How can I type Thai font in iPage website?

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First of all How can I type Thai font in iPage website? Many thanks for any answer. Another quick question... My preference is to transfer out...but since Registerfly has not provided me the authorization codes for .com and .net, I decided to renew the names atleast for now....

Since Registerfly renewals are like transfers from ENOM, it looks like renewals are not going through either (due to this new auth code change since last week).

Anyone else seeing this problem....

"This company stretches Customer Service to new heights"..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you help..

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I tried to renew 3 domains for 1 monthThey failed every 3 days.After like 80 phone calls I got them renewed right before they expired.So thats a warning Start renewing early!! Do not email registerfly Call them..

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Registerfly is waiting for ENOM to generate the codes for names registered through Regfly prior to 2/1/06.

So, I can't renew names nor transfer these names from Registerfly until then.....

Shouldn't ICANN ensure all registrar's are compliant prior to rolling this BS out.....

Where do I file a complaint with ICANN ?

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Registerfly caused me grief for like 2 monthsI almost wanted to sue them.

Trust me It will take alot of time to renew your domains at registerfly.

I heard everydaySorry we are having problemsshould be up tommorrowNOT!..

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I filed an offical complaint at the ICANN iPage website against REGISTERFLY and included ENOM in there for being unprepared to provide AUTH CODES..

In my case, it is not for transfer, but just for renewals due to the convoluted Registerfly/Enom system.....

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For the most part, many registrars comply with ICANN's regulations. But this.

EPP thing is a matter between the registrars and the.



Anyway, make your complaint with ICANN:.




There's a possible catch: I don't see any specific one addressing this issue...

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I've had the exact same problems with Godaddy and Namecheap, trying to transfer out of those registrars. This new auth code nonsense is useless and flawed. If it worked the way it is supposed to- fine- but all of the registrars (or most anyways) apparently have their collective heads up their collective arses!..

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I have a VERY IMPORTANT HostGator at Registerfly that needs to be renewed ASAP and I have opened up a support ticket, a rapid support ticket, contracted rf-mark by PM and email (and gotten no response!!!), and even tried contacting enom directly to renew it on their end. All FAILED. How did you get this to work, whoever did? I am almost ready to have my attorney contact them to force them to renew it somehow...

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Hi! I had 8 domains going to expireI spent over 8 hours on the phoneand about 50 emailsDo not even call on the weekends-For some reason they only can renew HostGator right before they expire or right after that.But trust me I was so pissed I wanted to sue themI have another 12 going to expire next month and I am not looking forward to it.So my advice is to you call them and tell them your problem and tell them you are not happy.

One thingEnom told me they can take it over and renew it they have to...

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I got tired of Registerfly's lack of response or canned responses...They did didly squat...

I got the Auth Codes directly from ENOM and transferred the names out of Registerfly. I got the codes on Nov 13th, submitted transfer on 13th, names were out on 15th before the expiry date of Nov 16th..

Registerfly told me they will manually renew them for me, but I went with my gut instincts on this and transferred them out just in time.....

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