How can I have more traffic on my site is there any FREE ser

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First of all How can I have more traffic on my site is there any FREE ser Thanks for any response. Another quick question... Hi all,.

I have had an offer via Sedo for the MAX.IM.

Not really sure if to accept, would appreciate some feedback from you guys on the possible and potential value, so I have an idea if to accept or not..

Was going to put it in the appraisal section, but it is a bit of both info I need..

Thanks for your help...

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can help you..

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Wouldnt matter what the offer was, youve obviously only had the name a day or so, so if you achieve a net gain of more than $150 flip and move on..

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Offer recieved of 180 euros via sedo. So when you take there cut it still works out a profit. But my gut instinct tells me to hold on to it!!!.

Thanks for your help...

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Unless I'm totally stupid how is this a profit? 180 euros*1.26 = $226 - $150 = $76.8..

Isnt reg fee $77 usd?..

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Sorry you are right, My mind was working in not euros!!!!.

Not that bright first thing on a Sunday morning!!.

REG FEE 40 = 58 EUROS..

OFFER 180 EUROS = 122.



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It would be funny if MAXIM magazine wanted to buy it off you..

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MMMM Now that would be interesting!!!!.

Would I be on TM ground with it?????.

Could be interesting...

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I wouldnt take anything under $10,000usd just because it may be maxim magazine. Make em pay for it, they got the money. They spend more then that on food preps for a single photo shoot...

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Dont accept the offer and ask for 1000 Euros..


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Sedo takes off 150 USD mininum for .im ext...

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Worth much more than that in the long run. Hold on to it...

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Or maybe they just want it for "max". It is a three letter first name. It's an abbreviation for Maximum, and this might also spark your interest:.


Word of caution. The above says "codename Max". The final product will probably be different for those of you thinking of going out and storming the registrars with "max" names..

As previously said. Be careful of ALL non-gTLD's at sedo. Fees are higher than normal, and it's easy to miss that. Also, I think if paid in Euros, the fee is 150 Euros, not $150 US. They don't always convert the fee back to $, and therefore make more...

Comment #12 - Hold it. You could get lucky..

Thats why I park at Name Drive but still list for Sale at Sedo and Afternic..

If somebody visits your parking page at Name Drive and wants to make an offer you get a copy of the email. That way you can research who the interested party is..

I get a dozen or more offers/enquiries every week like this, while Sedo hardly ever produces an offer..

You can still tell the bidder to make an offer via Sedo, once you know who they are, and set your minimum offer to suit..

The Sedo system of not telling you who is making the offer, sucks bigtime in my opinion. How the hell can you make an educated decision whether to except an offer when you don't know who it is coming from?..

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With all this 'Max Interest', maybe I will get some offers too for along with

I think it is normal 10% if it is parked there, but better check...

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The parking exception doesn't apply to .im, apparently.

But, I've been known to misunderstand the fine print, before.



Wishes you the "max" luck for "maximum profits" for this "max" name..

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Thank you all for your valuble comments..

Sedo in the Bid thread for it have clearly stated that the Sedo cut would be 18 euros if it was sold at 180 euros. Have made contact with them and they say it will be 10% of whatever the final figure it goes for..

Some very intesting comments, thank you all. Will see what happens with it and will keep all posted on what is going on...

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It would be really nice if somebody here with a degree in 'Mumbo Jumbo Small Print' could clarify the Sedo sales fees...

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Ethically speaking I don't think you are supposed to set your selling price of an item based on exterior circumstances. Such as selling a hammer to a common person for $5, while charging a business $20 for the exact same hammer... Basically, you should set a price for the HostGator based on the quality and worth of the HostGator and attempt to get that price regardless of who is interested in buying it..

Actually I think there is a law about this, but you couldn't tell by looking at business in general. Pharmacutical companies sell drugs to third world nations for pennies, yet charge Americans hundreds of dollars for the same drugs... I guess in that example, neither can afford them.

Ethics are dead in my opinion, just thought I'd interject with some food for thought..

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Looking at 30 Euros after fees, and registration cost more than that..

Counter with 1,900E or approx and see what happens..


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Well if that's the case, how come Name Pro's runs around the concept of resellers?.

And, in real estate, you would always hold out for money from a property development company who wants to build a mall on your land...

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In a free market world, it rarely works this way. Car dealers sell different prices based on how good the customers negotiates, how much they need the sale to meet quotas, and how easy it is to make the transaction. Other pricing factors are package deals, customer loyalty, ease and speed of payment, sales costs such as escrow in the case of domains, etc...

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Personally I wouldnt even look at offers for under 1K for the name. it's a good one and a lot of possible uses. ESP magazine and someone named max..

Good luck.


BTW.. iv alreay got my own .im.


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Don't forget maxim semiconductors ... pretty big company ... they may be interested..


Nice name. It was the first one I looked for when I looked for IM domains..


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Many thanks for all your comments. Been sunning myself for 2 weeks in the med!!!.

No further news from the initial offer, have extended the offer to them for another 7 days..

Having gone through all the comments, will also list on afternic and see what interest it gets..

Thanks again to all who joined in the post...

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I'd like to sell just one of my .im's to cover the reg fee's on the rest...

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On the way to work I saw a crane company in downtown SF with two of those multi million dollar cranes to build skyscrapers and their name was MAXIM and it reminded me of this thread...

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Just a quick update on MAX.IM..

Had 2 further offers both for 500 Euros and countered with 1000 Euros. Heard nothing back from them!!!!!..

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Thats pretty good, have there been any recnet high sales of the .IM?..

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That's what I'd do I personally see more value in the domain..

Congratulations on the 500 Euros offer, and good luck with your counter-offer!..

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Another offer today for $500, just entered it into the Sedo auction!!!.

Lets see how we go with it..

Any thoughts on how it may go??..

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