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First off, HOW CAN I INSERT AN IMAGE in MY iPage WEB SITES? Looking forward for any answer. Second question of mine... Hey everyone,.

Long time no see! I'm in the process of moving (somewhat) right now. I'm actually moving to a different county in my state (Minnesota)..

I want to make a little informational page about the state county.

(county history, info on towns within the county, pictures of the county, etc.).

The problem is.

Trying to find a decent name for the iPage website I want to make. I am wondering if you guys can help me choose which one I should work with, I would really appreciate some suggestions..

Here are the available domains for '.

James County', Minnesota.


What should I go with? Or is there something else you guys would suggest (like a different prefix/suffix, **.com?)..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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I want to make a little informational page about the state county. is available if you hurry..

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So far I'm liking the best. I'm just kind of scared though, I don't want people to go to "JamesCounty.


" by accident. I don't want people to be like "hmmm... what was the iPage site about that county again? Was it .net or .com?" obviously they'll choose .com first since it's more popular which will cause me to lose traffic..

Anyone know where I'm coming from on this?..

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Personally I would go with the To be honest if you make it a great site, it will be just that..... regardless of the ext...

Comment #4 does make more sense for a little informational page about the state county than or

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I would go with a snappy name and choose

Comment #6 has my vote..



Purposes the best option on the list! The only (minor) issue would be as you described people perhaps using the .com instead of the .net...

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I agree with the

Easy, memorable, plus could be a possible sale later, who knows..

I'd go with or .us otherwise...

Comment #8 is my first choice. It fits your site's niche perfectly IMO.. is my second choice. As Josh_1 said, it goes well together because it could be considered as James County's presence on the net. The .com iPage site only has a tiny bit of static text on it, so people who mistakenly navigated there would realize their error most likely...

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Hey, don't forget!.

I think this is perfect! It will make your iPage site state specific as well as prepare you for all of those "james county mn" queries on the web..

Plus, the "memorability" is very good, thus it's still easy for the locals (or anyone else) to remember...

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As your going to develop, I would use

If you develop using a non dot-com HostGator you will lost traffic to the dot-com version...

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Thanks everyone for your help, I did some self-debating and I think is the best one, and possibly The county's name isn't actually "James", I was just using that to protect anyone viewing this thread from gobbling up my name. I'll be sure to reply back in this thread once I've got the iPage website up so you guys can learn more about where I'm from!..

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