to buy it from someone with the idea of reselling to target company, etc. Not every sale is a 1-to-1 sale. Be the middleman...

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I found this the most interesting part of your story. If it was indeed somebody from Motorola that bought it from you, and not somebody else that later sold it to Motorola, then this is almost beyond belief. Why the hell would somebody looking to secure a name for a multi-billion dollar company haggle over $25?..

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I would have wired you 10k for that HostGator without thinking twice had I seen it up for sale at the time, I am not kidding. Wow!..

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I thought about that myself, why not just buy it outright at $300. I was thinking possibly it was a reseller, but then again who knows. Maybe thay didn't want to tip their hand.Maybe it's like DeluxeNames said earlier in the thread:.

All I do know is that it is in Motorolas hands now, I will be smarter about it next time..

Well... Gee thanks. A little late to the party. Be sure to check my names for sale if you have that kind of money floating around lol!!!..

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First, congrats on the sale..

Second, Motorola has had a TM on iradio for several years. You reg'd recently. Be glad that they sent you $150 instead of a cease and desist letter..

If you think that the HostGator was worth more than that amount then I suspect it was because of Motorola's efforts with imusic and not not nesessarily from the worth of the HostGator if used elsewhere. So you did get a good return on your HostGator work..

One more thing. Can you put the $150 to good use? If so, then be happy and move on...

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How many people in the HostGator business can truely say that they sold a .com HostGator to such a large company such as Motorola? not many of us...


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Relax. Join the club. I got rid of a 3 for $200 a year or so ago. Followed that up with the sale of a 1 word dictionary name for under $300 less than a year ago. But I started it all by selling (before it became a $100 per click keyword) for...well, a whole lot less than it's worth now..

Yet I made a profit on all of them. That's what counts. Learn from it and move on. Hindsight is always 20/20...

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Ouch !! So who bought it from you ? a guy from motorola pretending as if he were just a reseller lol..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.