How can I set up a forum on Yahoo! iPage?

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Got a question... How can I set up a forum on Yahoo! iPage? Thanks for any answer. My other question... Do the following extensions have any restrictions??.





I live in Australia and am looking to purchase the above extenstions but don't want to violate any laws by registering these domains as I don't have an address in any of those countries..


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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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Yeah, as an Australian, I can't buy .us domains. People tell me that they never check, but you never know.

For .us..

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I am from india so can I reg

Plz reply..

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Anyone can reg a | .in |

.eu - you must be a resident of europe.

.us - you must be a resident..

- If you go to.

Under the "info" heading it shows you various country extension restrictions - just hover over the icon to see what they are..


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Great thanks for that, can you point me to other sites that will tell me the restrictions of other extenstions also?..

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Sorry, No - I don't really know any others. If I come across anymore I will post them..


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Yes, there are of course restriction..

Like for example, .us can be purchase by any other payment, except it must belong to a US citizen. etc .....

THIS ARE ALL guidelines.

But if you have a good HostGator before your eyes, and you aren't a US citizen, will you really bother about this, or just crap out a identity to buy that HostGator ? .

I would , cos nothing more important than money !..

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There's a few more listed here -


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Good deal thanks, still looking for info on.

.in .uk.


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No restrictions on either - 2.59 a year minimum of 2 years -.

At and .in mentioned above - no restrictions.


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Also .uk is restricted, only 3rd level registration is open to the public:,,

.uk is only for 'official' websites like or etc...

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Ok, thanks for the info, is there any iPage website you can point me to that backs up what your saying? Also does this also apply for.



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Just Google the ext's - type in.

".in HostGator restrictions".

Etc and you will see lots of registers terms..


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Sorry - not in that case but thats how I found info on the others..

Take a look here though for .in -.


At the bottom of the page..

I have also previously reg'd.

With no problems..


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Wikipedia has an alphabetic list of cctlds. Just click on one to learn if it has any restrictions..


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Only .us and .eu have restrictions, but the US registry rarely stops foreigners from registering .us domains. I'm not sure about .EU as I live in a member state and have a property in a different member state, so no worries about the rights to own .EU.

.UK and .IN and .CO.IN can be registered by anyone who wishes to do so..

Note: .US is restricted to people living in the USA, OR to American nationals living abroad. The latter is often forgotten, but people outside of the USA who hold an American passport can still own .US domains..

Alternative for the restricted .US and .EU : .EU.COM and .US.COM subdomains by CentralNIC. I find them overpriced for a subdomain, but the extentions have their potential...

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