How can I stop (with someones name at end) to stop sending me emails?

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My first question is How can I stop (with someones name at end) to stop sending me emails? Looking forward for any comment. Second question.. At last!.


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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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Yeah, me as well. Its a good thing something like this is being implemented...

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I love it!.

My email was slightly different in signature; don't know why..

But whatever the case may be, GREAT news!.


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This is wonderful news, I also got the email and it was very nice of them to say I was already certified due to sales on sedo...

Way to go sedo....

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New customers must now certify their accounts before submitting offers.

There are three methods for new customers to become certified buyers including: credit card verification, completing a signed Buyer Certification Statement, Completing a W9 form (available to members in the US and Canada) or through an SMS certification code.".

Hallelujah, rejoice!.

Allan, I just got mine, and it ended the same as yours...

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Great news (and I got mine too). Although for some reason I have more success with Afternic than Sedo in any case. Never sold a HostGator on Sedo!..

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Well aren't we just.


I really am stoked by this - I hope this will decrease the temperedness of the highs that come with a completed negotiations on Sedo - I typically have to wait a week and wonder if this is (yet another) kid with a stolen CC or other miscreant..

The total # of offers.


Decrease, but the quality, in my opinion, will more than make up for it..


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Alan thats one of the reasons that has me excited as mentioned in a few posts like your reply topic I also have been the victim of fake offers that just come to nothing in the end. I really do hope this cuts that down to minimum or totally..

Best of luck to all..

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This is a huge step for SEDO!.

It will increase the prof. level of any transaction by 200%.

Great NEWS IMO..

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Mine was the same as both of yours. Maybe because we are in north america and the first email quoted was

I am really pleased by this as well...

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I got my email today, as well. Great step from Sedo...

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I like this feature.

However I find the SMS verification the weekest method of all.

I don't know the procedure of the SMS but these are used for contests and such..

It's not a financial info, the user can turn off the phone, don't reply, continue to submit false data without a problem and don't forget that it's very easy (and many already have) more than one cell phone.

In any case a big up thumb for sedo..

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I like the feature...although, I usually had several offers per day, now abruptly I'm not receiving anymore offers?..

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Got my email too- and came here to spread the news, but luckily saw this thread before starting one! Always seem to get my sedo emails last!.

I think this is a fantastic development for sedo, and will certainly improve the quality of offers being received...

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I did get this email this afternoon and it took me only 2 minutes to get verified. I used the SMS option and that was very easy to use..

I think this is a big step in the right direction...

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I'm also not sure what value has a SMS verification..

I can buy a phone simcard from any store for $5, using it to authenticate at Sedo and then I can throw it away..

I can't see where is the added value, what exactly does this certify?..

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Agreed, they are being given away for free here..

However, how many people can really be bothered to order a new sim card just to submit a fake offer?..

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I've still had no offers on any premium domains of mine since this buyer certification. A little angry...

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I actually think the red tape is going to put off serious buyers as well..

My transactions with Sedo have always been smooth, of course some people here have experienced non-paying bidders. Many times the offer will not turn into a transaction because they buyers don't agree with / cannot afford your asking price. It does not mean they weren't serious..

Of course there is still whois but anonymity is an esssential tool in negociations. I just hope Sedo is not shooting itself in the foot...

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